Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Stolen From Myself

 If you don't already follow me on instagram, you are missing out. I regularly post photos there from my mundane life:) The picture above is from last Friday. I wore a Zara dress, Zara fake leather jacket, Stradivarius studded bag and Vagabond wedge shoes. Oh and an Asos studded headband. It's new and I really liked wearing it. The book I'm holding is "Nightmare" from Lars Kepler. I haven't had much time to read it but I'm already half-way through and am enjoying it.

I modeled at this year's Hell Party. That's a voodoo doll I'm holding btw.  And this is the only photo from this post that wasn't on my instagram. I had a different one there...

 The boy & I and some friends went to the botanic garden on Saturday. I has this whole "skull party"thing going on (Skull literally having a party t-shirt from Topshop, Skull pants from Iron Fist, limited edition cat ears headband Asos, Zara bag, River Island shoes, Asos tooth earrings.)

Sunday it got cold and I got to wear my fake fur half-poncho thing. I call it "the mushroom". (Sisley fake fur mushroom thing, Sisley sweater, Zara miniskirt, leopard print flats, Marc B for Topshop bag.) I posed on the way from the boy's parents place by the empty trains at the train station near our flat. I love trains.

Anyways, that's all for now. I'm off to read that book! See you soon.


I've been trying to save money lately and so I haven't been buying anything, let alone shoes. But this past week I happened upon the following pairs for ridiculously low prices and being me, I couldn't resist.

These are a pair of peep toe heels with a darling bow on the front of the shoe. The brand is one I haven't heard of before, called "Baby Angel". The shoe has a really cute logo on the inside (not pictured, sorry) of a baby devil head in pink.

But really, they had me at the bow. On to the next pair: gorgeous strappy sandals by Gucci.They are very delicate and I wouldn't usually go for this type of shoe, but from the moment I put them on, there was no way I was not going to be taking them home. They feel like a "Cinderella" shoe.

Next is a "fun"pair (and actually the pair I bought first, sometime last week, while all the others were bought today). Again it's from a brand I didn't know, called "Roots". These shoes are the only ones that I bought that are not high heeled. They have a tiny tiny little heel, almost like a kitten heel but much smaller and more like a wedge. (I hate kitten heels btw.) I like the flower detail and the nice bright color.

Last is another pair of heeled sandals. These are Hugo Boss and are a beautiful baby pink color.They are quite high but still comfortable enough. However, what really captured me is the fastening of the ankle strap: I love that it goes twice around the ankle. All of the shoes except for the red pointed toe "flats" (with a heel that small, they are basically flats) cost 50 crowns each and the red flats cost 75 crowns. the Gucci and the Hugo Boss shoes are real leather whereas the two other pairs are not. I think all of these shoes will be nice additions to my shoe collection and I cannot wait to wear them (I'll be going to the pub tonight and have no clue which ones to choose!).

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring has sprung

The weather has been blissfully nice for the past two days, which under normal circumstances would be perfect but I can't really enjoy it at the moment because I've got a terrible cold. Yup. I'm surrounded by tissues and fantasizing about honeyed tea. I'm also dreading a certain photo shoot I have planned for tomorrow as my flat is a mess and am in no mood to clean it up. I'm watching "12 Dates of Christmas" on youtube and dreaming up things I'll be doing once the weather gets even warmer.

I want to purchase an amazing flat or little house. I want to plant flowers either in a garden or on a balcony. I want the pig to has his own room. Heck, I want to have more room myself. And I totally want a bike. And here's my inspiration:

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Files of New: Zara City

 After hearing so many great things about this bag, I finally took the plunge today. I've been looking for a good uni bag for ages - something that would fit my laptop & all my notebooks/kindle/everyday crap and yet still would be stylish and wearable with the things in my closet.. I originally wanted the black version but it was sold out and black is a tad bit boring no? So I'm glad I got the tan version instead. Now normally I would rather have bought something a little bit cheaper (it cost 1999 Kc which is about 77 Euro or 99$ - it's so sad how things in Czech Republic cost more than anywhere else :// I should have just ordered it online and it would have been cheaper even with the shipping but I didn't want to wait any longer.. so I've paid the price, but since I have been really good lately and not spending I thought it was a fitting reward.) but in the end I thought the bag well worth the money. (It's the Zara Office City Bag.)
 The bag is super cute and what I really love about it is that it has a padded pocket fitted from your laptop. Genius. This way you don't have to carry a case around with you saving you loads of room. (It fits a 15 inch laptop, but mine is a 13 incher so he'll be more than comfy.) I cannot wait to wear it to school & work tomorrow! (* All pictures from Zara.com)

Monday, April 8, 2013


 My go-to outfit in this crappy weather: Zara knitted hat, H&M jacket, Zara turtleneck, Mango jeans, Adidas bag, Roma gloves, River Island shoes
 My more artsy look: Mango dress, Zara sweater, United Colors of Benetton scarf, Paul B bag, sneaker wedges, red lipstick (Catrice: Ultimate Shine in 130 Ketch-me-up)

Today is the first day that actually felt like Spring. The weekend was coldish and almost raining, 1st picture is from Friday night. we stayed at home and the boy bought wine (that's what's in the bottle btw). On Saturday we went to a gallery to see the works of Rona. He's a painter and sculpture and I quite enjoyed seeing his work. I wore my new Mango dress - note to self - wait to wear this dress until the weather permits to wear it without a jacket. (As with one it is not the most flattering...)

Saturday night we also went to the pub - I wore this Zara TRF dress that I hadn't had on in ages. *The dress in the background is from Reserved and it's new and I cannot wait to wear it but the occasion hasn't arrived yet. Oh and that's the back of the dress.

Sunday was definitely my favorite day - we went to the Zoo. I love the Zoo. I especially love the piggies at the Zoo. I know, I know, I already have a pig at home, but I can't help it. It wasn't the warmest but at least the Zoo wasn't too crowded. I always take a ton of photos of all the animals, but almost always forget to get the boy to take one of me. Luckily I managed this one picture:) (I also have another one of my Instagram: msveveve)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Making the Best of It

Or trying to, but I bet everyone is fed up with the cold by now, even the winter lovers amongst us. This is what I wore yesterday to the pub:

(River Island boots, Mango coat, Zara hat, Stradivarius bag, Simply Vera - Vera Wang jersey dress, Mango sweater, Roma gloves)

Let's talk about the shoes for a moment. They were a gift from the boy last winter? (Perhaps the winter before.) Anyways, I love them. They are a bit quirky, stylish, yet still comfy and casual. They are the perfect no-heel ankle boots for me. I'm wearing them today too :) Here's a close up:

I'm running off to a seminar now so see you soon and happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dear Blog

Are you mad at me? I've been neglecting you so much. No pretty photos, no juicy posts. It's been too much complaining (about uni) and too much lazying around. You deserve better, you really do. And I'll give it to you. Or at least I'll try.
I'll tell you what I've been up to. The boy & I took a trip over Easter weekend and went to some little town near Ostrava/Havirov because a friend was celebrating his 30th bday. We went by train and the trip was pleasant enough. I got to read a couple of books, among which was "Silver Linings Playbook" by Matthew Quick. I quite enjoyed the book and now am ready to go see the film (I absolutely adore Jennifer Lawrence)! Here's my review on the book.

I wore some cute outfits (which I forgot to photograph, of course) and then it snowed loads and we went by train back home. I read a couple more books but Silver Linings was the best. Oh, my Asos watch finally arrived (ordered it ages ago) and have been wearing it since. (This might be due to the fact that all my other watches have run out of batteries... or because I really like my new mustache watch.) I'm wearing it today, see. This is my arm, at work. The rest of me looked a bit too tired and wired for a featured picture. But I'll take some photos soon, I promise! What a bad blogger I've been!

Hope to see you soon,

Yours always,

Miss V