Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Arthur Baker snacks ♥

A dear friend of mine and an amazing bullie mum has made a wonderful website, dedicated to one of the most fabulous pooches in the world, her sweet bullie Arthie. Please go check it out! You can buy your pooch a snack or just take a look at some lovely pictures of a beautiful bullterrier, Arthur Baker.

This is Adina with Arthie, obviously:))

All pictures have been borrowed from Arthie's web

Oh and by the looks of it? Arthur Baker snacks are much better than Scooby's!

A bit of that old charm if you will..

It's rainy/snowy days like this that scream for color. And not just any color, baby. You can save all the dull for yourself, all I want is big, bright and bad. No other way to go. Keeping to my reds, pinks and purples. (Not all together of course, drrr.) Yall know I'm a girlie girl at heart.

Roy Lichtenstein completely understood this craving for kitsh and glory. He also understood the power of a blonde girl. Atta boy.

You know, maybe he really didn't leave the studio? :D

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wishing a wondeful Christmas!

Busy eating potatoe salad and Christmas cookies so instead of a proper post, how bout some photos? :))

A holiday greeting card I drew, playing around in my new leopard paw slippers, how I love them! and an evil snowman candle

The wonderful Christmas tree at Staromak.

And lastly a photo from a party not long ago.

Merry Christmas everyone!! Enjoy the Holidays and wishing you an amazing fashion filled new year to come, lots of love and precious moments to look back on, lots of wonderful dresses and shoes (just ordered a new pair today, tee-hee-hee) and if nothing else, then have fun with whatever you do.  Mwah!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas spirit

Family, friends, free-time, frenzy.
Giving, getting, gingerbread.
Memories, mistletoe. Christmas carols,
cookies and milk and staying in bed.
Food, fun, fairytales, fares,
with those fireplaces lit.
Snowflakes, Santa, sleighs.
And all that jolly bit.
Gatherings, gifts. Reindeer.
Candy canes.
And hoping that it snows
not rains..

And so much more. The spirit of Christmas, the joy of a winter wonderland, it over takes me completely. I love Christmas. Everything about it. Even the horrible corals that you can hear just about everywhere this time of year. One of my favorite things about the winter holidays is the gift giving. As a child, it was ALL about the getting, but alas as one gets older, things turn around a bit. Some of my favorite gifts to give are books. As you can see from the picture below, I'm giving out some books this year. Bought K the comic version of Se7en and some spooky story books, my sis a collection of Yeats poems (my favorirte is "Had I the heaven's embroidered cloths ..." - I'm thinking of getting it inked on the inside of my arm, where there's room next to the Buddy portrait), my bro one I'd love to borrow off him once he's finished but I'm not saying which in case he reads this. Parents are hard to please (last year I had gotten them books but this time around I'm going for more "useful" gifts): Mum some things she can use around the house (a gardening watering pot and a kitchen mitten) and an anti-wrinkle night cream, which I know she'll like, Dad a bottle of wine. I got Buddy the biggest pulling/chewing rope they had (though still not decided on if to wrap it or not), K the cuttest pinkest Piglet stuffed animal toy they had at Sparkys, a pair of bright blue Dickies pants (they're back, wouldn't ya know). My girlie's these beautiful wooden heart shaped frames and some happy little nothings just to show I care.. Might be getting some finishing touches tomorrow while going on our annual shopping fun day with my sis (we go every year on the 23rd). Anyways, enough of my ramble, wishing you all super sweet holidays and plenty of love and joy.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ways to make winter happier..

  1. Hot chocolate and cookies
  2. Staying in bed all day and not having to go out into the cold:))
  3. Gift shopping, present wrapping and card making
  4. Staying in bed all day ♥
  5. Egg nog
  6. Wearing your favorite dress no matter what
  7. Family, friends and a happy puppy ♥

Saturday, December 12, 2009

DIY Suede Ankle Boots

Being it I was sad two days ago and yesterday, I had a lot of bent up energies circling around. When in moods as these I find it best to create. Put them towards something worth while, and if that doesn't help, Cpt. Morgan sure does:D.
Anyways, remember my Over-the-Knee boots? Yeah, I loved 'em but sadly, they weren't perfect. They kept on falling off a little bit at the high end and thus driving me crazy. If they had been a little bit tighter and higher, I think there would have been no problems what-so-ever. Alas I decided to change them.. Insert scissors, needle and thread and ta da!

Sweet suede ankle boots. Curtesy of moi. I love that a) they are one of a kind, b) will be getting much more wear out of them and c) a DIY project this turned out  just so perfect and a mood changer to boot:). Totally my new lucky heels, so now it just has to stop raining so I can get to take them for a spin..

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I ♥ Cpt. Morgan

Somedays go by and everything is just great. Somedays need a little HELP. Sometimes it can be a box of chocolates, now I LOVE chocolates. Srsly, I do. But somedays, even chocolate can't help. And it's on days like those, that only one thing can really give that little spark back to ya. (Well, more things actually, but this one is the cheapest, and I'm currently kinda broke. All my money went to Christmas gift shopping..) Cpt. Morgan Spiced. This bad boy is one to keep. I usually have him either on the rocks with lime or with Okey Cokey. But inspired by my boyfriend, because today it's kinda about him, I'm having Spiced Orange juice. With ice. I'm a bigfan of ice. It's that beautiful crackle sound ice makes, yeah. Anyways, I would have never of guessed how good this drink could be. You should try it.

Captain Morgan is a brand of rum produced by Diageo. It is named after the 17th-century Caribbean privateer from Wales, Sir Henry Morgan. The label uses the slogan, "Got a little Captain in You?" And bloody hell, I guess I do. Admiral Sir Henry Morgan was a Welsh privateer, who made a name in the Caribbean. He was one of the most notorious and successful privateers from Wales, and one of the most dangerous pirates who worked in the Spanish Main (according to Wiki). Doesn't he sound just dandy? A do-er, get things done kinda guy. Not only successful, but notorious. Wow, that's a 2-in-1, take it or leave it. Anyways, his rum is great. That's all I'm saaying..

Yes, I have him inked, I said he was a keeper, didn't I? :DD

Monday, December 7, 2009

Creative energies..

Since havin the ultimate blonde day today (basically ruining everything I can get my hands on and misunderstanding everyone, that said, maybe it's just the fever..) have decided to put my focus on one of my favorite activities: making holiday cards. I love making holiday cards. Firstly, it brings my spirits back up. I love the holidays and anything and everything that is bounded with/to them makes me happy. (Have also being eating a lot of Christmas chocolates today:D) Secondly, I've nearly got all my gifts prepared. So it's time to move on the the details:)

Making holiday cards is a fun way to relax. All you need is some hard paper, scissors and then basically whatever else you can find. Glue is also handy:D Unfortunately for me I had yet again forgotten to buy glue the last time I went supplies shopping, so I've using double-sided tape. Whatever works right?;) Anyways, I used left over wrapping paper to create this splash of stars. Now if only I could find my gold pen to write the note:D

Happy Holidays everyone!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The importance of a good companion.

The bag lay on her bed and a pile of clothes messily around it. She was sitting by the window, taking slow shabby breaths and wondering what to do next. She took a look at the cabinet near the door, the drawers all angrily open and growling back at her. Her hands shock as she opened the desk cabinet and retrieved her documents. As she slowly got up to finish the packing, a light knock on the door. She looked over in a moment of silent misery. A million thoughts banged around in her mind but a cold still took over her body. She quitely stuffed the remaining objects into her holdall and tiptoed to the other side of the room. Quickly opening the window, she eyed the windowsill and hoped it would hold beneath her. She heard movements behind the door just as she dropped her trusted holdall and herself with a skill and ease down to the next floor's balcony. From then on She never looked back...

bags: Gino Ferrari leather with zip around base, Mulberry small clipper holdall
- a good bag is a good companion, whatever comes next -

Thursday, December 3, 2009

NTK and some everyday magic

Stopped by the National Tech. Library yesterday, the place would be perfect for a photoshoot. I love how it is big and spacey. And yet at the same time cozy. They have these enormous sofas everywhere and I could spend forever and a day. I love all libraries but this one is my favorite so far.

The Boy got inked. We went book shopping and for a walk about town. We had such a sweet day yesterday. I'm just sad we had to end it by saying our goodbyes. But it's good that we did, have a huge exam on Friday and really really should be studying. Really need to be studying now. Ehm. Oh and I bought my Mum this pink waterying pot and some scented candles and a cooking mitten. Hope she'll like but no matter, all was worth it for this photo:


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Why do good girls like bad boys..

Why do good girls like bad boys
Why do good girls like bad boys

It must be the thrill she gets
When he lights a cigarette
Or the way his nostrils flare
Every time he combs his hair

Why do good girls like bad boys
Why do good girls like bad boys

She must think it's really cool
Cruisin' with him after school
And it makes her life complete
Ending up in his back seat
Why do good girls like bad boys
Why do good girls like bad boys

He's so baaaaaaaaaaad
He's so bad bad bad
He's so baaaaaaaaaaad
Best I've ever had
Why do bad boys like good girls
Why do bad boys like good girls
He must want to be the first
To make her little bubble burst
To shock her with his attitude
Get her hocked on beer and
Make her parents think she's nuts
And all her friends will hate her guts

Song by ANGEL AND THE RERUNS, ft. in the movie Bachelor Party
(Have had this song stuck in my head for forever. Watch the movie;))

Monday, November 30, 2009

Lusting after..

As a happily coupled gal it's been a while since I've done a lusting after. Mainly because there was no space for other wants besides matters of the heart. Now, as things are slowly setting into place and a hopefully calm and happy era shall commence, I take this time to bring you another fashion filled lusting session. Wedges and hoods. OTT-ness to the extreme. Hot. Over-sized furry coats. This is what I'm saying. Definitely on my wish list. Among other things. On a shopping update, bought a lovely bright red winter coat, lush. And is exact same shade of red as new ADIDAS hold-all, so am now Miss Matchy Matchy and loving it loads. Stopped by H&M and bought two dresses, both in a rather holiday spirit. Shiny! Plus one over-sized black cardi. You can never have too many.. Also fed the literary beast and bought some books have been l.a. for ages (the first of Kathy Reichs' - Deja Dead, a collection of Yeats poetry - containing my favorite "Had I the heavens embroidered cloths.." - thou planning of giving this to my sis for X-mas, a book of spooky tales for my hunny and one I think my bro will enjoy). So have a few x-mas gifts checked off the list with still a few to go. What are you getting your loved ones?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bright and bouncy

Reasons to be thankful for:

1) leaving uni a couple hours early,
2) perfect pizza lunch and then ice cream (the rich delish kind too),
3) taking the dy off work,
4) dress shopping (bought the most OTT dress possible, imagine short, sparkly and multi-colored - which I shall wear to Saturday's party),
5) talking with my best friend on the phone - s'been too long,
6) spending all day with my sweetie (obviously the most important point but this is in chronological order right, so there.)

7) being on the net during boring bus ride to HK, nothing against watching back-to-back episodes of Friends but srsly, if you take this root frequently then it's rather annoying. (I think I've seen this episode before, the one where Rachel makes the meat puddling cake thing).

Photos are from the weekend photoshoot. These are by Saneesh Sukumaran. For those of you who have me on facebook, I know, I know, you've seen these before. Apologies.
Text written yesterday during bus ride to Hradec Kralove. Was an amazing trip, really, just a shame I had to leave back to Prague the same day.. *On the bus ride back saw exactly the same episodes. Srsly, Student Agency, you should work this out better.. :P

Friday, November 20, 2009

Pure EVIL..

The culprit was found lying on his victim, the poor mattress.
Afterwards, he yawned in a most malignant way.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I know, I know, I know. I've been neglecting you recently. And I'm very truely sorry, really, I am. If it was New Year's I'd make a resolution to be better to you, to give you more of my undivided attention, but then again, I hate resolutions. They never work do they? Or do they? Two years ago I made several NY's resolutions and now they've actually been resolved. I've given up smoking for good (thanks to my bf, he's a non-smoker - that always helps), am now a serious uni student (not just slacking off in the back of the lecture room), am totally in love and oh shit! The gym! There's still that I have to work on, that and the blog now, obviously. Well bare with me because I'll be back.. ;)

photos by Ivanna Gladysh

wearing: H&M tank top, Vero Moda belt, Topshop miniskirt, Topshop earrings

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Up on that swing

You know when you were a little kid and you'd go on that old swing down by the end of the road and your only thoughts were "up, up and away!" and it would be just short of bliss because no matter how hard you'd try, there'd always be that moment when the swing would have to go down.. And your insides would be in a twirl and the shwu shwu of the air made your skin tinkle..

Well I'm up on that swing again but this time around it's even more fun, which is rather hard to believe. Sadly thou, it's now time to wake up a bit and get back to responsibilities because uni exams are right by the corner (e.g. chemistry test today:/) so needa study and concentrate. Huh. No fun.. :P

MsVeve @ work

wearing: Mango sweater, Zara studded belt, Zara oversized shawl, Pull&Bear Smurfs tee, H&M skirt

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A brand new toy..

Acer. Ferrari. 12-inches. That's all I'm saying :))... (That plus the fact that I didn't have to pay for it - e.g. my new work computer - makes for perfection. Who's a happy little girl? :))

* I'll post up a photo (yes, as proof :P) but later, I'm in the library now and should actually attempt to get some work done...

Friday, November 6, 2009

The mysterious white line..

My computer has a virus and I'm naming it Spencer (why? The name's just annoying enough to match). So what exactly is Spencer? Spencer is a white line that sometimes appears when I'm on the net and with each click gets bigger and bigger until he takes over the whole site. Now this doesn't happen ALL the time (or on all sites either, his favorite is Google maps) and sometimes the line grows quicklier than other times. It's a real puzzle, I've been told this has to do with lack of memory but the memory isn't full and plus, wouldn't that then happen on all sites and all the time. So, I'm thinking no, it's not memory, it's Spencer, the moody virus.

On a happier note it's Friday! Yeay! And I'm wearing my new lucky boots so everything is lalalala. I'll be posting outfit posts soon.. Hope you're all surviving.. oh and I'd like to give a shout out to Amber, hope things are getting better:) You should really check out her site The Fashion Police, she is HILARIOUS.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A head full of thoughts.

An interesting thing happened to me today (btw, such a straaange day), met up with my bestfriend and we went to her casting and just for fun I asked if I could join, it wouldn't have been a problem BUT no tattooes. Like srsly? I mean why no let me try out at least? I get it thou, they're looking for a specific look and tatts aren't a part of it, but it was a bit ridiculous if you ask me. I mean, make-up, hello! Photoshop, whatever, and there's ways to cover it up (well, yeah, I knooooow but still I'm having a ramble here so deal with it:P).

On a brighter note, dinner with Aja Jaj was bloody fantastic (missed you sweetie so much!) and then the rest of my evening was.. well, surprising and good, but don't want to get into that just yet. But I'm definitely happy and totally cannot wait for next weekend. And to conclude today's broadcast: new boots! New boots! New boots! They are fierce and heeled and badass and if I hadn't spent all day in them outside I'd sleep in them (*thou of course not, I'm a hygiene freak but anyways you know what I mean). They're from Vagabond, cost a small fortune and are fabulous. They're also bringing me some good luck... Apologies for the crap photo but it's the only one I have so far (was me deciding whether to buy them or not).

Monday, November 2, 2009

One of those days

It started out bad and by the looks of it, things aren't gonna get any better just yet. Today just wasn't meant to happen, at all. Should have just stayed in bed (or actually, just gone to bed at night, that might have helped things a bit) and screwed everything because today, everything I touch goes to pieces. I feel like I'm in that little boat in the photo, except without the adrenalin rush of the storm and all. I'm all shipwrecked and without a paddle etc. etc. And I don't have a life jacket either, nope. So, anyways, I'm heading home in a bit. Gonna attempt to sleep it off...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Choose your poison.

Passion. It lies in all of us. Sleeping... Waiting...
And thou unwanted... unbidden... it will stir...
Open its jaws, and howl.
It speaks to us... guides us... Passion rules us all.
And we obey.. what other choice do we have?

It hurts sometimes more than we can bear. If we could live without passion, maybe we'd know some kind of peace. But we would be hollow. Emtpy rooms, shuttered and dank... Without passion, we'd be truly dead...

Text from a favorite episode of mine (Buffy, season 2, Passion). I have so much passion I could hand it out, thou perhaps not for the right things.. Now should get back to my studies:/ Wish me luck tomorrow!
Photos: new ink, at BloodyBlueII studio, at Harley's, at Ujezd, my beast all cute and all.

Friday, October 30, 2009

The one where Maths is concerned..

Image Hosted by

A picture says a thousand words but even that sometimes isn't enough. Going thru a strange part of my life. Wondering about all past choices and if where I'm headed is the place I wanna be going.. Spending most of my time nowadays either at the uni, actually really going to all my classes and all, or at work or at home sleeping. Or watching my fave shows, did a quick recap yesterday with Grey's anatomy lst night. Thinking it's lost most of that loving feeling, but that always happens after a few seasons. Have neglected the gym way way too  many times in the past couple of months and have thus promised myself that starting the weekend will be going to gym every other day. Excited about the upcoming w/e for a great many number of reasons: my majorly annoying Maths exam will be over, Halloween!, getting more ink done, gonna go see The Ugly Truth in the theatres and as always will enjoy all the sleep. (Too bad have another exam on Monday, they really never let us off the hook..) Well wish me luck everyone, will be writing that exam in a little bit (nervous!).

Photos: ending a day at the lab, bored and tired during a Maths lecture at the uni, my best girl scout cookies smile (who doesn't love chocolate chip?), flowers I passed on the way home and the last time I was at gym (I go crazy odd hours to avoid the crowds, was really psyched to have the changing rooms all to myself hence the photo:)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A shopping date..

Shopping tips:
1) always have fun (the most important rule of all!)
2) make a plan of what you want to buy, what stores you want to visit..
3) try on everything.. you never know. (see picture above;)
4) shop with a friend because a) 's waaay more fun b) they may find smth you might have missed c) and a second opinion may be needed.. d) this is major for #5 as well:
5) sushi dinner (Heaven on Earth..)

As you can see I had a fabulous shopping date today. Me & V skipped a boring old class and decided to head off to Arkady Pankrac and besides some perfect shopping, discussed all aspects of our everyday life. Bought a hat in H&M and a simple tee in Stradivarius and a leopard print dress/tee (which I totally cannot wait to wear;). Then we went to Palladium to Topshop but sadly there was nothing really too tempting so called it a day after that. My favorite part was the sushi dinner (yummy. Have totally become like addicted.) or when we were trying on these hilarious furry ear muffs in Zara. I used to wear these way back when (in like third grade was it?) so I'm actually really thinking of getting them, for their nostalgic meaning.. Now the question is.. in white or black? Hot pink anyone?;)

Monday, October 26, 2009

A new side project..

Intro to "New"

A while back my best friend and I had this thought: wouldn't it be amazing to do something new, something neither one of us has ever done before, every once in a while? As our thought shaped itself, it became an event per week kinda plan. Of course, now, when both of us have minimal time, even to just hang out (sad when that happens to best friends), we haven't done anything new in ages. But I'd really like to continue in our tradition and experience things, because time will run out eventually and it really is now or never. And since things don't necessarily get easier as we go along, I know it's gonna be quite the challenge to stay true to this idea, but I'm thinking it will most definitely be worth it. Cause usually you only regret what you could have done but didn't. Now my only thoughts are of what to do first. I mean, there are so so many things I have never done and would love to try. I'm changing the rules a bit, so it won't be just completely new things but perhaps also things I haven't done in a while (like skying, come to think of it, haven't been to the mountains in ages!), or same things but in new places or merely done differently. The options are (nearly) endless and I'm in good spirits about this whole ordeal. Anyways, why I've gone into this whole story is, I hope to write a weekly post of "New". First one on the way next week after my crazy Maths exam..

Here's one thing I've hardly ever done: modeled someone else's clothes. At last w/e's photoshoot: T-shirt by the wonderful Midzu, photo by Tomasz.

Oh and how do you like the new layout? White is so much better isn't it?? (inspired by The Shoe Girl;))

Friday, October 23, 2009


Today was..well interesting. Good, bad and also a bit strange. Had my hair done (good), kept on missing buses/trains etc. (bad), was at a photoshoot (strange*), got a lot of work done (good), too tired/lazy to go to gym (bad), almost ready to go home (good), instead of going out excited about staying in (strange)..

*So back to the photoshoot. First off I came late and I HATE coming late. But was a bit longer at the hairdresser's than I expected and then I missed the train. All in all the photoshoot was good but considering it was for an article about serious, hard-working tattooed chicks, I found it rather offensive that they had asked me to pose in my underwear. I mean, excuse me? I'm supposed to be the poster girl for ink as art/ not a scary hoe and how much credibility will I give off when I'm half naked? In the end I'm wearing a tanktop with a miniskirt and everyone's happy but like wth? Just cause I've got tatts doesn't mean I'm a free spirit, well, actually, I am a free spirit but what I'm saying is, I'm a clothes fanatic. Yeah, so I like to have a lot of them on.

Anyways, the photos turned out quite nice but since I don't have them, I decided to upload one from last week's photoshoot. This one is by Tomasz Slota, I asked for some photos from Tomasz, but he wasn't too happy about it since he didn't like the photos I was in.. I'm not a camera expert so I prolly can't tell the difference but I'm content with this photo non the less.

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

M.A.C. ..the answer to everything

It's my free night tonight, or at the very least should have been but instead I'm stuck at home, watching back-to-back episodes of Grey's Anatomy, eating cupcakes and peanuts (don't ask) and dreading the fact that I have to get up super early tomorrow (to get ready for a photoshoot and then prance around in front of the camera. Well, I actually like doing that, but, you know, I'm having a ramble here so whatever). Oh, was supposed to go to a party, which could have been great okay, maybe not great, but some fun.. maybe not fun but something, it could have been something. (Not fun cause I'm taking antibiotics and it's no drinks for me for the next 7 days so.. nope, definitely not fun). But just my luck I remembered now, like ten minutes ago and now I'm waaay to lazy, tired and pissed off to go anywhere. Plus, I mean, what's the point? I've seen far too many Grey's season two episodes to leave me any hope whatsoever in men. Men are just assholes! You haaave to agree with me, I mean, men are evil, selfish, self-centered, stupid creatures. And even when overlooking all of that, there are like no eligiable ones around anyways! So you end up settling for an even more stupid, self-centered, selfish, evil asshole than the one before and etc. etc. Durrrr, what's a girl to do? Seriously. Well at least I have my super-happy extra-pink glittery new nails to look at. That and the new MAC ft. Eve campaign. Hot. And totally sweet. I've always liked Eve and I'm psyched to see her looking so lush. Right, so, like, who needs an annoying new boyfriend when M.A.C. is obviously the answer to everything.. Gonna put my M.A.C. Sweet Thing lipstick (thank you Aja!) on (matches my nails, yeay!) and think happy thoughts.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


..know how to paste two (or more) photos in photoshop. Hip hip hurray!

(photos by Midzu and Ivanna:))

Monday, October 19, 2009

Because it's fun..

All photos by Ivanna Gladysh except the second to last one, which is by Midzu Gombitova (and wearing her cute geisha tanktop)..

And because putting clothes together that you wouldn't think would go together is a little cheeky past-time of mine.. Like say wearing a belt as a body chain with a cutesy sumemr dress. Oh yeah, a long white tanktop IS my favorite no-nonsense wear. As are huuuge earrings. And the ridiculously high pony tail. Gotta stick with what ya love..