Friday, June 29, 2012

Favorite Places

Today I'm home, finishing up a translation seminar paper and fighting off the beginning of a cold. As I stare longingly out of the window and look at the wonderful sun shine, I think of my favorite places. There are quite a few I have in Prague but I'll just mention a fraction.
The park of the way from work
There is this tiny tiny park on the way from work to the tram stop home. It's a lovely place, though in the colder months can be quite dangerous (it might not look like it from this picture, but it's super steep!)
Divoka Sarka park
You might remember this photo from the first of May - the boy and I took a trip out to Divoka Sarka. I just adore this place. It has a nice peaceful feel to it but is still in the boundaries of Prague and not too far from the center either.
Spicy chick pea soup at home. This is probably my favorite soup. What can I say? I'm a chickpea gal.
My flat. It's tiny, it's rented, it's usually a mess, bla bla bla, but I love it anyway.
The view from my flat
One of the things I love about the flat is the view. It's literally breath-taking. I adore this little space I call home. I know I'll have to move sooner or later but still, for the time being, it's nice to call it home.

That's all for now, talk soon, xox,

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's been a while...

I know, I know. Each time I come here after godknowshowlong and say the same things: sorry, uni work load, exams, will try harder next time etc. And believe me I really do mean it. BUT then come the everyday troubles of a university student and I just set the blog aside. So anyways, I still have a few exams to finish up but I want to (try to) give more time to this here blog.

For starters I thought I'd recommend a nail product I have been using for the past two weeks or so:
It's a nail hardener by Douglas and I bought it because I stopped wearing fake nails and after acrylic nails your real nails are really thin and frail. And then they tend to break and look horrible so you go back to the fake nails. But I don't want to do that anymore. I've decided to break the cykle by sticking with what I've got and making my own real nails stronger and healthier. It definitely means more maintenance (filing the nails almost daily, adding the nail hardener, no biting!) but I'm willing to bet that if I stay with it till the end, it will pay off.

What do you use for your nails? Any suggestions?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Shoes etc.

 This is kind of a random post - a few new things I've acquired lately and a few you've seen before but that I love very much. Above is my new Zara white lace dress that I completely adore. I had been stalking it in store since it came out, but they only had it in S or L and L was way too big. Then it was sold out completely but luckily they got a new shipment of these dresses and had one in M... so obvi it was destined to be mine. Otherwise wearing my trusty Topshop school-girl bag, a cropped fake leather jacket courtesy of Stradivarius and Asos mustache earrings. And a side braid - the easiest most no-fuss hair styl, which I have been wearing basically ever since my hair grew long.
 Mis-matched Melissa shoes. The first time I wore these was for the EBEW black and white challenge - btw I haven't participated in EBEW for too long! Hopefully I won't miss the next challenge. Also below you can see a better view of the lace of the Zara white lace dress... LOVE it!

 A new favorite: a Motel pleated skirt (via Asos); gold sparkle jelly flats
 Blue Q clutch bag. Such awesome print! (French lessons!!); Maybeline coral nail polish
 Asos Madox yellow lace-up flats. A lovely bright yellow shade. I love happy shoes.
And last but not least my new pair of rain boots (they're by Fulton and have a cute Scotty dog print and were mega on sale over at Asos). I've just finished typing an essay that is due today and am getting ready to have dinner and a movie with the boy, so toudolou,
Miss V

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lift your spirits

I was just over at one of my fave blogs (I have quite a few of those btw) and was reading up/watching some pretty neat videos of graduation and pre-wedding happenings. I must say – besides being incredibly moved by it all and wishing all the best – I am a tad bit jealous. Here I am in the middle of nowhere (okay, so in the capital city in central Europe but still) and I’m struggling in my second year of uni, completely unsure with what lies in my future, my computer has an attitude problem, my bank account is deep in minus, my pig is huge, my boy hates my pig, my Asos orders keep arriving with items missing – so I’m having a bit of a low. Of course, I know that there’s so much to be thankful for but sometime those things can be hard to see. There's the big things that we tend to take for granted - family, friends, health... and then there's the little things - a trip to the zoo (will be posting pictures soon!), a spiked Asos headband that is somehow gentle but with an edge, matching mis-matching sandals (I love having more color variations) and last but not least (in today's list) an icon that inspires (I adore that massive book shelf). Yup, I'm feeling better already!

 * Asos headband, Asos mustache earrings, Zara lace dress
*French Connection sandals (blue pair bought in Dubai, red pair courtesy of
*Uncle Karl says read. Such a perfect photo.