Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sweater Wedges

My collage didn't really work this time - I somehow made the pictures too damned small. Anyways, these wedges from from Stradivarius and are made from a sweatshirt/sweater material and I think they are lovely. In a cozy way. I wore them to the pub along with a H&M full skirt, H&M men's shawl, Zara tuxedo jacket, H&M opaque tights and a Stradivarius bag. It was a casual night and was good fun (though I must say I was freezing on the way home - where did Spring go??)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Serious Theory

What I wore on Tuesday. I had an exam so I wanted to look a bit more poshed up than usual. Ergo the pencil skirt. I have a theory that a pencil skirt automatically adds a bit of seriousness to any outfit. Even if your wearing a bright cropped tuxedo jacket. Yeah.. (*the photo in the middle is at my parents' house)

wearing: Zara pencil skirt, H&M tights, Stradivarius sweater, Zara cropped tux jacket, Elle scarf, H&M rabbit earrings, Topshop bag, Wegga Art cake ring, Claddagh ring, Zara woman studded ballet flats

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shoe Challenge #25: Claddagh girl

I cannot believe it's already my 25th shoe save this time around. Wow. Also it's almost April! I feel like I'm just waking up from my winter hibernation and am surprised that so much is going on around me. Anyways, I wore this outfit to school & work on Monday. I had a lot of errands to run so wanted no fuss & comfort but since it was such a nice sunny day I didn't want to wear any boots. I chose a simple pair of nautical shoes (Gate flats) to go with my favorite jersey skirt from H&M. I love this skirt (though I am a bit worried about it stretching out after a few wears, hopefully that won't happen). On a completely unrelated matter: my Claddagh ring arrived in the mail! Yeay! I love it so much! The tradition & history behind the ring is so fascinating and as a Buffy fan well, let's just say this ring means a lot to me. It's ridiculous that it has taken me so long to order one.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just Another Shoe Save

 I have kind of stopped thinking of it as saving shoes - more like just challenging myself to wear different shoes everyday. These canvas flats from Topshop were rather easy to style. I wore them on Sunday to visit the boy's parents for lunch. I also wore a houndstooth dress from H&M, a belt from Stradivarius (which I bought & thought I loved but then found very hard to style with any of my clothes so I'm glad I've finally wore it!), cropped fake leather jacket from Zara, H&M tights oh and my absolute favorite accessory of late: the Asos mustache watch.
Now I'm off to relax after a manic day at uni. See you tomorrow my sweets!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Casual Friday: kicks & dips

wearing: thrifted houndstooth mini skirt (love this skirt!), H&M opaque tights, favorite Topshop skull tee, H&M black'n'white sweater, H&M jean jacket, office studded trainers

eating: avocado/cherry tomatoe & cucumber salad with joqurt & sunflower seeds - YUMMY.

Friday, March 23, 2012

What I've been wearing lately..

 The sunshine has been smiling down upon us and it's bliss (thou at night it does get pretty awfully cold:/) and today I stopped by the post office to pick up a package (a pair of Asos heels - to replace a pair of shoes in the challenge that I'm getting rid of) and I wore this comfy outfit: thrifted Dunnes dress, H&M mint tights, Bershka beige boots (bought in the sales a year ago), pink Zara sweater, Stradivarius bag, Pull&Bear shawl. My outfit was comfy enough but after returning home I changed into something more "me". (I'm now wearing a houndstooth mini skirt, black tights, studded converse-esque shoes, a skull tee and a jean jacket.)
Yesterday - when I went to uni - I wore a fun pair of polka dotted shoes. Sadly, I didn't get a whole outfit picture but it was cute (topshop red.white dress, floral tights, Asos blue leather jacket, red adidas bag) and after class we all went to the pub and got stuck there for like 5 hours! I love my uni mates!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pale Pink Pleasure

These pale pink jelly shoes are ones I got during a trip to Paris, they aren't the comfiest of my jelly shoes but definitely one of my favorites due to their absolutely stunning pompoms and pale pink color. (You could guess I really like pale pink right?) I wore them to uni classes yesterday along with my zara dress (which I again wore the wrong way round:)), Zara belt, Bershka sweater, H&M tights, Stradivarius bag (not shown). And yes, these pictures were taken with my mobile phone, so what? I just couldn't bare lugging my cam with me to school. Today I didn't go anywhere (except for a walk with Mr. Pig and we met the cutest dog ever btw) cause I skipped school and read. Gosh I love a good lazy day!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Friday was a good day - went to work and wore my new H&M dress (which I blogged about here) and wore one of my favorite Asos shoes. I love that these shoes have no laces as part of their design! It was a beautiful Spring day and I took these pictures on my way home from work. My weekend was spent in Moravia but now I'm exhausted:) Time for a nap, xox Miss V.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to work them trends

I went shopping today and was looking for something in mint (because everyone's into mint this season - I love how Gaga perdicted it in her clip) and looked in all the usually places (Zara, Pull&Bear, H&M, ...) but to be honest I wasn't really taken with anything. Luckily I decided to stop by the H&M kids' section and looky what I found! Mint polkadot hair bows! Pink ginham hair bows! Pink and tan leather hair bows! Yup, that's me working them new trends (albeit ginham is not a new trend but whatever, let's not dwell).
I wore my "happy" H&M lace-up flats and a thrifted H&M polka-dot dress, F&F tghts and two sweaters (not shown). I know I said I'd try to take better photos but my camera didn't fit in my bag and my hands were all shaky. So instead I just snapped the shoes in the flat. Maybe tomorrow will bring some better pictures, maybe not. But you know it's from the heart. Xox, Miss V

New Blog!

Just wanted to mention that I have a new blog! It's called Late Sundae and will be a weekend blog filled with some wonderful things. Make sure to check it out!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Indian Girl

 Monday I had a presentation on Zitkala Sa's autobiographical essays and I thought it would be appropriate to dress the part :) I wore my Zara long tee/dress, a pair of H&M opaque tights, a thrifted Next knitted top, Stradivarius shawl, vintage belt, Topshop earmuffs, and most importantly my Zara boots.
As I've mentioned before, I'm taking part in the Shoeperwoman Shoe Challenge again, and this time it's even better!! Shoeperwoman & Shoeperman have changed their site a bit and it's like an interactive forum and has lots of new aspects. I really like the new appearance of the site:) Anyways, I have 256 pairs of shoes in total and so far I have saved 18 pairs of shoes!! And for those who asked: here's a pic of my shoe storage:
*I do have some boots/winter shoes in an additional storage space under the bed :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Green Envy

thrifted dress (River island), H&M tights, New Look creepers

Green | Everybody, Everywear

Today, I wanted to show you how I did my make-up. I would have done a video but then again, I put my make-up on straight out of the shower (= naked), so I thought that wouldn't be a good idea.. I was excited about this month's EBEW theme - I absolutely adore green. When one of my besties had a bday party themed rainbow colors I chose green in a heartbeat. I have always loved green (I have green eyes). For EBEW I chose not to go all-out green but rather hint at it with my favorite tights and my favorite make-up. I used Sephora's awesome eyeshadow/pencil (which works oh-so-well and lasts all day) and my Sephora eyeshadow pallet (the third from the right, first row). I also added a smidge of Sephora liquid eyeliner and of course a dosage of mascara. I really like this Max Factor mascara, but I'm no expert. I just think it's user friendly and has a nice finish. Okay, so that's all about the face. Now the body. I thrifted this jersey dress eons ago and love it's artistic feel. (Funny, I used to be a bit ashamed if I thrifted something that it was thrifted but now all that's gone. I love a good find - though to be honest the Czech Rep. isn't too thrift generous. You don't usually find too good pieces or too good prices. Such is life.) Also wearing Gucci´s Envy parfume. Btw, I love the first picture how the pig decided to make a small appearance - isn't he cute? Xox, Miss V

Dnes se to hodí v zelené. Moje oblíbené líčení (převážně vše Sephora) a moje oblíbené punčochy. Svěží a hezky jarní kombinace pro den, který začal největší lenivostí (zatáhnutí školy) a koukání na Iron Man 2. Místo obědu jsem svačila buráky a nějaké sladkosti co jsem našla doma. Někdy se holt musí taky odpočívat. Co se týče oblečení, mám na sobě trikové šaty značky River Island ze sekáče mezi Mírákem a Ípákem. Měla bych najít nějaké nové místa na lovení netradičních hadříků ae moc sekáčů v Praze, co by neměly samé odporné nebo předražené věci, není. Nebo nevíte o něčem? xox, Vaše Veve

Monday, March 12, 2012


H&M dress which I am wearing backwards, Zara TRF ankle boots, Topshop bag, Zara belt (from a different dress), two pairs of tights (black - H&M, red fishnetish - Reserved)

I love adding a personal touch to my outfits. I wore this dress Friday to work and then decided to wear it out Friday night as well, with the difference of turning it backwards. I felt the dress looked a hundred times better this way. This way the zipper added a nice playful element and the satin mis-matching parts of the dress nicely complemented my figure. I think the right way around the dress made my butt bigger and that's definitely something I do not need! However, turned around I felt way more sexy AND I liked the quirkiness of it. (Plus it made my dress unique:). The shoes were bought ages ago and are from the TRF section of Zara. I like that they are furry inside so they produce a bit more warmth and the no-heel aspect is also suitable for the cobble-stoned streets of Prague.

Tyhle šatičky jsem si nedávno koupila ve Zaře a vzala jsem si je v pátek nejříve do práce. Pak večer do hospůdky s přáteli s tím rozdílem, že jsem šatičky otočila. Zdálo se mi, že předek šatů se lépe hodí k mému zadečku  - správnou stranou mě šatičky mírně rozšiřovali a obráceně vznikl zajímavý a slušivý look. Fotky jsou foceny až když jsme přišli z hospůdky domů, těsně před odejmutí všeho šatstva a hurá do postele. Ach, jak miluji víkend! K botám byhc jen dodala, že jsou koupené v Zaře (miluju Zaru!) a mám je už tak asi tři roky (?), jsou pohodlné a do Pražských ulic (s dlažebníma kostkama všude) ideální.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Lusting After - Asos Addition

 Everyone is craving MINT at the moment - I'd like mine with spikes please.
And a pair of highlighter pink wedges to do, yup, that's Spring the MsV way.
You can order both pairs over at

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Prim and proper

Have you noticed? I cleaned up my flat! Yup, the whole 9 yards - meaning vacuuming, scrubbing all surfaces, changing bed covers, etc etc. I feel good. I feel all prim and proper. Speaking of which, let's talk clothes. That sweater is the same one I wore in the post below with my punky pants & boots. Amazing how much different it looks here right?

wearing: Camadeau red coat, H&M knit sweater, Stradivarius long sleeved tee, H&M tights, Pull&Bear mini skirt, Zara brogues (these are one of my favorite pairs of flat shoes, I bought them about a year and a half ago on mega sale at Zara. I remember I was out shopping with the boy & he kept bitching about shopping too long - as if! - and we ran into a friend of mine and I showed her these shoes and she stopped dead in her tracks and went to go find herself a pair as well :)

Dnešní outift: po úspěšném úklidu bytečku jsem se cítila mnohem lépe a tak jakože vše do sebe zapadá. Tudíž i můj dnešní look byl velmi uhlazený. Dokonce jsem si chtěla vzít tweedové sáčko ale nakonec jsem raději zvolila teplejší variantu = červený kabátek.

Daily Wears and Survival

 Not much has been going on this week since I have been feeling a bit under the weather (and thus have skipped uni classes this whole week through) and only ventured out for a bit of shopping and getting my new ID card. Weather wise it's been kind of annoying lately, with rain and cold. That definitely doesn't agree with me even in the best of times.
 wearing: Bershka tartan pants, H&M knit sweater, Zara white tee, green H&M bag, H&M hair bows, Motiv boots
wearing: weird facial expression (aka falling into my closet), Zara skirt, H&M tights, H&M leg warmers, Zara tee, Asos long necklace, Gogo Philip necklace, fake ugg boots:)

These two pairs of boots are my go-to choices for crappy weather. Mainly cause I don't really fancy them too much and also because they are warm and durable. The only good thing that has come about this week is that I have started taking better care of my hair (flat ironing my fringe) and have finally sorted out my new ID, which I'll be picking up sometime next month or so. They take ages, ages!

Tenhle týden byl zatím nic moc, něco na mě leze-lezlo tak jsem nešla do školy a raději odpočívala doma. Spát přes 12 hodin denně a stejně se cítit úplně unaveně, no, jak jsem říkala, nic moc. Tak jsem šla ven jen pár krát, zařídit si novou občanku atd. V téhle náladě a v našem krásném pražském počasí (déšť a sychravo) jsem zvolila obuv, kterou ani nemá příliš v lásce ale je pohodlná a dostatečně odolná vůči podmínkám venku. Tj. boty typu nižší Martensky od značky Motiv (s tím rozdílem, že jsou po straně na zip - což je v času spěchu nebo lenivosti k nezaplacení a taky jsou mnohem ale mnohem pohodlnější) a vyaukrované "uggs"ky.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Same Outfit, Different Shoes

Remember that weekend outfit I posted yesterday? Yeah, the one where I was boasting about how perfect the shoes were. Well, perfect they were, but because my cape caused me to be freezing cold, I decided to walk the pig wearing more winter suitable footwear. (Also I like to walk the pig wearing shoes I don't particularly like, for obvious reasons). So here I am, wearing my H&M fake Ugg boots and the H&M dress and a blue sweater (Zara?), Stradivarius bag and wings. Yeah. Oh and if you see the post that I posted right before this one, well my apologies. I HATE the photos that acompany it but like I mentioned, I probably won't be wearing my Doc Martens any time soon so in order to "save" them properly, I posted some Godawful photos. It felt good getting that off my chest, pffew.

Takže, tohle jsem měla na sobě o víkendu a je to stejný outfit jako ten pod plaštěm ;) ale s tím rozdílem, že tohle jsem si vzala na venčení čuni. Na venčení si skoro nikdy neberu boty které mám příliš ráda, protože prase je prase a mít oblíbené botičky od bahna není moc super. Jo a ten příspěvek před tímhletím, no, ty fotky jsou otřesné. Ale jak jsem již zmínila, svoje Martensky si asi nejakou (dlouhou) dobu nevezmu a tak aby byl nejaký záznam, voila! Snad se brzy vrátím ke kvalitnějším fotkám a fotkám v zajímavějším prostředí než je můj byteček který přetéká věcma a kde bydlí jedno malé prase, které všechno ničí. Ano, snad. Do té doby se mnou snad vydržíte, xox, vaše Veve

Getting dressed

This picture was taken from another blog - I'm not 100% sure but I think I found it at Virginie's cinema
Yesterday I wore my 20-hole Doc Martens and with them I wore my favorite shiny sweater, my cropped fake leather jacket and a black dress. There's really not much I can say about this outfit, only that now my feet are killing me (the Docs aren't quite broken in yet) and I was a bit cold (Spring hasn't sprung in these parts). I'm getting dressed at the moment and looking at these photos, I'm definitely gonna bundle up today. And wear comfy shoes. Though I'd rather just put my PJs back on and hop into bed, sadly today that isn't a possibility.

Včerejší outfit: svetr z hmka (který je prostě boží a stál jenom tři stovky!), stará bundička ze Zary a černé šatičky. Hlavní roli měli boty a bohužel nejsou jěště rozchozené a tak dneska téměř nemůžu chodit.. Takže je nejspíš zase na rok odložím :D

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sleek and Fun

 Over the weekend (Saturday night) the boy and I went out with friends to nearby pubs. Recently, a few friends of the boy's moved into a flat near us and it's great to have them so close - cause having a few drinks and being in (a short) walking distance of your flat is BLISS.

What I was wearing: Stradivarius cape coat, H&M dress, H&M tights, Stradivarius bag, Lipsy bangle watch, leather gloves, Topshop earmuffs, Asos fold-over ankle boots
Asos ankle boots
These boots were an impulse buy over a year ago and have been worn many many times since. They are a perfect heel height, love the lace-up style of the shoe, the fold-over detail is rather cute and are just perfect for the winter-spring transition. Sadly they no longer have them over at but I've seen similar style popping up all over the place. Are you all as sick of winter as I am? What are you wearing to keep those winter blues in check? Xox, Miss V

Co jsem měla na sobě o víkendu: jinde možná už je dávno jaro ale v Praze rozhodně ne! Tyhle botičky koupené zhruba před rokem v Asosu se prefektně hodily. Vážně tyhle kotníčkové kožačky miluju, mají naprosto dokonalou výšku podpatku a to šněrování dodává na eleganci. Můj kabátek ze Stradivaria mě mohl teda hřát o trochu více ale člověk někdy musí trpět pro módu, že? ;)

Daily Wear: Cutting Classes

Yesterday I woke up feeling like I'd been run over by a truck so I instead of rushing off to my morning classes I stayed in bed and slept in. I merely went out to walk Mr. Pig and then did a bit of shopping - was looking for a nice retro dress but instead ended up buying two really really cheap (the last of what was on sale) pairs of pants from Bershka.

wearing: Zara ripped jeans, H&M boy's checked shirt, H&M white tank top, vintage belt, Stradivarius brown ankle boots

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Friday Night Out

After work on Friday the boy & I went to the pub with some friends of his. Because I was going straight from work and was lugging my computer etc. with me, I chose comfy shoes and one of my favorite pairs of pants. It's good to be casual sometimes. Usually when we go out I wear little dresses or skirts but wearing pants (especially if they're leather) has its benefits (mainly if it's a long night out and it still gets quite cold). Plus a pub is a pub...

wearing: Pull & Bear pants, H&M socks, H&M asymetric shirt, Zara black tank top, Stradivarius earrings, Stradivarius boots (absolutely my FAVORITE pair of boots, they are kinda falling apart but I still love them to pieces!)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Running Errands

Typical me: I choose to wear a skirt for casual errands and then for a night out I'm in leather trousers (next post). I had a few things I needed to get done today and luckily I managed with the most important and pressing matters at hand. For running errands, comfy shoes are key. Flat & slouchy are my go-to style choice.

wearing: H&M peplum shirt, Pull&Bear leather crochet mini skirt, H&M tights, Zara chain detail flat ankle boots

Also - I curled the bottom half of my hair. It took about 10 minutes but still felt like SUCH an effort! :) I am so SO lazy when it comes to doing my hair, but I trying!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

My New Shoe Challenge - MsVeve Style

 As most of you know, last year I participated in Shoeperwoman's Shoeper Shoe Challenge. She'll be (hopefully) hosting a new challenge again soon but in the mean time, I'm doing my own version of the challenge:
Just one of the pages of my Shoe List
 For last year's challenge, I made a list of all my shoes and as I went along, I crossed the shoes that were documented on the blog off the list via a nice green highlighter:). This time around, I'm also noting when I just wear the shoes themselves and don't photograph them (by highlighting the number belonging to the pair of shoes worn). That way, it will still be a "save" even if it's not on the blog. Afterall, I'm doing this to wear the shoes, not just to be posting it on here. However, when they are posted, they get crossed off the same way as before, in green:) It's fun looking back to what was worn with the shoes in question and having a documentation of my everyday style. It's also a good way to make myself try a little harder when I get dressed for uni (and making myself brush my hair - even for my earliest morning classes - like in the case of today). So far I've documented 6 pairs of shoes worn (including today's post) and wore 12 different pairs. Considering that I've just started (obviously, it hasn't been that long since the end of the last challenge... the 2012 challenge had started on the 17th of Feb.), I think that the progress is good and I'm less stressed out with it and feel MUCH more organized.
 Wearing: Zara Woman skirt, H&M white tank top, Zara black top, Zara tweed overcoat, Reserved flowered tights (bought on sale yesterday - love them!), Marb B for Topshop bag, Asos mustache necklace, vintage watch (from my Mum:)
Shoes: RiverIsland ankle boots bought in Dubai (2012)
The Sweet Little Details
I also want to add more info about the shoes worn in each post. Like these River Island boots - they are incredibly comfortable, have an adorable zipper on the side and have a really sweet rouched detailing at the front of the shoe. I was a bit peeved that I had paid full price for them even though they had been supposed to be on sale (and were on sale in other River Island shops - the salesgirl had made a mistake and thus I paid 3x more than I could have) but I'm still glad I have them and though being one of the newest shoes I own (my promise to stop buying shoes has - so far - actually worked! I'm just as shocked as you:), have already been worn a handfull of times. Hope you like the new shoe challenge, xox, Miss V