Friday, September 30, 2011

199 LEO

 What: Irregular choice doggy courts
Where: out for drinks with a friend
Wearing: Int. dress, H&M tights, H&M coat, Liquor Brand bag
 I've had these shoes for a while but wasn't sure what to wear them with and for what occasion. Going out for drinks (and close by to my flat on a non-rain day) seemed the perfect chance..
 Those who know me know I love leopard print and sometimes even mixing leo prints together.)

I'll write more soon, but I'm in a bit of a hurry at the mo and must be off. Toodles (btw happy new year!)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lusting after.. TOPSHOP

Topshop Unique Mary Jane Ribbon Shoes, animal print (£100)
Garter Block heel Mary Janes in gold (£55)

Obviously, I love love love Topshop shoes. Topshop Unique are even better (thou sadly I don't own any). The ones pictured first above are my absolute favorites and must-haves (if only I could). They also have a great deal going on currently of free world wide delivery on orders over £75. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

198 Mixing prints

 What: H&M leopard print open toes
Where: nowhere
Wearing: G21 dress, Topshop belt, watch from my Mum (which I've had for years.)
So this was the post I wanted to upload yesterday.. Yeah. I was going for the Man Repeller mixing of prints look. Funny how the leo get lost with the blanket covered couch, hah. It was unintentional aaand kinda makes me want to wear the blanket. Like a poncho or something.. Otherwise nothing much going on. Today is a state holiday. Might go to the zoo. Am completely broke so no buying shoes or anything. Uni starting next week. Am quite stumped with what I'll wear for the first day, hmm. Now I'm off to do a bit of reading (The Bone Garden - oh so good!) and then who knows, till next time luvrs, xoxo.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


  • I took shoe chalenge pictures last night and was totally gonna show yall
  • I managed to bring my camera BUT
  • forgot to take the cable with me
  • so that means no shoe challenge untill I get home, or tomorrow.
  • I'm at work and have loaaads to do
  • So instead: here is an inspioration post, mixing three love factors = lollies, writing and Abbey
  • On a completely unrelated matetr, uni is starting next week
  • and I'm actually a bit excited.)
  • Yup, back to school for MsVeve (dressing for class is so much more fun than dressing for work!)
  • Cannot wait to go supplies shopping (what can I say, I like pens and notebooks etc.)
  • I'm thinking of buying a sewing machine.
  • It's on THE LIST (more about this later)
  • well, gotta run now, talk later luvrs

Monday, September 26, 2011

197 Hey baby welcome back to the 70's

 What: I Love Shoes red paithon print wedges
Where: at the flat, duh
Wearing: Bershka jeans, vintage shirt
 Some shoes are the serious type, that want to be loved in a certain way. Others, like these, are wild and free and they tend to hurt your feet. The brand is called "Love your shoes" and I got them via and they should totally have a campaigne "love your shoes, kill your feet" or something like that. But I do love them nonetheless. The mad red paithon print is what gets me!
Yeah, these shoes are all about the fun.) And with that I bid you all a Manic Monday.) *Wednesday is a state holiday, yeay!

It's here

A while back I said I had something to show you and then I well, never did. And now, it's here. Pictured above is my autumn addition "Must-have" list. Yes, it could have been a bit bigger, I know. But all-in-all it's a good start I think. The pictures are from a bunch of magazines and cat-walk shows. Stay tuned for more.) (and I have two shoe challenges lined up as well, hip hip hurray!)

Friday, September 23, 2011

195 If you expected better, well, there might be a few tears..

 What: Stradivarius strap/buckle wedges in beige leather
Where: dinner/shopping with the boy
Wearing: Zara jeans, Zara leopard print scarf, Mango sweater, Zara tee ("I Love Summer" print), H&M socks, Topshop bag
 You might not believe me but there's nothing wrong with my hand, it's just cold. Hence the sweater and scarf, could have gone with a jacket too. Anyways, yesterday me & the boy had a day off from work and we went to a watch exhibition (which totally sucked btw) and then we relaxed and watched movies and ate loads etc. We were supposed to go on a piggy trip but alas no car so we had to cancle. Sad, but at least we rested.)
 See: I do have both hands! As for the camera well, same old same old. Maybe one day (far far away) I'll have a nice lux cam but for now, yall will have to settle for reality style pics, because I said so.
Now I must be off to score a good schedule at uni, wish me luck! Xoxox, MsVeve

Thursday, September 22, 2011

In a Cam Runt

photo via
So the boy situation has gotten better, there is hope after all. My life situation, well, the flat is much cleaner and I'm definitely eating a little bit healthier so at least that. Camera-wise though, things are still pretty sad sad sad, I was bidding on a pretty sweet cam but got outbid at the last min. and just when my net connection totally failed me. So no photos to show, not of myself at least. Pictured above is the lovely

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Last Night

I haven't been taking pictures lately, because well, my camera is a sad story and it's a bit embaressing. Last night my boy was celebrating his bday, albeit a bit belatedly but still, whatever. The party was good, lasted till midnight (but we started at 7, so..) and on the way home we got in a major major argument. Now, our future together is well, not so sure. And ironically enough, today is our anniversary. I hope things will be .. resolved. I now vow to try to be better, stop just doing nothing and watching my life pass me by. I mean, I say I want to be a writer, but do I write? I say I want to be more involved with things that interst me, fashion and animals and culture. But what do I do? Nothing. I say I want to live more health-conscienciously and be better to my body. But there I am, smoking and drinking and eating godknowswhat. I say I want my flat to be a home, but it is messy and I am a mess too. I now will change. They say people never really do though, but they say a lot of things. I will change, I will make a difference, in myself, in my life and perhaps, hopefully, in the world. Last night opened my eyes.

And a little p.s. Matoušku, miluji Tě.)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lusting after - the RARE addition

If there is a brand I love for amazing ,trendy (and affordable, or well if you have any money to spare) dresses it has got to be Rare. I'd buy every single one if I had the cash (which I don't), starting with the sequinned bodice number, the block color two-tone dress and the amazing and utterly rad studded collar dress. The floral one isn't bad either but not as utterly mind-blowing as the rest. Granted, these aren't NY Fashion week worthy or London Milan, but for a wearable and attainable brand they're really some ok dresses right? (photos via

Friday, September 16, 2011

As Promised

 The boy and the dog.) His name is Indi and he is a sweetheart! He's 2,5 months old and I love him!
 Indi and I enjoying a cuddle.)

Taken right after coming home from the visit to the boy's parents' place. Still wearing my favorite flats and bag.) Anyways, that's all for today. Tooddles.

Shoe Challenge #193: You look in the mirror and see someone else

 What: Topshop gold heeled sandals
Wearing: Stradivarius wet look mini skirt (with pockets!:), H&M tank top, gifted leather festival pouch bag (gift from my late granny)

 I love the heel on these sandals! I bought them during my London trip in the Mothership Topshop store and they were on super sale and cost me only 10 pounds! They have a lovely shape and I really like the detailing on the shoes as well. Sadly they could be a bit more comfortable. But you can't have it all can you. Anyways, with this outfit I kept things simple with a white vest top and a black mini.
I have one more shoe post from yesterday to post and then I'm off to pick up the car etc. What are your weekend plans? We're heading to hick town again.

Shoe Challenge #192: Another Irregular Day

 What: Irregular Choice polka dot sandals
Where: out for a walk, photos from Thursday
Wearing: Topshop polka dot dress, Bershka shirt, Topshop bag
 I love love love this bag! You can change it from backpack form to cross body (as you will see in the next post or the one after) or hold it in your hand. I also really like the color, it was a gift from the boy for our upcoming anni plus passing my exams:)
As for the shoes, well, I love love love Irregular Choice and these are a bit more 'normal' thou they still are quite fun. They have a tiny polka dot print and you can tie them up as you wish. I paired them with my possibly favorite dress, I bought it during my London trip and love it. (I really wore lots of things I love here, didn't I?:)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shoe Challenge #191: You Make Me Wish I was Wearing Heels

 What: Zara Woman satin bow detail peep toes
Where: no where particular
Wearing: H&M DIYed white tee, Stradivarius fitted leopard print jacket, Zara jeans
Sometimes it's nice to dress up even with no place to go. Like whilest studying at home and painfully awaiting the arrival of a pair of shoes that should have totally arrived by now. Worst thing is I'm planning on wearing these shoes tomorrow to my exam but now there's no way for that cause the damned post lady always just leaves a note and I have to then go to the post office and you can only pick up the item in the afternoon after 6 p.m., which means since they haven't arrived today, there is no way for them to make it on time for my one o'clock exam. Damn. Anyways, back to the shoes I'm saving right now. A lovely pair of satin heels with a prefect bow above the peep toe and pretty heel detail (crappy photos but you know, exam tomorrow yaddy yadda.) I wore them last to a friend's prom. They're actually quite comfy and everything, but at the end of the night was glad to take them off:D The only annoying thing is that after a while (like a month or so) the beep sound stores have to protect their goods magically reappeared?? Have no idea how that happened but it is severely annoying.. Anyways, that's all for today..

Wish me luck tomorrow!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Shoe Challenge #190: Pink bows and a blue ball

 What: Miss KG "Hartwell" satin heels
Where: at the flat, playing with the ball*
Wearing: Zara playsuit and Zara bow belt
I got this excersize ball from the boy's mum and I just love it. Albeit I love to hang out (or off) on it instead of using it for proper excersize but whatever. These heels were bought during the Asos summer sale and they make me wish I had more Miss KG shoes. I love KG shoes generally, but Miss KG combines the fun into the brand nicely. And I'm all about the fun.)

Hope yall had a lovely weekend and wish me luck on Wednesday for my final exam!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shoe Challenge #189: Everybody Everywear

 What: Irregular choice Flick Flack heels
Where: movie night
Wearing: Pull&Bear red leather-esque pants, Zara tee, H&M belt, Stradivarius bag, favorite necklace, Reserved earrings
 A lighthearted post. One to bring me back from thoughts of 10 years ago..
I bought these pants with the Every Body Every Wear upcoming challenge in mind. I was out shopping celebrating the fact that I PASSED AN IMPORTANT UNI Exam and there they were. I resisted the first time I saw them but after reading that the next EBEW challenge would be colored pants, I was convinced.)
 I was gonna wear them with Iron Fist eyeball wedges but then The Shoe Girl Gemma has a IC month thing going on, so it was these heels instead.. I love IC shoes:) These flicker flack heels are just too cute, with the polka dot/ floral print and I'm a sucker for red shoes. And I love love love the print on the soles too!
My little piggie, being all cute and not caring one bit about shoes:)
Hope you are all save and sound, enjoying a sunny weekend.

Colored Pants </P>
<P>Everybody, Everywear


I know today is ten years after 9/11 and most of everyone will be writing something about that day. But I can't bring myself to it. Ten years ago I was 14 years old, a little girl, I was listening to the radio at my parents' house and I couldn't believe that what was being said was true?! I went down stairs, where my granny was sitting in the living room, and she was watching the TV. And it was TRUE. My parents were both in Washington D.C. at the time, I was terrified. I'm not that little girl anymore. But in a way I'M STILL THAT LITTLE GIRL. I hope everyone is safe and with family/loved ones today.



Friday, September 9, 2011

Shoe Challenge #188: Time Flies

 What: Asos Mensy suede shoes
Where: dinner out, pictures from returning home from celebratory dinner for having passed my exam:)
Wearing: my new Zara Woman Studio ecoleather dress with 3/4 sleeves (LOVE IT!), Camad. coat, H&M tights, Stradivarius bag and earrings, Zara green with orange polka dots scarf*
 I bought these shoes a while back this year and I couldn't wait to wear them, but then I was busy saving peep toes and sandals (which sadly I still have a few to get thru). Also it was still summer back then. Now, however, the season has changed, or so it seems. Last night I was wearing a coat! A semi-winter coat!! (Ok, so not so wintery, but still, a coat nonetheless.) It seems that time flies when your saving shoes! Now when I bought these shoes, I had Rumi Neely in mind somehow, I figure it was the type of shoe she could get away with with a short little dress or something. Yesterday, after passing my exam, (yes yes yesssss!), I stopped by Zara and found THIS DRESS. It was love at first sight. It was on sale! It was a size bigger than I usually wear (L instead of M) but since it was leather and very short I thought the size up was a god thing. I think I will get a lot of wear out of it, and if not, well, it'll still be a very special dress for me:) The scarf, now there's a story on its own. I bought it in Zara and wore it right away to dinner with the boy and his parents and then I lost it?! I probably forgot it in the restaurant. I was sooo sad. So anyways, I hunted it down in Zara again and bought it for the second time.
Well, now I'm off to study for ANOTHER exam and all that. (And thinking up ways to warm up ope toes and sandals, uggh.) Till next time, xoxox, MsVeve