Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shoe Challenge #111: On a Mission From God

 What:Le idee satin tie summer cork wedges
Where: out to the shop and back
Wearing: Elwood bar tank top, H&M shorts, Swatch watch, Stradivarius bag
 As you could probbaly tell from my last post, I'm feeling a bit down from all my uni exams and the stress and the heat and a bunch of other things... So I'm in no mood to smile. Thou not all things have been bad today, I had a good breakfast.. and Mr.Piggy was super nice outside.. And it's nice and sunny outside.. etc etc. so anyways, I popped by the shop to get me some lunch and there's this really creepy guy who works there, aargh! But alas, got my shopping done and got home and relaxing with Mr. Piggy and thinking if I should go out andhave a peak in my fave store or stay at home and study. Hmm, tough one:)


I probably don't need any new shoes. But the things is, when I'm not feeling my best? When I get sad or hurt or worried, I feel like I not only need new shoes but that having new shoes changes the moment. Thus I don't have to be sad/hurt/worried anymore, because there I am thinking about shoes instead and feeling more or less happy. Shopping in general makes me happier and if I had endless resources than that wouldn't be a problem. But since I'm just a student/part-time employee money issues to tend to be severe sometimes. I just can't help it though, I mean sometimes there's just no other way how to calm myself down other than to go and get my mind set on new things. It's like a unbreakable cykle of sin. Sometimes it's like I can't function. I can't even think straight. Like right now? Right now I'm supposed to be studying for Thursday's exam. And what am I doing instead? Looking thru Asos and other favorite sites and thinking about shoes. I must stop I know, but I feel like I can't even tare myself away. So I guess this is how an addict feels? Probably. Or well actually probably a bit worse right? I mean, shoes aren't like say heroin right?? Or are shoes/shoe-shopping just as dangerous?

Shoe Challenge #110: Park Lane

 What: Park Lane studded flarts via Asos
Where: out with Mr. Piggy
Wearing: Topshop dress, Six belt, gift bag from my Grandma:), Swatch watch
 Thrifted this dress at my fave thrift store yesterday and heard not long ago that neon colors are "back" so why not right. Thought would make the look more interesting by putting the bow detail of the belt in the back rather than in the front:) Last but not least the BAG. My awesome and amazing Grandma (R.I.P.) gave me this bag when I was like 11-12, and it is just the perfect festival mini-bag! Leather and with a long strap, many many pockets and especially the fact that it's from Granny, well, it makes it all the more special:)
 Mr. Piggy says hi:)

Shoe Challenge #109: Bertie Bird

 What: Bertie Minestota sandals
Where: out for drinks with the boy and friends
Wearing: Zara sweater, Zara bag, thrifted dress (wearing it as skirt), Swatch watch from the boy
 These shoes are comfy enough but after a while (insert cobble stone sidewalks) my feet were in pain, in a LOT of pain. Anyways, I felt like a princess in this dress. I first wore it as was intended - as a dress - and it is lovely! But then when it got cold and I had to putthe sweater on, it didn't really go with the sweater do to it's flowy structure, so I turn it into a skirt. I love transformative clothing!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Shoe Challenge #108: Not On The List

 What: tie-up flip flops bought ages ago God-knows-where
Where: off to the bank
Wearing: Asos dress, Stradivarius bag, Mango sunglasses, Swatch watch
So yeaah,these shoes weren't originally on my Shoe Challenge list but it's insanely hot today and didn't want to wear heels to the bank and closed shoes weren't really an option either and so I chose these. I wouldn't have photographed them but thought it would be a shame for the dress to miss out on my blog. It's a very summer summery dress and the colour is DIVINE! Anyways, if you noticed then yes, I did cut my fringe. It looks a little bit better than the photo suggests thou, so don't worry:)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shoe Challenge #107: Hop on the train!

  What: Mixer studded sandals
Where: train home from the boy's parents' place
Wearing: Topshop dress, M&S sweater, Elle bag
 Everytime we go to & from the boy's parents' place we have to illegally cross the train track to get to our flat. It's because it is just soo annoying to take the long way circleling around the track it's just so much easier crossing them. There's this hole in the fence we go thru. Plus I love train tracks so it's exciting:)
 However, heels are NOT an option! So I decided to wear my studded sandals, bought like two years ago. Replacement sandals for these gladiator sandals I bought in Dublin but were too big:/
 Anyways, hope yall had a great weekend! XoXo, MsVeve

True Women's Empowerment

How awesome is Beyonce? 

Tres awesome!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Bertie Minestota Star Heeled Sandals

Bought yesterday!


Shoe Challenge #106: Metro gal

 What: STR pointy toe flats
Where: metro station Narodni Trida - on the way to the boy's parents' flat
Wearing: Zara little black dress, Zara sweater, Zara cropped leather jacket, Mango bag, Swatch watch
 Waiting for the weekend metro is similar to waiting for Goddot, thou perhpas a BIT more fun. Met about a million people who went to White Sensation and was so happy wasn't wearing anything white by mistake! I hate people who act like sheep. Also dress codes tend to rub me the wrong way! 
*These shoes I bought ages ago, I loved that they sorta look like creepers and I'm a big creeper fan.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Shoe Challenge #104: Mighty Bar

What: Zara suede open toe heels
Where: dinner with the Boy and then drinks with friends at Mighty Bar
Wearing: thrifted Evie dress, Zara bag, Tenezie jacket, Swatch watch
Today I stopped by my favorite thrift store and was completely surprised at the amount of perfect dresses I found there. I was expecting to purchase 1 dress but instead I bought 4!! AND a sweater! Yeah. Anyways, this is one of the dresses I got. As for the shoes I'm wearing, well they ARE comfy BUT the strap on my right shoe kept falling off my heel and was so annoying, could hardly walk!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer is...

 A pair of ridiculous yet amazing sky high heels.
 A silly red swimsuit and the beach. Duh.
An outrageous tropic island!

Shoe Challenge #103: Mirror park

 What: Zara shiny court heels
Where: Boy's work
Wearing: H&M leather demi skirt, Bershka tee, Mango sweater, Zara belt, Zara bag, French Elle magazine:)
 The place outside of whre the Boy works is so cute! I really love it there. Thankfully it's not too far from where we live. As for these shoes, bought them ages ago, when my then-best-friend bought the red version. She loved them so much she convinced me to buy the black ones. They are comfy enough - since they have a low heel - and have a cute bow detail on the side.
 The boy at his desk. Was kinda boring yesterday but checked out some of my favorite blogs and read up on some get inspiration posts at Fashiontoast. Rumi is just divine!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Shoe Challenge #102: Red & Blue

 What: Melissa Violata sandals
Where: Uni exam + lunch date
Wearing: H&M dress, Six headband, Zara bag, Swatch watch
 I don't usually go for matchy matchy outfits but today I really left red & blue. I was sorta pissed at my fella and plus that stupid exam in the morning. I was craving a smoke all day (stopped smoking some time ago, it's been ages but stressful days like these bring it back.)
 I got these shoes for modeling at Fashion against Grey:)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shoe Challenge #101: You Make Me Miss That Trip

 What: Topshop sandals
Where: out with Mr. Piggy and relaxing at home
Wearing: Zara shirt/dress, NYer leggings, thrifted bag
 These shoes, like so many other, were purchased during my London trip and I absolutely love them. They are cute, a perfect shade of bronze/gold, comfy!, dressy yet casual and my amazing Boy got them for me. So YEAH, these sandals are special!
 Just chillin' at home before going to work. Have an exam tomorrow at uni but can't get myself to think about it yet, bloody hell!

Shoe Challenge #100: Project Twitpic

What: Mixer summer wedges
Where: out & about
Wearing: H&M leggings, Zara dress
  So the typical way I upload my photos here is not working, annoying. And thus I have had to upload these pics first to twitpic.com. Not that that's so horrible but still, rather annoying. Decided to ditch a couple of photos so it wouldn't take so long. Srsly, dear Blogger: WTF?!

Shoe Challenge #99: It all goes by so fast

 What: Asos canvas flats
Where: out to dinner with the Boy
Wearing: H&M jeans, Zara favorite tee, H&M sweater, Stradivarius cross-body bag, Swatch watch
 I absolutely love comfy summer shoes such as these. And you all know about my addiction to Asos.. That said, it was still a little bit cold for these shoes last night, on the way home I was completely freezing! But still worth it. The order came yesterday and my theory is that if you cannot wait to wear what ever it is that you bought, well then that's a keeper!
 The boy taking pictures of me. He is a sweetheart.

Shoe Chaleenge #98: Strawberries

 What: Gate studded pointy toe flats
Where: jjust out and about, nothing special
Wearing: H&M skirt, Zara top
A warm day and a relaxed one. After meeting up with my prof. about failed essay (e.g. the lack of optimism in my last post) I was sorta in a funky mood. These shoes kinda helped - in a way that they remind me of strawberries:) My last Asos order arrived today and that means no more shoes for me. Damn, just when I realized that I have no jigh heeled polka dotted shoes! Well, guess will just have to fix that during our Paris trip. So excited. But kinda worried about the finances. Oh well, c'est la vie:)