Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I'm not an overly hateful person or anything but there's one thing in particular that makes my blood boil! And that's those STUPID PIG HALF JOKES, you know, if I eat pork, if I'll eat MY PET PIG, if whomever is speaking can eat my pet pig, that pork is in everything, explaining to me that I should be eating pork, telling me HOW GOOD PORK IS etc. Forget it! How would you feel if I said the same about YOUR DOG? Or your beloved cat? Or whatever it is that you find important??What if I made fun of you and your overly huge teeth (author's note: her teeth are buck like crazy.)? I think people should open their eyes and realize that this kind of talk is very offesive and hurtful. And I hate it, and after last night, I'm kinda hating one person in particular.. But anyways, enough of hate...

Piggy love! :))

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