Tuesday, August 30, 2011

180 Shoe Shopping

 What: Pull&Bear high top snake skin sneakers
Where: Pankrac Shopping Centre
Wearing: Zara jeans, Zara tee, Bershka owl watch/necklace, Zara sweater, Pull&Bear 'postcard' bag
I ended up buying two pairs of winter ankle-boot wedges today. the first picture show the shoes I came in wearing, a comfy pair of snake skin high top sneakers, for those no nonsense days. Second and third pictures show one of the pairs I ended up buying, a leather ankle boot with shearling detail. The other pair are also ankle boot wedges, but in grey with a different look, lace-up tough.) I now am officially excited and happy about the upcoming season.) (and I'm now also officially broke/in minus on my bank account, fuck ittt.)

179 Indian Summer

 What: Bata tassle sandals
Where: all day (at work, then dinner with the boy + train ride home)
Photos are at: the train station
Wearing: H&M leggings, H&M shorts, Dorothy Perkins tank top, H&M heart print crop top, Christian Dior bag, Bershka watch/necklace
 Another summer day though not as hot as the weekend was.. These are my last flat sandals that needed saving. I bought them 2 years ago? (honestly not sure) and I was mad about tassles/fringes at the time.)
 The bag/purse I'm wearing is my all-time-favorite Christian Dior treasure. I wear it loads but always forget to photograph it. I love that I can wear it cross-body and the contrast of the black vs. the light brown. I promise better pictures at some point.)
 The boy, being all whatchyadoin'.
Now off to save the rest of the summer shoesies!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Piggy troubles

 You all probably know I have a pig right? Well anyways, I try my best for him to be happy. And I think all in all I am a good pet owner. But alas there are a few people (mainly on facebook, none who know me in person - Thank God!) who seem to think I am not a good pet owner. They seem to think pigs should look like this:
Dracul is not a normal pig, he is a gottingen pig, he had been breeded to be a bit smaller than normal pigs and so he should not look like the picture above. Now I have nothing against fat piggies, on the contrary. But I can't help it that (based on the diet recommend by various vets and our pig club) he is on the thin side. He still has his pot belly and all but he isn't fat. Furthermore he is still growing and I recall when I was growing up, I was a stick figure! :D I was all legs and arms. Anyways, Dracul basically looks like a pig in the wild.) But still people who don't know me and have never seen Dracul in real life, pass judgement and critisize and also talk amongst them selves and think they all know best. Now I understand that there are people out there that have been dealing with pigs a much much longer time than I have and that they have experience and know a lot about pigs etc. and some of them genuinly just want to help.. BUT that still doesn't mean they should be so quick to judge and to think right away that they know what's best for my animal. Opinions on him vary so much (from people telling me too fat, too thin, growing too much, not growing enough..) and it's kinda frustrating too. I want him to be healthy and I wish I could spend more time outdoors with him but we do our maximum (or close to it). And it's quite disheartening and saddening for me to have to constantly take crap concerning my piggy. Anyways, I'm off to work and then going back home to cuddle before the weekend trip to HickTown.) Should be back on Sunday with photos from the wedding etc. Wish me luck, xoxo, MsVeve

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shoe Challenge #177: Lazy lazy

 Mr. Piggy (not part of the shoe challenge, obviously, but still, oh so cute..)
 What: H&M Divided white wedges
Where: out & about
Wearing: H&M socks, Six earrings, Asos watch and Dorothy Perkins dress
Another hot hot day, so only wearing lipstick (since make-up is kinda pointless in the summer, no?). Rimmel 076 "Scream". I think I had bought it solely for its name. I love when lipsticks have interesting names, I remember a lipstick I bought AGES ago, like when I was 13 years old (:D) back in Puerto Rico and it was by L'Oreal and it was called "Pink Lemonade". It was my favorite lipstick like forever. I had to beg my parents to buy it for me.. I was so happy when it was mine oh mine.. Anyways, it was the best lipstick in the whole wide world. Unfortunately they don't make it anymore (I hate it when they do that..), but seriosuly, it was the name that captured me first and just after that came the color etc. (and it was just perfect!) Ahhh!
 So, anyways, back to the shoes. I bought these 2-3 years ago? During an H&M sale, they cost something completely ridiculous, like 79 Kc (that's a little over 3 euro) and they're surprisingly comfy. But being space-age white, they aren't the most wearable. But still they do go with some things..
 Like this. I love wearing pure black'n'white outfits. I reckon I didn't need the socks but since my feet are still in recovery, I didn't want to risk it..
Here Mr.Piggy modeling my new hat that I bought today at H&M. It suits him very well actually>)

Ramble Jamble

This morning I was completely uninspired about what to wear,
being a hot yet rainy day, I opted for slacks and converse shoes. No pictures needed, mind you. But as I was preparing myself to get to work I quickly went through my shoe challenge list to see how many open toed/ sandal/ canvas shoes I still had to get through. And the result isn't so bad, BUT (there's always a but, isn't there?) they are seriously hard shoes to wear, either purely for comfort reasons (some of the shoes are gorgeous yet ridiculously unwearable) or for them being inaproptiate for work/daytime/whatever. So I'm a bit stuck, aren't I? I don't really want to go ahead and be shoe saving my non-summer shoes just yet (in order to leave some of the fun for autumn) but my strictly-summer shoes are not my first options either. Anyhow, this weekend will be another type of challenge since I'm going with the boy to a wedding of some of his hometown/school friends, ugggh WHAT TO WEAR??! We'll be leaving tomorrow afternoon and the wedding is on Saturday, plus there is the post-wedding party as well. I'm thinking of wearing one of my Irregular choice shoes to the wedding or to the party but not sure yet how/what/where etc. Further more, my hurting feet still haven't recovered from the weekend hell shoes. Ouch. So that's what I'm thinking today.

On an unrelated matter, this is my school/uni photo. My last exams are coming up soon so yes, I'm having to think about school these days, oh what fun! Although, thinking about school is making me think about autumn and autumn fashion and truth be told, I am actually getting a bit excited about ankle boots, fur, colored tights, leg warmers, tweed, knits, leather etc. My silver lining.))

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yesterday's save

I managed to find a product image of the shoes I was wearing last night and thought it was worth showing on here, since you can see the wonderful detailing of the cut-outs and the straps.)

Shoe Challenge #176: Calvin

 What: Calvin Klein Yus ra elastic cut-out wedges
Where: dinner with the Boy
Wearing: Pull&bear jean dress, Zara tee, Mango bag, ?? scarf as headband
 I have been waiting a while to save these, cause I wanted someplace special to take them. But then yesterday is was super hot and that warrented open-toed sandals and my poor feet are still in a mess from the weekend shoes so I needed something relatively comfy. Bring on the Calvins!
I especially love the cut-out detailing, reminds me of United Nude shoes, but Calvin Klein is perhaps a 1Up on that one. The outfit meanwhile well, I was all caught up on RoadTrip fashion via the Asos Fashion Finder competition. So I wanted something jeaned up, with my favorite rockabilly headscarf. Yeah. Anyways, still a few sandals/open-toes to save so stay tuned! Xoxo, mwah!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shoe Challenge #175: Simplicity

 What: Atmosphere wegdes
Where: at home
Wearing: Zara dress
 These were also purchased during the same Dublin trip as the wedges in the previous post.) Again, I don't wear them as much as I used to (guess that always happens in a way though, unless they're REALLY special shoes that you cannot fall outta love with.)
 I definitely need a new venue to take pictures. My flat is my love, but it's become rather boring for yall, right?
 The print of the dress is oh so pretty..
Well, that's all for now folks, I'm off to work.) xoxo, MsVeve

Shoe Challenge #174: Trusty yellows

 What: Atmosphere yellow wedges
Where: out on the balcony
Wearing: Dorothy Perkins top, F&F skirt, Ray Ban glasses, H&M headband
 I've had these wedges for a loong loong time, bought them during one of my Dublin trips. It was during my yellow stage (was in love with everything yellow, I remember that at the time I loved wearing these wedges with this Mango yellow dress which happened to be in exactly the same shade as the wedges, so perfect! Still have the dress but haven't worn it in a while..)
 I really do still love these wedges though.))
Having upped my number of shoes lately I needed a new place to store them. Tada! Honestly though, I'll either need a bigger flat or need to stop getting new shoes :D xoxo, MsV

Monday, August 22, 2011

Shoe Challenge #172 + 173: That's right, two for the price of one.

 What: Blowfish Malibu denim bow sandals
Where: the Boy's & my anniversary walk to the castle + dinner
Wearing: Zara silk mini skirt, Zara tee (again, wow this was soo a Zara weekend wasn't it??), Topshop robot necklace, Asos watch, Mango bag, Six earrings, then later Topshop bangle bracelets
 Ok, so are you wondering why this is a double post? Yes, well, it's because these Blowfish mules completely and horrifically RUINED my poor feet. Seriously, I have never had such blisters! Ouch!!!
 And I was trying as hard as I could to be a happy camper here, but I was in PAAAAIIIN! We had to shorten our walk about town, head to the place where we had had our first date (so cute, this amazing restaurant at Old Town Square that is situated on the rooftop with a perfect view and all, I was real pleased to return there and so glad in retrospect that the boy had picked it for our first date in the first place.)) After cocktails and an icecream treat we were gonna head to one of our favorite restaurants but I seriously couldn't walk by this point, so instead we headed to Topshop where I bought a pair of leather sandals...
 Tada! Shoe #2: Topshop leather sandals
They were on sale and all so I didn't feel bad about buying sandals at the end of summer and all, plus I NEEDED them sooo sooo much! After our mini-shopping break we headed to Colooseum pizza and had a huuuuuge dinner.)
 And drank wine. And had a joly good time.
Dontchya love a happy ending??.))xoxo

Shoe Challenge #171: Just being casual

 What: Zara leather heeled sandals
Where: trainride home from having lunch with the Boy's parents
Wearing: Zara shirt, Zara pants (gosh that's a lot of Zara, drr), Stradivarius bag, gift watch from my Mum, my lucky "pig and dog" charm necklace
 These aare one of the more wearablle sandals I own (heeled sandals that is) and it's a shame I don't wear them more, however it's because though I do find them interesting and all (wouldn't have bought them otehrwise), I think they might be a tad too casual for my taste. That said, this weekend they worked great with my browns.))
Train rides are so much better when you mess about.)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shoe Challenge #170: Smokin'

 What: Monton strappy sandals
Where: My outdoor balcony..
Wearing: crochet Zara shorts, Mango top
 Today is one of the hottest summer days we've got here so to celebrate I'm wearing my new Zara crochet shorts (I've been lusting after crochet shorts ever since the Chloe pair in their collection last year). I was gonna have a smoke (I don't smoke much, just like once in a blue moon, but bought cigarettes after an argument with the boy last week and then left them on the balcony and they were soked by the rain) but as you can see from the picture below, I definitely wasn't gonna be able to.
It did make for an interesting picture though, at least something..

Shoe Challenge #169: Blue Secretary

 What: Stradivarius flowered wedges
Where: boy's office
Wearing: Zara Woman skirt, Zara tee, Mango bag, Asos watch, Asos glasses, Pull&Bear tooth charm necklace
 I had been lusting after floral wedges ever since I saw the shoe girl Cece wear a pair of Forever21 flowered wedges, sadly hers were already sold out in my size so I was really sad, but then I went shopping and in one of my favorite shops - Stradivarius - they had a suitable pair. And then they went on sale. I love happy endings.))
This is my secretary look, or something like that..

Friday, August 19, 2011

Shoe Challenge #168: me & my little one

 What: Zara leather peep toe wedges
Where: hanging with Mr. Piggy
Wearing: Topshop playsuit, Stradivarius crochet belt, H&M bangle bracelet
 Me & the pig were hanging out this morning, before taking him on a walk and then going to work* (am still at my flat and getting ready to go but y'know what I mean right.)These wedges are comfy and quite simple looking, only down side is they are a tad too big and so I can only wear them bare footed, which is a problem for me cause when I go to work I have to wear tights (to cover the tatts), but otherwise they're fine.
 I thrifted this Topshop playsuit a couple months ago and I love it, though again as the shoes the playsuit is a tad too big. Oh well. Better a bit bigger than smaller right?
yall ready for the weekend? xoxox

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shoe Challenge #167: The Boy's Bday

 What: Bershka platformed wooden soled sandals
Where: 'Magicka Zahrada' restaurant plus tram there and back
Wearing: pull&bear tooth charm necklace, H&M top, Zara skirt, Topshop bag
Last night we celebrated the boy's 28th bday but going out and having a huge feast.) Though the restaurant isn't far from where we live, it's still best to take two stops by tram. And obviously, we like to go with the best, har har. As for the outfit well originally I wanted to take my H&M midi skirt but it just didn't go with the sandals and I was decided on the footwear from the start. So I took my trusty Zara skirt. As for the shoes well, these are one of the most comfy heels I own. They were from the Bershka collection about two years ago I think? I remember the first time I wore them I took them on this godawful first date. I had met the guy the night or weekend before in a club and he seemed ok. Anyways, the date was HORRID!:D He was shorter than me in my heels (and it bothered him), he wasn't as cute as I had remembered, but worst of all, he had no sense of humour (and I like to joke around), got none of my jokes and it was just a nightmare, one of those time you just can't wait for it to be over. Anyhow, this time around the date was perfection (well, the boy & I have been together now for a year this Sunday). The food was delicious and me & the boy share our sense of humour. Gotta run off now, xoxo, MsVeve