Monday, January 31, 2011

Shoe challenge #7: Luckedy Luck

What: favorite boots from Stradivarius
Where: uni exam
Wearing: Topshop faux fur coat, Zara high waisted pants, H&M knee high socks, Benetton red scarf, Guess handbag, Zara hat, Bata leather gloves

So overslept today, had to rush out of the flat to get to an improtant uni exam. Hadn't studied much and had like no time, so put on all my favorite pieces. Like my Topshop leopard print coat, cozy! and these boots? I Looooooooove them. I've had to get them repaired since I've already worn them so much. Anywyas, it has been a lucky day. Passed my test! Yeay! :))

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shoe Challenge #6: Meet the parents

 Getting dressed and deciding on which shoes to challenge:)

Trying out the look with knee high socks and Bershka beige cardigan..


What: Motive motorcyckle boots
Where: Out to dinner
Wearing: Bershka dress, H&M black cardigan, Promod headband

So technically this post title is lying since I already met the parents many many times, but I just liked the sound of it so I went with it. I ended up wearing the black cardigan instead of the beige one and left the knee high socks at home too, the only reason why I decided to post the photo on here is because notice the pig under the table?? The heating system is there and he likes to stand there. Also it's a great picture of his "what I do?" expression:)) Anyways, I've worn these motorcyckle boots countless times since I've bought them (not long ago, ehm) and they're great that they have a zipper on the side so you don't have to lace them up everytime. Huge time saver! I've worn a lot of shoes from my shoe challenge lately but the down side is haven't taken any pictures so doesn't count:// Taking pictures is such a pain right now since basically no time (uni exam month) and the weather is crap. Well, I guess that's why it's a challenge then, huh? Wearing a new dress from Bershka, one that I really have come to love. Casual yet stylish and the print is really pretty, plus the sleeves:) I love them. The dress came with a belt and cost only 199,- Kc. Insane.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Case of the Bad Day

The black version of these beauties could have been mine. Damn you Topshop, for having just one shoe???! Aaargh!

Monday, January 24, 2011

new arrivals to the shoe challenge

Had an evil test at teh uni today and so no pictures of the shoes I was wearing (lace-up high cut boots, btw. cause as you can see in the 1st photo, it's bloody cold!) so instead here's a bunch of photos of the new shoes of the MsVeve collection. Red open-toes from Bershka, very comfy and am guessing will get a lot of wear out of them in the summer. Leather Zara heels, not so comfy but I just HAD to have them.. Brown leather lace-up flats also from Zara. Brown leather gem-detail flats Zara. Leoapard print furry! leather flats from Zara (as you can see, totally my go to place for shoes!:)) Really uncomfy gold platform leather strap silletos from Zara and last but not least, classic black leather pumps also Zara.

Cannot wait for spring!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

shoe challenge #5: the replacements

what: Tally Weijl snow boots
replacing: my Roxy snow boots that I bought two years ago
where: all day today basically, train ride to the Boy's
wearing: new Topshop bag that I had been LUSTING after, yeay!!!, Pull&Bear winter coat, Benetton shawl, Bershka knitted sweater, Topshop tee, Zara jeans, vintage belt, Zara hat and Promod leather gloves

My old snow boots have been looking like shit lately so it was time to replace them:// Gonna miss those bad boys, cause they were so so fun and cute. R.I.P. snow boots, long live new snowboots. FYI the red on the boots and on the scarf was actually the same color (as in picture #2) but somehow the lights made it look a bit different on the two other photos. Huh

shoe challenge #4: Touch the sky

what: Topshop platformed suede heels (sorry, don't remember their name)
where: Top Hotel Prague, Lawyer of the Year Awards
wearing: Mango limited add. dress, Zara purse and Zara hooded winter coat

So this is what the hairdresser did to my hair:) Anyways, I was surprised how comfy these shoes were! Granted, we did take a taxi there and back but still, we arrived at the awards a bit after seven and got home at like midnight? and I had these babies on a bit before (from like 5:30 pm harhar prancing around the flat:)) so definitely a good 6 hours! By midnight my feet were KILLING me but still, as far as HIGH high heels go? These are a good wear.
btw, this dress? innoncent from the front and until proven guilty from the back.. oh and it was also me and my boyfriend's anniversary:) We had a fun time which is what matters most of all:) Happy anniversary sweetie:-*

shoe challenge #3: casual Friday


what: Stradivarius lace up boots 
where: going to the hair dresser's 
clothes: Zara jeans, h&m top
Friday was a big day, it was our anniversary with the boy and we were heading out to the "Lawyer of the Year" event at Top Hotel Prague. So anyways, needed to get my hair done up and since knew I'd be dressy dressy for the evening, wanted to keep it as casual as possible during the day. Wearing my favorite boots, favorite jeans and one of my fave tops as well. I have two m ore shoe posts lined up for you from the party and from today so stay tuned!

*notice how my pants are a bit dirty? well it's from the pig, evil little creature! Grrr.

OPS.. shoe challenge

The number of shoes has gone up three pairs (well four but one pair is replacing a different one so the number has gone up just three pairs).

2 shoe posts done
109 shoe pairs in total
107 pairs of shoes to go

Thursday, January 20, 2011

shoe challenge #2: These boots were made for..

aannoying days when you just can't be bothered to care what you're wearing. A day like today. Honest, I must have gotten up from the wrong side of the bed today. Everything is taking me ages, my flat's a mess, couldn't even get myself to put some make-up on, well I do get points for at least brushing my hair... Anyways, I got these boots 2 years ago. They were a replacement pair for different boots that got chewed up by my ex's dog. They're from H&M, super comfy, with a zipper on the side. They've been worn A LOT especially the year I got them, now not so much but every once in a while when I'm in that mood, I do tend to reach for them.

(wearing them with: my favorite Zara hat, brooch I got from my sis, bershka coat, Zara jeans, Stradivarius over-the-shoulder bag and shawl I got for Christmas from friends of my parents)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

shoe challenge

One of my favorite bloggers Amber (from doing a shoe challenge all year which will end very soon.. anyways, she totally inspired me to do the same. The rules, according to Amber and a little bit changed by me, are:

1. Each pair of shoes I own must be worn at least once by the end of January 2012.
2. Photos must be taken to prove that the shoes were worn.
3. New shoes can be purchased (because, let’s face it, it’s not like I’m going to give up shoe shopping), but any new purchases must ALSO be worn by the end of the challenge.
4. Any shoes NOT worn will be donated or dumped at the end of the challenge: use ‘em or lose ‘em!

So yesterday I counted how many shoes I have at the flat (I have some back at my parents' house but those do not count..) and not counting home slippers or work out shoes it was 106 pairs. Pictured above is the pair I wore today, probably the most boring pair of shoes I have but today was a nasty day weather-wise so didn't want to prance around in a silly pair of shoes and picked a casual pair instead. So here I am starting my shoe challenge wearing uggs and grey leg warmers, durr! In order to spice things up a little bit I put on my favorite pair of shorts. High waisted and peach colored, divine! Bought them in H&M right after Christmas and the only down point about them is it's hard to find tops that go with them. One of the types that does work thou is cropped or side-tied. Oh and Dracul helped pick out my outfir, obviously. He loves to "help". (Oh and just if you're wondering, 2nd section of shoes from the top on the right hand side are not mine cause they're the Boy's.) 

More interesting shoes to come, promise! :))

xoxo, MsVeve

Monday, January 17, 2011

lusting after

yeah, so most of my posts are of things I'm longing for, so what?? I'm basically in love with spring already and wishing I could be wearing silly little dresses, eating candy and being all Easter-ish. Love this photo of Kate. But alas, it's mid January and the weather forecast is saying it's only getting colder, so tough luck. The fashion I'm wearing is a bit blah on most days, cause the cold is making it a tad difficult = mainly footwear wise. Honestly, I'm so sick of all winter footwear I could scream! Luckily today is a bit on the warmer side (has been for a week now, so yeay!) so I'm wearing my fave leather studded 'converse' shoes. I'm also wearing my new Topshop leopard print coat, yeah:)) Don't have it photographed on myself so here's the photo from the topshop page. Surreal.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lusting after...

 In total awe and lusting after a beach holiday and a retro bike to ride around on and enjoy myself. Perhaps with a bigger basket though since I would totally put Dracul in there:) (Picture from Gala)
 Rummi's furry bag. Too cute. Was so in love with the one they had over at Topshop but in the end didn't buy it cause couldn't afford it and then it was sold out. Tough luck.
Picnics. Lots of picnics. Cannot wait for spring!

Monday, January 3, 2011

new blog

started the year with a bit of a twist. kinda annoyed with this blog so I thought I'd start up a new one.

like it? if so yeay, if not well then tant pis. Happy new year!