Friday, April 29, 2011

Shoe Challenge #70: Visiting my parents

 What: Sketchers heart detailed wedges
Where: at my parents' house
Wearing: Zara cropped trousers, H&M tank top, H&M sweater, Zara broche
 Buddy is the best dancer!
 But also the best cuddler:)
These wedges were gifted to me by a friend, Kate, and I had them stored away at my parents' house. Today I dropped by to store away my winter coats and jackets so I took a look thru the things that I had left there and brought these babies back home with me. The remind me of my first "wedges". It was when I was 12 or 13 years old and I bought these special Sketchers shoes, they were all white and thou they weren't proper wedges they had a full platform and I loved them! My Mum & I bought them for a boating trip where you had to have white soled shoes:)) Aww the memories..

Shoe Challenge #69: Royal Blue

 What: Miss London electric blue rose detail heels with red sole
Where: just out with Mr. Piggy relaxing and enjoying the sun shine
Wearing: new H&M dress, Asos heart shaped glasses

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shoe Challenge #68: Two-Tone

 What: Bershka open toe balerina flats
Where: out with Mr. Piggy
Wearing: my classic summer outfit: short shorts (Bershka), comfy tee (Kappa Alpha)
 This is how I spend my warm days: in comfy clothes and being thus perfectly happy. Now I love dresses! I prolly own more dresses than any other types of clothes, but for those warm days when you wanna be just relaxed and idle, shorts is what I do go. These shorts were an impulse buy the last time I was shopping at Arkady Pankrac and it was a day when I went to every store there but only in Bershka did I find anything worth buying. (That being these shorts and a pink/white strip tee.)

 close-up of the flats: they are two-tone brown leather. I really like the combination of these two shades of brown. Very relaxed.

Shoe Challenge #67: kitty-kat

 What: Gate leopard print pointy toe flats
Where: uni and then work
Wearing: Zara DIYed dress, Stradivarius belt, Iron Fist bag, Zara cardigan, H&M scarf, H&M tights
Today was a nice warm day and it feels so much like the weekend it's confusing:) Speaking of confusing, I recounted my shoes in my collection and ended up with 148 pairs? Where did that come from?! And out of that I think about four pairs I'm not sure if I'll include in the challenge or not because they're either old and ruined or too boring, and one pair are the Bershka slouchy boots that I threw away but already included in the challenge. But still that adds up to 144 pairs and I thought it was "only" 139 pairs. Huh. Plus ehm I kinda ordered three more pairs of shoes, yeah. So that'll make it 147 pairs and so basically, I'm not over half yet. Wow. Am shocked! :D

Shoe Challenge #66: ICECREAM!

 What: Miss L Fire Knickerbocker Glory Wedge
Where: uni
Wearing: Topshop dress, H&M tights, Mango cropped sweater, H&M trenchcoat
 These shoes were a recent purchase on, they were on sale and I kinda fell in love with them on site. It took Asos only a really short time to send them to me and the shipping was of no charge? I think I love Asos.. :) The shoes themselves are total girlie fun, they are supposed to be ice cream cones filled with ice cream? Pretty fuckin rad! And the wedge is rubber and makes it so easy to walk on! Loves these shoes! (At the end of the daay my toes pinched a little but small price to pay haha).

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shoe Challenge #65: Rain Rain go away

 What: Gate flowered rain boots
Where: *yesterday to uni and today out with Dracul
Wearing: Zara romper that I turned into a dress, H&M sweater, H&M tights

 I'm not a huge fan of rain boots but when it's been drizzling two days and the ground is wet and nasty, you don't wanna ruin your heels, oh no. You much rather put on some happy flower printed rain boots and prancy along. These boots were a recent purchase in Gate, a store that sells super-cheap stuff, I was so surprised! Ages ago I had bought a pair of balerina flats at Gate and then totally forgot that such a store existed. But then Friday and the way home I went by a newly opened Gate store at Vaclavske namesti a bought a pair of cute leopard print flats (only 150 Kc?! That's like what, 5 pounds?) and these boots. They replaced my pink wellington boots that I fell out of love with because I DIYed them and they just didn't match my expectations. Anyways, these will have to do for this rainy season:) How was everyone's Easter?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shoe Challenge #63: Undercover

 What: H&M straw heel open toes
Where: out with the Boy
Wearing: H&M trench coat, Stradivarius bag, Thrifted dress, gifted tights
 These are one of the comfiest heels I own and they aren't too high and are nicely summerish - with the straw wedge and all. They're just perfect for going out when there's a bit of walking involved. Last night we went to Lucerna and the boy had a few beers while I just sipped on Canada dry, had fun none the less though and was glad to get out. Busy uni week ahed.. Happy Easter everyone!!

Shoe Challenge #62: Matchy matchy

 What: H&M pointy toe flats
Where: Out with Mr. Piggy
Wearing: Miss Selfridge dress
Sometimes I love to be all matchy matchy and these shoes just begged to be combined with this dress (which I thrifted not long ago). The shoe challenge is going great now that it's been so nice and warm. Love Spring!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Shoe Challenge #61: Favorites!

 What: Pull & Bear leather strappy sandals (my favorites!!)
Where: above - going to the doctor's and then  work, below - out with Mr. Piggy
Wearing: above - Zara jeans, Topshop sweater, H&M tee, Stradivarius bag
below - River Island dress, Bershka belt

Shoe Challenge #60: Butterfly me :)

What: Melissa red butterfly jellies
Where: anniversary dinner with the Boy
Wearing: *Topshop dress, My Obsession under skirt, Zara belt, Mango sweater, NY jacket but I ended up getting changed cause the shoes felt a tad too big in the tights so took my new jeans and wore the shoes with bare feet:)

Lusting after and my new catch

above are the shoes I bought yesterday (though in red) and below are shoes that I would love to get my hands on. Gotta love these cutesy styles. 
above: Melissa
below: Poetic Licence

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shoe Challenge #59: Woooweee

 What: Zara pre-fall collection broche detail leather flats
Where: school and then shopping
Wearing: Bershka booty shorts, H&M pink/whit 3/4 sleeved t-shirt, H&M denim jacket, Topshop fake fur bag, F&F tights (not sure, could be diff. brand..)
 Had a lazy Thursday, feeling a bit sickly so took day off from work and wanted to relax, but instead went shopping and bought new Melissa flat sandals (love this brand!!!) and bought a pair of really cute wellies at Gate (and also a pair of pointy toe flats to replace a pair I've had for years and have worn the death out of..). I am officially prepaired for rain now! (That doesn't mean I want to itthough, cause I love sunshine..)
 These sandals I wore yesterday, but it wasn't quite warm enough for them yet. They'll be in the shoe challenge soon, but I wanted to try them out since my Boy got them for me during out London trip.
 Dracul (aka Mr. Piggy) being all evil and messing up the flat. He likes to do this and then watch me clean up, mean little pig:)
*what I was thinking of wearing but then decided to wear with what I have on in the first three photos. Too many possibilities makes it hard sometimes:) But gotta love that:))

Monday, April 18, 2011

Shoe Challenge #57: lady in white

 What: Topshop flats
Where: out with Mr. Piggy
Wearing: Topshop everything:)) (sweater, dress, tights)
 I don't usually like wearing everything from one brand, it makes me feel a bit silly, but since all these pieces were new and I can't resist new things (cause otherwise I forget about them and then never wear them..), I wore them all together anyways. I really lazy day today, just resting and skipping school - yehaw! - and so had extra time for Mr. Piggy.

Shoe Challenge #56: Hell party

 What: Gate shiny round toe balerina flats
Where: abaton club - Hell Party
Wearing: My Obsession dress + access.
 these two photos above are from the preparation for the fashion show (here I'm actually wearing a Zara cut-out detail tank top and a sweater with Tweety bird from H&M). Below are two pictures from the actual show, couldn't find any where the shoes are more visible but hopefully will find some soon and be able to post them.
photos found via facebook..

Friday, April 15, 2011

Shoe Challenge #55: witchy

 What: Vero Moda pointy leather flats
Where: no-where*
Wearing: new H&M midi skirt, Zara 'Elmo' shirt, F&F tights
*I ended up changing into a dress (because that at least is wearable with a jacket and the midi skirt, I dunno. didn't feel it with anything over it.. more of a summery piece anyways). These shoe were bought ages ago during my first trip to Dublin, I was obsessed with black pointed toe flats at that time:) Here wearing them with MK dress, My Obsession belt, Zara sweater, Zara leopard print shawl and black H&M tights.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shoe Challenge #54: Rainy days

 What: Stradivarius furry flat ankle boots
Where: out & about
Wearing: H&M trench coat, Reserved bag, red 'swallows' Zara cropped sweater, white t-shirt, Zara brown TRF skirt, H&M tights
 It has been unbelievably cold yesterday and today and it's supposed to last until the weekend. Cannot wait for the sun-shine to return, me & Mr.Piggy! In the mean time though I'm wearing almost winder ankle boots (wtf) and my trusty trench coat..

Shoe Challenge #53: so Alice

 What: white eBayed open toe mini wedges
Where: school
Wearing: Zara TRF black skirt, Bershka t-shirt, H&M tights
 I wore these shoes yesterday but I didn't manage to get a picture so I put them on today just for a quick stop to the grocery store. It has gotten so cold again, horrid! Going to school in a few minutes but I've changed into something warmer since don't wanna catch a cold. Am having such a sleepy lazy day. Anyways, this t-shirt totally reminds me of the smiling cat in Alice in Wonderland. Dontchyathink?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Shoe Challenge #52: punked

 What: Conserse classic trainers
Where: out to dinner with the Boy and now at his office
Wearing: new Zara jeans and new t-shirt, studded belt, also green sweater that I was wearing in the morning (also in the previous post) and Pull&Bear hooded leather jacket (not shown)
 Something about these shoes in combination with skinny jeans rolled up screams punk rock to me. Also the studded belt right. Definitely one of my favorite casual styles for going no where in particular and chillin'. Plus my feet got scratched in the morning by the geox flats (://) so didn't wanna wear any dressy-and-not-comfortable shoes. My feet are relaxed now and that's a good thing. Drinking coke and slacking off, instead of doing the seminar project that I have to hand in tomorrow. Yikes!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shoe Challenge #50: Innocent

 What: red Zara flats
Where: out with Mr. Piggy
Wearing: Mango summer dress and red Pashmina shawl
A lovely Saturday afternoon just chilling in the garden with my boys. I love weekends like this, just relaxing and no stress.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Shoe Challenge #49: ADIDAS

 What: Adidas Superstars (I wasn't gonna include these shoes in the Shoe Challenge because they're trainers after all, but when I go out with Mr. Piggy I cannot wear dressy shoes..)
Where: doctor check-up
Wearing: Zara blue skinny jeans, Zara white/grey strip long-sleeved tee, orange Reserved sweater, Bershka leather jacket, black H&M scarf, Adidas Originals bag that I use to carry Mr.Piggy around
 close-up of Mr.Piggy in the bag
 Mr.Piggy was rather evil today and didn't want to listen at all and perhaps it wasn't the best idea to take him with me to see my doc but still, I didn't want him to be bored at the flat and ruin stuff and I wanted him to enjoy Spring with me. Plus my doctor said she wanted to see Dracul so it wasn't like he wasn't invited or anything. In the end it was a nice morning but the trip to the doc's took a lot longer because of Mr. Piggy.. we also stopped by La Gare and bought cake and then right before going home we bought strawberries that we just ate like 10 minutes ago. Delicious. Bot me & Mr. Piggy are happy:)

Shoe Challenge #48: Blue and cold

What: Bershka blue balerina flats
Where: out to dinner with the Boy
Wearing: Zara sweater, H&M t-shirt, Zara blue cropped jeans, F&F bag (not shown)
It was a warm day yesterday and that fooled me to believe this sweater would be enough to keep me warm in the evening as well. It wasn't thou and neither were these cropped jeans. I guess it really isn't summerish spring yet and layering should be a must for these days nights.. Otherwise this sweater is so much fun! I love how loooong it is and the Boy was saying that it looks suitable for the beach (not sure this was meant as a compliment harhar) but that was exactly the feeling I had when I was getting dressed!:) I always get beach obsessed when it gets warm. Envious of everyone who lives near one.. Gotta run now, happy weekend!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Saintly MsVeve

I usually buy shoes for myself or get others to buy shoes for me but today for the very first time I have ordered online for the Boy. He has been lusting after a pair of gladiator sandals since before our trip to London and since we sadly didn't find any there I asos-ed them today. He choose these and there it is. ASOS is having a great deal at the moment: free shipping! Also they're having their annual mid season sale (sadly didn't pick anything from the sale but if I had a bit more money on my account I sure would have!)
Also have you noticed I changed my blog name.. It's no longer in your face fashion, since I haven't been all in people's faces much lately. Reading this line makes me laugh cause it sounds obscure but it's more 'just me' now. In a healthy and confident way, this blog is about MsVeve K. My style, my shoes, my thoughts etc. Whatever, I'm babbling. xoxo and enjoy the sunshine!

Shoe Challenge #47: Post From the Past*

 What: New Look grey suede wedges
Where: last night out with the Boy and his friends + today with Mr. Piggy in the garden*
Wearing: a)last night: black Zara Basic skirt, Topshop tights, Topshop "dog" belt, black tee Promod (?), also wore a grey Mango jacket
b) today with same skirt and white H&M tee (which I'll be wearing with the jeans from yesterday's post to uni in a bit)
 *wouldn't have worn these out today again but yesterday I only managed to get one picture (since me and the Boy had a slight disagreement on the way home and I didn't want to ask him for photos because I'm as hard-headed as they come) and I wanted to take some normal pix of them so ta da - me & Mr. Piggy in the garden and thus a postfrom the past, kinda.
The wedges are comfy enough to walk in but after a while they start pinching the little toes which is sooo painful. Had to walk home (on those stupid cobble stones that are everywhere in Prague city centre aargh!) rather slowly.. or well slower than I usually walk. And had to keep telling the Boy to slow down so that I could keep up. Weird. But still, they are very pretty shoes and make you feel sexy which I think a shoe should do. So definitely will wear them again, though not too soon since still many many shoes to go in the shoe challenge:)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shoe Challenge #45: Dorothy girl

What: Dorothy Perkins flats
Where: uni seminar and then shopping
Wearing: Stradivarius sweater, Dorothy Perkins dress (possibly t-shirt?), F&F tights, Reserved bag, Topshop ring*
 These flats are comfy and cute and have the perfect shade of peachy pink. Definitely a casual every-day-ish shoe that I think will get a lot of wear this summer... I was gonna wear the Vivienne's that arrived yesterday but it was way colder than I thought it was gonna be so couldn't go out bare-foot./
*here you can see the Topshop ring I bought today (and wore rigth away - that's how you can tell if something is gonna be a good addition to the wardrobe, since you just have to wear it right first thing!)

Oh happy day!

They arrived! Safe and sound they are now amoungst their relatives in my shoe collection:)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Shoe Challenge #44: Spring Flowers

 What: Zara flower detailed t-bar flats
Where: park near the Boy's parents' flat after Sunday family lunch get-together
Wearing: H&M polka dot dress, H&M tights, Mango bag, Swatch watch gifted from the Boy
So yeah I basically live for the weekends. And this one was especially magical since the weather was just divine! After lunch with the boy's family, we went out for a walk and then to do some shopping, will post up what I bought soon, promise. Anyways, it's Monday now and I have to get some things done, arrgh. Also the Boy has been scaring me with talk of us going to the gym. Anyone know any good excuses?:) xoxo, MsVeve

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shoe Challenge #43: bright brights

 What: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa balerina flats
Where: The boy's brother's 35th bday celebration
Wearing: H&M skirt, Zara belt, Topshop tights (love them!!), Zara sweater, Liquor Brand handbag, Pashmina shawl, Zara t-shirt
 I'm so in love with Vivieene Westwood shoes and Topshop tights so basically was in seventh heaven

Shoe Challenge #42: Melissa melissa

 What: Melissa sandals
Where: Mr. Piggy and I in the garden
Whearing: Zara pink pants, Tee from Reserved? (not sure), bag Liquor Brand
 I so so am loving these warm days we've been having:) It means me & Mr. Piggy can play out in the garden. He's been enjoyng the shoe-challenge as much as I have:))

Shoe Challenge #41: Ouch!

 What: Zara black leather court heels
Where: out for drinks
Wearing: Bershka dress, H&M tights, Liquor Brand handbag, H&M coat
These court heels are lovely but oh so painful you wouldn't believe! The Boy and I went just a few blocks from our flat and I was DYING in these. But still, they look divine. I guess no pain no gain.))

Friday, April 1, 2011

Shoe Challenge #40: Beige

 What: quilted leather H&M flats
Where: out with Mr. Piggy and now going to work
Wearing: Zara beige dress, Stradivarius sweater, F&F tights, Stradivarius earrings, Swatch watch - gift from the Boy
In an awesomme Spring happy mood, as you can see from above haha. Just handed in an essay that I had been avoiding for like forever, just one more to go actually. Playing with Mr. Piggy in the garden is always such a great morning activity, except that he never wants to go home. Had to drag him back inside, poor thing. Anyways, I'm off to a busy Friday, hope yall have a great weekend and wishing everyone best Spring-time fun, xoxo.