Wednesday, February 29, 2012

If I go crazy will you still call me superman?

11 QUESTION via Orchid Grey

1. If money, schooling or time was no obstacle, what career would you choose?
I'm still in the  process of getting my university degree & am currently only working part time, but in my dreams I am a writer. Doesn't matter if it's novels, short stories or even screenplays, I want to write for a living. So, basically, I want to be Joseph Heller. Second dream job would be being Andy Warhol, third Marilyn Monroe. Yup, in that order.

2. What’s the one thing you look forward to every day?
After-work or after-school afterhour fun (usually that means dinner & a movie at home with the boy, but sometimes it's going out for a special meal, going to the cinema, or meeting up with friends that sort of thing). I'm definitely not a morning person:)

3. What is your number one, all-time, favorite blog?
 It changes a lot, but currently I love The Man Repeller for Leandra's wittiness and crazy style, A Beautiful Mess for Elsie's and Emma's DIYs and a dose of positivity, and my favorite Orchid Grey for Julie's amazing vintage fashion finds, her personality & her beautiful hair (seriously, I think I'd love this girl just for her hair!).

4. Biggest online pet peeve?
Blogger frenzies - when one popular blogger starts liking something and then suddenly it's everywhere. Macarones come to mind. Don't get me wrong, I love macarones. But you get the point right? When things get too mainstream, I tend to stray from them..

5. What is your all-time favorite book?
Catch-22 (Heller) is my all-time number one, but I have a lot of books I love.

6. What would your “last meal” be?
Tomatoe soup, Lasagna that my mum does, and the chocolate cake from Ceretto.

7. Do you believe in love at first sight?
I don't know. First impressions are important but it's the all-in-all that counts. Love is a great deal about tolerance and finding yourself while with another person. Being you and allowing the other person to be himself/herself. Love is a lot of work, but if the other person is right for you, it can be definitely worth the effort:)

8. What would your ideal Sunday morning consist of?
Sleeping in, brunch, a good film, sunshine + a nice walk... ok, so that includes an afternoon too.

9. Why do you blog?
To challenge myself and to be creative. And because it is something I love to do!

10. If you had to choose one color to wear forever, what would you pick?

11. What is your all-time favorite band?
Motorhead, The Distillers, The Ramones

Hi everyone!
Cape - Zara Woman, jeans - Zara, tank top - H&M, Brogues - Zara

Storage Solutions

 I have a bit of a hoarding problem. No, actually, my problem is with storage of all the things that I acquire. Finding the right piece of jewelry has become quite difficult due to the amount of items I have in my jewelry drawer and the lack of organization. So I cleaned out my drawer today and divided all the pieces into nice little groups. Bracelets in one section, all my necklaces in another (well actually in two places as you can see in the first photo), next my rings and lastly, the biggest group of them all, earrings.
Oh and I removed my watches from the jewelry drawer and put them in the one above. This way it's not too crowded down there. And my watches are in good company with wallets, various electrical cords and the faces (Christmas gift from my sis, anti-stress hand squeeze balls), which are so adorable and can be quite handy (no pun intended) if I have an essay deadline coming up. How you do solve your storage problems?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DIY collar necklace

 While I was browsing the Asos site today I came across this collar necklace. I fell in love with it but even on sale it was NOT on the cheap side. Anyways, since I can't afford it, I thought I might take my shot at creating something similar...
 ta da!
 My version is just chains (without the swarovski crystals) and it is a bit tighter but as a free version and something that took me less than five minutes, I am quite happy with the result. Of course, being me, I didn't take photos of the process but I'm thinking of making a few more of these babies. The steps are really simple. The next one I'll do I'll make a tutorial. There's one more photo on my tumblr page (click HERE). Oh and btw, I'm back to black (hair). See you tomorrow with more inyourface fashion, xox.

Files of New: Future Accessories

 I just placed an Asos order a few minutes ago and it was a hard hard decision of what to get and what not. Among the happy necklaces that were chosen to be mine mine mine were.. This ADORABLE 'Toy&Me' necklace with a formula 1 car pendant. Yes, it is a men's necklace, but so what? I reckon it's cute enough for a girl and there's quite a bit of kitsh factor going on. Definitely right up my alley.
 Next a sweet heart (sweet-heart;) necklace by Gogo Phillip. I really like that the heart charm is simple and on the tiny side. For those days when you don't want a lot of accessory action going on.
Finally, this LOOOONG necklace. It'll complement a simple dress perfectly, like on the model pictured above, adding instant style to any outfit. I cannot wait for them to arrive (in about a week's time). I recommend browsing Asos, they still have a sale going on so prices are good (thou I am a bit peeved that not being from the UK, I don't get to have a student discount :/// - anyone wanna lend me their NUS number?) and some of the accessories are really swoon worthy. Your welcome;)
xox, Miss V

Friday, February 24, 2012

Daily Wears: Uni style

 I had had this post planned for yesterday but my internet kept falling out and I hadn't been able to upload the photos. The outfits are from yesterday and the day before, both were worn to classes and lectures.
Above: H&M gold sweater (new, love it! and was oh so cheap!), Zara jeans, vintage belt, Stradivarius brogues, Lipsy bangle watch, Asos mustache earrings
Below: H&M DIYed tee, H&M black tank top, vintage belt, old old Zara skinny jeans, River Island bag (it's relatively new - bought during our Dubai trip - and the zipper has already broken, so can't recommend it :'( - otherwise would have been the perfect bag), River Island furry ankle boots (love these, they've gotten a lot of wear during this winter)
 This semester seems a lot more stressfull than the last one and it's mainly due to overdue work from the last one. I hate it when that happens but it's completely my own fault (laziness & sleepiness + vacation). Luckily thou Spring is a'comin and that makes all the difference. I love love love Spring. Hope you all have something to look forward to, xox, Miss V

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What to Wear To: An Anniversary Dinner

 Last night marked a new relationship landstone between the boy & I -  we celebrated a year and a half of being together. We spent the night at our favorite restaurant and then went home and watched a movie. I wore my new Zara orange little dress and one of the pendant necklaces I wrote about yesterday. But because the necklace didn't go with the dress' cut, I wore it as a bracelet instead. I also did my hair up, which I hardly ever do. It's the little things that make an outfit special:)
 Wearing: Zara dress, H&M tights, H&M ankle boots, Asos pendant necklace as bracelet, Topshop leopard print coat, Topshop ear muffs, Stradivarius black sweater, Marc B for Topshop bag (you can see it in the photo above laying on the bed:).
I was in a good mood thou you wouldn't know it from the picture above. I was a bit hot taking the photo wearing my coat inside - the photos weren't really going too well due to the lighting situation but I had to make do. Never mind the photos, I genuinly liked my outfit from yesterday - it felt really "me". Also Mr. Piggy was evidently play a ''Where's Waldo'' game with us. He's a cutie.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Files of New: Pendant Necklaces

I mentioned before that I ordered two necklaces from Asos - well they came yesterday and I went to pick them up at the post office today after my morning classes. I adore them both but am a bit bummed that they both went on sale AFTER I purchased them. Oh well, I guess you win some and you lose some. I might have also mentioned that I'd post today's outfit later but I won't cause the light sucks and the photos came out rather blahh. Instead I will try to take photos later (cause I'll be going out for dinner with the boy to celebrate a year & a half together - time flies!) - speaking of which: I have no idea what to wear! I'll look through the new issue of Elle for some inspiration then, Michelle Williams is the cover girl this month and I must say, she is so adorable. I love her and cannot wait to see her new movie (and am hoping she'll get an Oscar for her performance). And I have a feeling she'd approve of these necklaces. Xox, Miss V

The Start of a New Semester

 Yesterday was the first day of uni and it was a long day. I had classes from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. with just one wee break for lunch. Don't even ger me started on the lunch situation - it is terrible. Either the buffet at school or fast food places in a near-ish shopping mall. In order to survive I wore the comfiest outfit suitable for going out into public (thus not my PJs).
wearing: Mango jersey sailor dress (love the rope belt), H&M thick tights, Ugg Australia boots, Asos mustache earrings, Asos mustache ring, Lipsy bangle watch
Close-up: I love this ring so so much!
Currently, I sitting stressed out at my computer - late for work - still in my PJs with messy hair and no make-up, wondering how I'll manage time-wise with P.E. and everything and I have to stop by the post office (one of the most loathsome activities) and also I have to go to my bank (by far the most loathsome activity ever). You'll see today's outfit tomorrow - unless I do end up going in said PJs (nah, won't happen, much too cold outside). Till then, xox, Miss V

Friday, February 17, 2012

what i wore yesterday = outfit + shoesave

 The boy & I went to see a crappy-action b-movie called "Gymkata" last night over at Aero cinema (Shookproof Film Festival) and I have learnt from Wednesday's nearly freezing to death to dress WARMLY. So instead of tiny dress/skirt I wore my favorite pair of Zara skinny jeans and my favorite black v-neck sweater from Mango. I also wore a pair of shoes I had previously worn only once and I must say - I love these shoes! They are the lace-up Aspen Duck Boots from Asos and I reckon they look a lot better with jeans than with a skirt. I also wore some DIY projects: At Last & Co jeanswear checked shirt (which I fitted and cropped the sleeves) and Bershka sweater vest (I hacked off the sleeves and added a faux leather trim). I absolutely adore the checked shirt and now that it fits I'll be wearing it loads, but the vest I'm not so sure about. I might refashion it again some other way - not sure yet.
 The outfit worked well for the cinema - I was comfy and warm and enjoyed the evening out. And I'm glad I wore these shoes:)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lusting After Shoes

As the nicer weather is due to come soon I have been eyeing a few interesting shoes (sadly I will not purchase any of them since a) am broke and b) no room in the  shoe storage), but one can dream...

Dorothy Perkins
 These coral square toed wedges are so gorgeous! I adore the color and love the shape of the shoe. Also they're very affordable - which is always a plus;)
Irregular Choice
 These court heels are from an older collection and I found them over at the Irregular Choice Outlet site but I still love them. The bow is perfect and that heel! It would be a great addition to my any shoe closet.
Miista Briellle lace wedges
 Awesome. And they look kind of like hooves. You can get them over at Topshop.
 I absolutely adore these. Sadly I don't think they are availiable on the Office website but I'm guessing Ebay could be of help? Not sure, but anyways, I love love love these and would die of happiness if I could call them my own. Or well, if I could just wear them. You know what I mean...
topshop confetti glitter shoes
 Awwww. Glitter plus an ocford style shoe? I'm game.
Topshop studded slippers
 I know, I know, there's a lot of Topshop shoes on this here list but common'... Studded slippers. You know I couldn't resist studded slipppers!
Underground brothel creepers
And finally a pair of creepers. I NEED a new pair of creepers! Summer Santa, you hearing this?? xox, Miss V

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Looking Back..

It's a bit amusing to think that when I started the shoe challenge I had 109 pairs of shoes. Now I have 254 pairs. That means that during the year I more than doubled my collection! Now, this year I'm definitely cutting back on the shoe shopping as I have NO SPACE for shoe storage at our present living arrangement. I'll try not to buy almost any shoes at all. Maybe only one pair a month. Starting now. This kind of makes me want to go shopping rightthisminute but luckily it is snowing out and I am much too lazy and have loads to do at home (work, study, clean up etc. etc.), so me & my bank account are sparred. For now at least.

Looking back, I have to say it has been a hell of a year. And things aren't slowing down just yet either. On the contrary it feels like things are more crazy and hectic than ever! But there is a certain beauty in that as well. For this year I plan - besides not buying that many pairs of shoes - to be more organized! That would definitely make everything a little bit easier for me.

I'd also like to stop neglecting the inspirery posts over at my other blog ( and to try to transform some of the styles into my everyday looks on here. Like in the photo below (Derek Lam NYFW 2012), I could totally see myself wearing something like the grey oversized trousers with a smart shirt or the look of the far right, a knit top over a flowing maxi skirt. This year I want to stay inspired.

 I hope this blog stays inyourface-ish but also evolves into something more. I hope to reach more viewers and to get more feed-back. But I also wish us all to have loads of fun along the way! xox, MsVeve

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

254 The Last Shoe Save!

DAY: Zara red hat, Promod pink shawl, Zara pink sweater, Zara red tee, H&M black tanktop, Pull&Bear floral mini, 2 pairs of black tights, pink MoonBoots, Asos blue & pink watch, red and white rubber bracelets, 'Six' red and pink rings
NIGHT (shoe save): H&M ankle boots, black tights, H&M red polka dot pencil skirt, red skinny belt, H&M black tank top, Zara pink sweater
The boy & I took a car trip this morning/afternoon and so it was neccessary for me to dress warmly (the two pairs of tights, the moonboots) and comfortably but it wasn't much of a chore since I was dying to wear this new floral skirt. I bought it yesterday while stalking the shops for last minute Valentine's (already got the boy a Valentine's gift but wanted something extra) and it wouldn't be me if I hadn't found something for myself as well.
For our planned dinner I want to wear something less casual but still comfy and warm. My new H&M pencil skirt will be perfect along with the last of the shoe challenge shoes! Yeah!! I have officially saved 254 pairs of shoes this year:) A good year in deed;)
A close-up of the lovely skirt
This skirt deserves some more mention, I love love love the red-blue combo and I absolutely adore it's shape. You'll be seeing it loads come Spring, I promise!
Pink + Red | Everybody, Everywear

Monday, February 13, 2012

253 This isn't Kansas Anymore

 shoes: Stradivarius glitter lace-up flats
wearing: Zara jeans, Zara tee, thrifted Next sweater, Asos earrings, Asos watch
Another example of perfect flats that will be worn constantly once the cold weather goes away. I am seriously so looking forward to Spring, it is madness. Today was such a anxious day = I was setting up my schedule for next semester on the student net system and it was intense. The system works so poorly - it keeps getting jammed up! But my schedule ended up being ok-ish. I got a few of the subjects/lecturers that I wanted and time-wise it could have been a lot worse. After all this uni stress I wanted to do some sewing but the lightbulb on my machine broke and it cutt off the electricity to the whole flat. It really goes to show how much we are dependent on electricity. Luckily, everything is in order now. Speaking of order, remember the Asos shipment that I was talking about in the previous post? This watch came along with the Lipsy bangle watch and the mustache earrings. It is completely kitsh but so cute and happy, I'm really glad I ordered it! It reminds me of Easter and that makes me happy. So here's to happy accessories and enjoying fashion to the fullest, xox, Miss V

252 Addicted

 shoes: Zara cap-toe hells
wearing: H&M skirt, Zara shirt, Asos glasses, Asos earrings (mustaches!), Lipsy bangle watch
 An Asos order I placed some time ago finally arrived today and I couldn't be happier. I had been lusting after this bangle watch for AGES and finally the price was reduced from £40 to £25 to £18! When we returned from our holiday and it was still availiable, I snapped it up asap. As for the earrings, I have a mustache fetish. A jewelry mustache fetish, not a real mustache fetish. Real mustaches are kind of a turn off. But anyways, these earrings are adorable. And since there's a 10% off promo at Asos (promo code "SPECIAL") I just ordered a mustache necklace too. Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

251 As Good as Gold

 Shoes: Zara sequinned flats
Wearing: H&M sequinned skirt, H&M grey tank top, Mango sweater, black tights
Remember these beauties? Well, though I haven't worn these shoes outside yet, I KNOW I'll get my share of wear out of them during the warmer months. They have an amazing shine to them and are - as the title states - as good as gold. I bought these in the Zara sale and would have been so dissapointed if they had been sold out on me. But luck was on my side! (And also the fact that though they WERE in the sale, they WEREN'T by any means cheap.) Speaking of sales though, today I bought another pair of shoes (over at H&M, and they were super cheap) so that means I still have three pairs to save by Tuesday. I reckon I can get away with it so make sure to come back before then and check up on me;) xox, Miss V

Friday, February 10, 2012

250! Steevie boy

 ~ Celebrating 250 shoe saves! ~
 shoes: Steeve Madden spearkly flats with bow
wearing: thrifted Bay dress
these shoes match my favorite nail polish
 My hair has a mind of its own, it likes to be on the wild side. But occasionally I put it in braids and leave it like that for as long as possible. Then when its set free, it looks like this. I was going to properly curl it but then i thought it'd be a waste of time, since when I'll go out I'll be wearing a hat anyways. Anyways, forget about the hair. Let's talk shoes. Steeve Madden. Some of his designes are good some not so much, these shoes are just the right cute though and since they were on sale I bought them guilt free. The dress was thrifted yesterday after the exam (which I passed btw! Hurrah!) and I was intrigued by the assymetrical hem and by the lovely back of the dress. Pretty awesome right? It makes me feel a bit like a fairy:)
Now it's time for lunch and some work. Till next time, xox, Miss V

Thursday, February 9, 2012

248 Tribal Wear

 Shoes: Carvela studded sandals
Wearing: Zara tribal skirt, Zara white tee, H&M bikini top
After dinner with the boy yesterday I stopped by Zara and I bought a sweet little dress and this skirt in the sales. The skirt (pictured above) is the same one as the black Zara skirt I bought in Dubai. This one has a quirky tribal print going on though and I reckon that makes it way more summerish. Btw, these sandals were also bought in Dubai (they don't call it the shopping heaven for nothing!) and I wore them during the trip so this shoe save isn't really that much of a cheat, considering. I was glad to be able to purchase these shoes cause I was lusting after them way back during our London trip. Well, that concludes the shoe saving for today - and I have merely 5 pairs to go until I'm done! (That is, if I don't buy any more shoes!)
xox, Miss V

247 Rocker Barbie (Would Wear)

 Because of the snow & cold these shoes were obvi worn only indoors. When I first saw these shoes, they immediately reminded me of Barbie doll shoes (due to the color). I also fell in love with the pale blue sole (who says only red soles matter?!). When styling these shoes I thought: what kind of a Barbie would I want to be? Well, the answer was: Rocker Barbie. As if just on que, I thrifted this light knit sweater today and I had this new leather mini at hand (one you haven't seen here before).
wearing: Bershka suedette heels, Promod leather skirt, thrifted Next sweater
 I thrifted this sweater today after finshing my exam. I absolutely adore the cut and style of it. It's semi see-through and can be either dressed down or up. The mini is also one of my new favorites - bought in the post Christmas sales. Below you can see a close-up of the shoes.
Barbie would be proud:)

Winter & Desserts

 Yesterday I wrote about chocolate chip cookies. But that was yesterday.. Today is a completely different story. Right. Anyways, I popped by the sweet shop and bought a coconut cookie (for the boy) and a cream puff (for me). These are without a doubt two of my favorite treats. The good thing about winter is you get to treat yourself to some awesome sweets. Summer just isn't the same in the sweets department.
And in order to survive in this winter wonderland you have to bundle up. I was wearing 2 sweaters, a shirt and a tank top underneath my jacket! (I accidently took a video of my outfit instead of a photo - silly me.) I wore this to my big exam (a written one so I got away with wearing jeans) and now I'm sleepy so nighty night, xox, Miss V