Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bar and books

Ben Hodson's last photoshoot with me. Damn gonna miss ya, Ben! Photos taken at Bar and books Manesova street. The place does some mean strawberry cocktails. Take my word for it. Wearing one of my favorite colder weather dresses, a limited addiction H&M cocktail dress. Belt is Zara, boots Zara, jewelry a mix from here and there, sweater from Mango, oh and the necklace I made myself from some unusable ones I had laying about. Oh and my hair is currently like a tiny shade lighter and thinking of going one step more the next time I go bout the hairdresser's. Thoughts?

Dreaming of a sunny day:))

Things looking forward to the most: wearing tiny dresses and ha! without tights, shoving off my totally long legs, heels!, my new-ish (not so much new as never been worn) sweater, which due to the bat sleeves is unwearable with any jacket so.. unwearable until like April. Purple skinny jeans. Anyways, after my exam month is over I'm gonna celebrate by buying my dream pair of heels (nude colored - like really light beigy, skin tone-ish ), that being my totally must-buy for the upcoming spring. I know it's been on trend for a while but still, haven't yet found the perfect pair so am still just lusting after. Anyways, I just cannot wait for spring.. what are yall looking forward to?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I know I haven't written in over a week and I apologize, it's just because it's winter. And we're pretty much snowed in, more snow on the way for Friday, temperatures are going to record lows and I'm in the middle of my university exam month and quite depressed. Things have been pretty up and down with the Boy and I feel like I'm losing my mind. Desperately waiting on Spring to come and rescue me:). Time of fun fashion, I mean, in all honesty, there is NO fashion fun in winter. Well there's fashion week of course but sadly no chance of going unless choose to drop out of uni (and no, not really an option). The last thing I bought myself was a pair of snow boots and I've been thanking my lucky stars for that bold choice cause I would DIE without them. Now I'm daydreaming of spring/summer dresses and cute bright colored wedges, little tiny purses, sunglasses, tiny sweaters, peachy lipsticks, miniskirts, heels in general (on the ice that's outside you would not survive, serious). I just cannot wait for that moment when the air changes and you just KNOW. When you finally put the huge winter coat away and start returning to leather jackets, petitecoats and fun layering. Colorful tights even (thinking of trying that out once it's safe to ditch the thick wintery ones that only come in black or grey, though to be honest black and grey ARE my favorite colors for tights anyways, so that's not really such a big deal), it's more really about being ABLE to, to get away with it, it being anything one dreams up and just goes for it. Till then though, since apparently winter has not ended with us yet, I must make do with the perks of the wintery season and build snowmen:) (or help build really, this is more the work of the Boy;)). How are you all putting up with it?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A poem of strange rhyme, simply killing time

Three thirty eight in the morning. I should be busy. No, I should be asleep. Just like a secret I would keep. Three thirty eight in the morning and I am fully awake, for goodness sake! Head screaming thoughts that should not be. The voices there that trouble me. Outside I can hear the snow falling off the rooftops, shhh shhh shhh. After what has felt like forever, it is finally done but now the time of limbo awaits and an amends none. Spring has still far days to show its face and I must stay in waiting. Trapped in a wonder of time and space. Three forty and the minutes do not take pity. Time does not stop for me as I would wish it so. Nothing there still or where to go. In a state of blindness and the dull, all my head can think is thoughts distant and wide. Leaving me there with no where to hide. Ignoring the pretty pink or even the logical white, all that is left is bright bright bright. So bright your eyes could just pop. So full and consuming the world turns not. And I lose myself once again. Everything now, almost the same. All I ever care for is to spin down the path of this demon I love. Of life, love and lust. Not that I want, but that I must. The craving, the hunt. The emptiness and the amazement of it all. The glorious high and the furious fall. The blur, the rush. All of it so much and so strong only to dissapear with the sun rise. As a new day will come, the every day events take over from the moonlight callings and love must wait, rutine must take over. Only the howls and the goblins know. And they will tell. Three fifty one and the clock ticks no mercy. I look at myself in thy mirror round and see no one there. It is far too late. Not a thought left, not a care. Three fifty three and there it's just me. Though different still, due surely to the storm within. The thoughts a violent spin. Three fifty seven. Three fifty eight. All I need is time, I stop to think, or is it too late? Yet time is all that we do not have. Time always slipping, fleeting moments that never seem to last. All my thoughts now stuck in my past. Fifty nine with a minute to waste. Four a.m. and killing the night in haste. The moon hidden with stars not shining, my mind now blank and terifying. Four o'two and a white flag, the numbers flying about in chaos and giddy glee, yet time has come to capture me. The wizards of dreams and sleep, even they shall have a place. If only for a little taste..

Monday, January 18, 2010

New toys ♥

Though considering make-up to be a must and day-to-day ordeal, I do try to have as much fun with it as is possible. And the best way to do this is with new toys of course. A totally fantastic, amazing, thoughtful and also incredible useful gift I got from my sweetie, the double-sided (normal and magnified views) oldschool mirror. Am in awe of it. I'm so happy! And what amazes me the most is how this boy knows me so well. Thank you sweetie.

And here's a little something I got for myself. Sephora's Casino Beauty make-up kit. To be honest I just got it for the dice :D. The dice is killer. You can pick from 6 different looks ("Glam rock girl", "Pin-up style". "Trendy lady", "Party look", "Miami touch" and "Innocent charm") and you can let the dice choose your fate. Silly me, I know, I know, I didn't NEED it, but hey, sometimes it's all about the want.

Friday, January 15, 2010

A summary

Granted, I've seen a lot of bloggers do this but found it amazingly sweet and so decided to do it as well. It's a look back to what has gone on during the past year and perhaps where things are headed.

So as most of you prolly know, have stopped smoking. It's always a big deal, (going on to 2.5 months next week, yess!) and in a way I will always miss it. But I truly hope it's a part of my past that's well left behind.

Still madly in love with Buddy Boo. Whom inspires me to no end. Must make more Buddy art soon:)

So what actually happened last year? My best friend and I did our anual trip to Dublin, had an amazing time. Must repeat asap:)

My brother became a doctor. (Here are my Grandma, Mum, brother and his gf and my Dad at his graduation.)

The photographer that took this picture labeled it "Pictoresque couple" and putting aside the play on words, I find it rather sweet. My and my baby, (he hates this picture but I, in a most blonde and romantic way, find it v. lovely), so anyways, we putt it together last year:D

My best friend and I went to Tel Aviv. (This list isn't actually chronological, but whatver, just look at the pretty pictures). Anyways, this became THE BEST VACATION EVER. With about like a million pictures taken:DD

Tel Aviv, we'll be back!

What else had happened? Quit my old university to go to a new one, from the faculty of Arts to Chemical Technology. You gotta love the drama:)

Otherwise things are pretty much the same. Am hoping this year will be just as filled with amazing times, and places and above all people. (This photo above was taken by Ben, one of my best friends and also a great photographer, whom is sadly moving away in two weeks time. Will miss you Ben, come back and visit soon:)

Happy 2010.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dear blog..

Had spent all day killing time (looong experiment with a 6 hour gap, don't ask, just pity me) and so checked all my emails, replied to them all, talked on the phone with my best friend for a good half an hour (well I'm still at work right, so can't be TOO obvious), tried working on my webpage project for the university, read everyone's statuses on facebook and thus had a chance to go through my favorite blogs and lucky me, find some interesting new ones.

This one kills. Really, love the way it's all truth yet so good and so very in your face. I mean, dear diary!
This one brought me to Dear Diary, language wise could be a tad better but this girl's got spunk and I'm willing to acknowlegde that.
This one really is just to practice my French.
Amber always makes me laugh, (this one's an oldie but goldie).
This one makes me wanna go shopping (well, actually, they all kinda do but it's the new year and all, and I'm trying to be good better this time around).
This one I love and find real sweet and am lusting after all the jewelry.

Anyways, if any of you are as bored as me right now, go on, check some of them out. Maybe you'll see something that catches your eye. I'm about to go and finish the experiment and then sod off home instead of enjoying the night because alas exam month is in full bloom. Though prolly will cheat a bit and think happy blonde thoughts of being fabulous (that cover below, now that's hot) and watch an episode or two of Californication and Blackbooks.. Because obviously, like you can't expect me to be all good, right?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I've got sunshine..

This is me right now, I'm so happy:) Reason for this? Well, first off, passed an exam had been dreading and that ALWAYS works right. Second, got everything I had to get done at work so my work day ended really early and I got to cut work early and go out before night came on. Also the boy has been really nice and supportive all day:) Anyways, after leaving the lab, went to Zara and bought a bag that I had been LUSTING over for ages and best part? Was on sale! (It had been sold out so was really rather shocked but guess that shows, you never really know, right?). Also bought a cute dark grey spring jacket. Was really cheap and is really sweet. That's the best combination there is.. Am really looking forward to spring and yeah, yeah, winter was ok and all and have really cute little snow boots and everything but spring? Spring is it, baby.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Girls' night out

I know I look tired and totally need a hair cut but I had slept about 5 hours, spent most of the day at work, argued with the boy and have exam month at the uni. Still was great to meet with the girls for wine and bitching:))

The photo of the hand near the ash tray and wine glass. (Explanation: making fun of people who take photos of cigarettes and alco, and we don't smoke so we had to improvise). Nice hand thou right? :D

At Tretter's. Took ages to find but so worth it cause its's such a nice bar. Yes, we had an overly bitchy night..

We have the same camera ♥

I dunno why but this picture just won't turn around. Waiting for our dinner at a favorite pizzeria.

My "I so don't wanna kiss you" face and Aja's sweet happy face. This is why we are the perfect match.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hypnotize me. (For a sleepless night)

Hypnotize me with your lies. Hit and run, but in disguise.

Take the spire and push it through, just as long as it's stuck in you.

As you break it, bleed it out. Thinkin you know what's it bout.

Then the fall, the tall's are hard. Playing it by with a missing card.

There's nothing like an easy game. But once you lose, it's none the same.

Careful now, lover lost. This here one, is worth the cost.

Tiptoeing gently, soft and light. Until once more, we say goodnight.
poem written by MsVeve one late sleepless night

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Laugh it off.

Lack of sleep and complete lack of any energy whatsoever to have any bit of passion for anything. This is how these past two days have been. (Although yesterday night was really rather nice;)) Late nights and things not so much going my way. Ordered a pair of snow boots and you would NOT BELIEVE the problem that has been. Still not in my possession. Wonder if ever will be. University exams put off for so long it's a bit of a drag to get back into that saddle. Could always be worse though.. last year I began the year with a pretty bad stomach flu. Anyways, when all else fails I say turn to humour. Above are three jokes that have managed to put a smile on my face:) Hope they do the same for you.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A new start..

Firstly my most heartfelt apologies, I know I have been neglecting you, dear blog. It just seems like there's always something more urgent than to give you the proper time you deserve. But somehow, sweetie, I know we'll get through. As a way of penance, I offer the first post of January 2010. A year I hope to be amazing, fashion filled, successful and above all fun:) So, what is the perfect way to start the new blogging year? How bout some new year's resolutions? :))
  • write a post a day (aiming for min. 5 posts a week, or like at least 4 or something..)
  • make posts better than just uploading a picture (now this might be tough)
  • go to the gym 2x a week (there must be a reason why I pay for a membership right?:D)
  • try something new every week (when we were doing this back in the day with my best friend we ended up winning flight tickets to our perfect holiday in Tel Aviv, perfection)
  • start training Buddy (hahaha, yeah right)
  • finish reading all books that have started reading and not instead start reading new ones
  • eat healthier, start doing yoga in the mornings and become perfect saint-style person

Happy new year everyone!