Monday, October 31, 2011


This year I wanted to go out and dress up and ladidada, UNFORTUNATELY the boy wasn't game. So instead Saturday was a time for family and we went to the family grave of his greatgreats and paid our respect. (Obviously, no costume needed.) And when we got back home from our family matters, it was already late and we stayed home and watched some scary movies. 

Anyways, if I had gone to the planned Halloween party, I would have gone as Little Red Riding Hood. She's my favorite costume choice.)) 

Speaking of Lil' Red, I also love that Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode when Buffy dresses up as her! I used to be quite a Buffy fan.. (The first three seasons were awesome, season 4-6 ok, but 7?? I didn't even watch most of the episodes as they were just blah)

So maybe next year ey? What yall go as? Xoxo, MsVeve

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A family walk

This here post definitely isn't about the shoes or the clothes, this is just us being casual and taking time out of our hectic schedules and going out for a walk with Mr. Piggy. We went for a long-ish walk and Dracul really tired himself out (usually he's quite a lazy-body). When going out with Dracul it is important to wear clothes that are easily washed (like my 'mountain' jacket) or clothes I don't care for (like my ripped Zara jeans). He is after all a pig.. These photos (and our walk) took place on Friday - it was a state holiday and we really enjoyed the much needed rest. I wish we could have more Fridays like this one.) Hope yours was good as well, till next time, xoxo.

Friday, October 28, 2011

217 Tintin

 What: H&M furry pom-pom ugg boots
Where: Novy Smichov cinema
Wearing: H&M tights, thrifted skirt (New Look-may or may not be a tube top?), H&M black oversized tank top, Zara tee, H&M striped sweater, Zara tweed jacket, Promod shawl (with pom-poms.)),Topshop bag, H&M red headband
 Ok, so I had a LOT of layers on, but seriously, it's been COLD out!! So out came the uggsies. (BTW I had like no idea what to wear and I had like 5 minutes to get dressed to make it in time for dinner and then the movie so that should explained everything...)
We went to see the Tintin movie and I LOVED it! It's completely awesome and I now want a small white dog :D Hope your weekend's good (today's a state holiday here so it's the weekend already.) and see yall on Monday (or maybe earlier, who knows.) Xoxo, MsVeve

Thursday, October 27, 2011

216 The Too Short Dress Into Skirt

 What: Bershka studded wooden soled platforms
Wearing: DIY skirt (used to be a dress from Bershka), Zara shirt, Pull&Bear belt, F&F crochet tights
So I've had this dress from ages but after a couple of washing it somehow shrunk (actually, it only had gotten shorter) and so pretty soon I was prevented from wearing it because it was more like a longer tee than a dress. I'm not much of a tunic and leggings gal so the only option for me was to DIY it. I cut the dress at the empior waist line and ta da, meet my new skirt! I love it.)) I'll definitely get loads more wear out of it this way and a DIY project always makes me smile.) Bonus: I got to save a pair of shoes hiphiphurray!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

215 fun and fearless

 What: H&M shearling detailed lace-up ankle boots
Where: uni
Wearing: Topshop leopard print coat, Zara red sweater, Zara jeans, Topshop studded headband, no name brand white tee, also my favorite Topshop bag (not shown)
 Because as always the images via my cam. aren't perfect and you can't really see the shoes, I popped by the H&M site and am thus using their product photo above. Yes, these are the shoes I'm wearing (btw, I first tried to find them on the Czech H&M website but no go and then I tried the UK site and wowsa, they have like 5x as many shoes on there, not to mention cheaper too. Drrr, living in Prague definitely has it's limitations!). They are super comfy and I highly recommend them. If you can't find them online I'd recommend giving a try in stores, I know I saw them in one H&M shop in Prague last week so they still have them, I reckon.

Since my camcam takes such uninteresting photos I tried to liven things up today and added some color via Photoshop (I hope to get better at photoshopping and adding fun little details. I don't alter me in the photos, just the backgrounds.Also I'm trying to hind the mess.. Ehm.) I realized that these aspects are the things that grab my attention on other blogs and I want to put more effort into mine, at least like this. Hope you enjoy, xoxo.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

214 Dress Up

 So these are the Sergio Rossi shoes I blogged about this afternoon, I wore them to uni and then to work. They seem a tad too long but on the other hand I like that they're quite unique. Hmm. I wore them with: F&F tights, Bershka sweater dress, H&M elbow patch sweater (not shown), Topshop dog buckle leather belt and my lovely Topshop bag. 
I picked up my favorite jeans from my seamstress and chnage my outfit a bit. Here you can see me wearing my Zara jeans and Zara coat (with a lovely hood btw). Which you do like better? With dress or with jeans? (I think I prefer the jeaned version, more casual and less like a costume..)

 *somehow I lost the pictures of me wearing the shoes so here's a snap of the shoes themselves - at least something..


Sergio Rossi shoes I'm wearing today.

I'm not sure if I love them for if I actually hate them. (Will post outfit as soon as I get home..)

Monday, October 24, 2011

MsVeve Everyday

I missplaced my shoe challenge list so decided to just go ahead and wear already saved shoes with a comfortable "all day" outfit perfect for the cold weather and a horribly long day at uni. Plus I have P.E. on Mondays. (The point of having to go to P.E. even whilst studying at a university is beyond me. I hate P.E., or actually not the class itself but the lugging around of my gym clothes and shoes all day, uggh! Notice HUGE bag..) Anyways, since this here is a uni outfit, ehm, "works cited": Zara trf jeans, Promod scarf, Stradivarius brogue boots, Pussy Deluxe bag, Asos watch, thrifted earrings, Cama. coat et. al.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Because Asos Wants to Make Me Poorer

 Items purchased today: Sabrina heels. I felt I needed more tartan in my life.
 Honey Skater dress. I adore this color at the mo and skater dresses are a favorite.
 Mr. Mustache. I wish I could afford to buy the Dannijo x Man Repeller mustache necklace but since I can't, I'll at least have this little fellow..
 Perfectly awesome bannana hair clip. (and for only 2 quid!)
Last but not least Model's Own MattBlue nail varnish. I absolutely love Model's Own. The sparkly nail varnish I bought in London has been my most loved ever since and this blue guy should do just fine. You can currently get 10 percent off if you add the code BONUS10 during check-out. Happy shopping!

To Do List

  • make space for photo-taking somewhere in the flat
  • organize clothes and shoes (mainly clothes)
  • finally do the winter clothes switch-over
  • buy camera!!
  • buy sewing machine
  • I've just found out that there is a sewing machine named Veronica (and it's Czech too), I think I might need this..)))

Thursday, October 20, 2011

211 Rainy days

 Rain boots
Where: school
Wearing: Bershka jeans, H&M wooly socks, H&M leo print coat, Bershka DIYed sweater into vest, Bershka shawl, Stradivarius V-neck sweater, Dorothy Perkins tank top, vintage belt
So it's a rainy rainy day and wellies were a must. I just bought these the day before so it's quite possible I made it rain haha. Otherwise nothing much going on, just typical Wednesday hectic uni and then a bit of shopping - bought a H&M jersey dress that was on sale. Which I might never yet to wear cause it's freezing cold out.. Anyways, as yall blog fans must be sick of, Halloween is on its way. Going in costumes this year?? I'm thinking of dressing Mr. Piggy up - but as what?? Major dilema there.

Now I must be off, work and all that cal, till next time, xoxo.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lusting after big time

man repeller meets dannijo : buy here

210 Last Chance

What: Irregular Choice Mad Tea Party courts
Where: photos taken at Palladium, otherwise out & about
Wearing: Henry Holland for Pretty Polly star knee tights, Zara skirt, Zara red V-neck sweater, H&M tee, Stradivarius jacket, Topshop bag, Six ice cream earrings
Yesterday it did NOT rain. Thus it was the perfect opportunity to wear some fun shoes. These Irregular Choice courts have a textile upper with unicorns printed all over and the rain would surely destroy them, so it kinda felt like a 'last chance'. (Sadly I still have 6 other pairs of 'last chance' shoes that still need to be worn, but I'm fairy confident it'll all work out.) I ended up buying a new pair of shoes yesterday over at Topshop (who doesn't love Topshop, right?), a pair of furry leopard print ankle boots (see picture below from the Topshop site).
I'm partial to leopard print.. I simply couldn't help myself.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

209 More wintery shoes.)

 What: Asos Aspen Lace-Up Duck Boot
Where: school and then work
Wearing: H&M tights, H&M trench coat, H&M black mini miniskirt, Zara black tee, Zara red V-neck sweater, Topshop bag, Zara leo print scarf, Asos watch, Six earrings in teh shape of an ice cream cone, Kindle e-reader plus a Piglet phone cover:)
These photos were taken in a huge hurry in the early morning right before leaving for uni class. Notice I haven't done my hair. It's a bit of a miracle that I did manage to do my make-up.. Tuesdays are really hectic for me cause I start early AND I have three double lessons in a row with no breaks between and in different buildings so it's madness. This madness translates into having to wear shoes with on heel (I have to run on cobble stones - ok, so not run but walk, but that's abd enough!). Today witnessed the introduction of my Aspen Asos boots, I love how quirky they look. And they are super comfy and warm. Which is actually a bit unnecessary now that it's afternoon and the sun has come out, but will be quite handy once I head home from work and it'll be dark again. Anyways, I have some translating to do and so on so forth, so with that I bid you a gorgeous stress-free Tuesday and toodles.

Monday, October 17, 2011

A bit of the blahh

Some mornings I get up and am so inspired for what to wear that getting dressed takes about two minutes and it's all good. Other days I am in such a funk that I end up sitting by my laptop in bra and undies and staring out the window. So, guess which day it is? Yeah, that's right.. The problem today seems to be that a) I have P.E. in the afternoon and kinda have to leave straight from school to get there in time so won't have time to swing by the flat, b) it's fucking cold out, c) I was in the mood for thick tights and a skirt combo but that's out of the question due to problem a). Most of my jeans are dirty from Mr.Piggy's on-going quest to destroy all my things. (So are my gym pants but that's a minor issue, I can't get excited about gym clothes..) 

 Anyways, so here's what I put together: my favorite Pull&Bear leatherish trousers, H&M thick wooly socks, Zara boots, H&M studded belt, H&M studded tee, H&M sweater, gifted Citizen watch.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

208 True Uggs

 What: Ugg Australia boots
Where: work
Wearing: Reserved leo print tights, H&M Divided skirt, H&M hat, H&M sweater, Stradivarius jacket, Zara scarf
 When the honest to goodness cold weather comes, the Uggs come out. Now I believe when styled right, even Uggs can look cute. (Thou the same CANNOT be said about Crocs - I hate crocs and people who wear them definitely get some minus points in my book.) I own quite a few knock-off Ugg boots (mostly from the likes of Topshop and H&M) but these authentic Ugg Australia boots are by far the warmest and most ugg-ish (I was goona write ugg-ly but yall would have had a missunderstanding there..) and thus perfect for the cold weather.. This jacket however is not and so I ended up freezing everywhere except for my feet. I was gonna wear different shoes but someting happened. Ok, so a few days ago my Asos River Island ankle boots arrived (that the Boy ordered for me) and finally as it wasn't raining I was gonna wear them, but then I noticed that they were TWO LEFT SHOES instead of one left and one right shoe. Grrr. Will have to send them back:/ And I absolutely hate going to the post. So anyways, I had to choose dif. shoes and so it was the Uggs that got their chance..
Later we went with the boys family to the hospital to look at the boy's neice (his bro's daughter, who was born on Friday night). A lovely little girl, I got to hold her too:) She is adorable and sweet and a darling addition to the family. Welcome Justina!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

207 Scoring ha!

 What: Zara pointy toe nude heels
Wearing: Dunnes dress that I thrited AND DIYed into a skirt (that's gotta be a two point bonus), H&M shirt I've had for ages and H&M belt that I got from the Boy
Playing around with contrast and lighting to make up for crap camera. Not fooled? Oh well, gave it a shot. I thrifted this dress that I turned into a skirt today, I love thrifting - especially since I can have some DIY fun with thrifted items that I'd be afraid to fuck up damage if I had bought them regularly in store. Yeah. 

So that's the story behind the skirt, the shoes are a pair I bought sometime last year and when I was on a mad nude court search at the time, (for me it's really hard to find a good nude shade since am uber pale) and happily found them for a good price at trusty Zara.)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

206 Death of an Angel

 What: Asos leather open toe ankle boots
Where: here & there
Wearing: Bershka jeans, vintage belt, Zara sweater and romance comics tee, Six earrings, Pull&Bear socks
 I adore Romance Comics covers, especially Bad Romances. This tee features a lovely red headed girl who's love is a killer. Hmm.

Anyways, it's rainy season here in Prague. rainy and cold. And obviously open toed shoes are not the best option. Still have a few pairs I have to get through thou and I need to hurry since The Cold will set in soon. Fashion bloggers divide into two camps come autumn: one side loves the changing of the seasons (ohh boots! and lovely pretty coats! happyhappy) the other side is mortified (fucking cold weather. freezing fucking cold. wet. rainy nastiness and then snow and ice. ugg boots.) I am somewhere in the middle: though I do like boots and coats and cute shawls and mittens etc., I get cold real easily and that means I am literally freezing during the whole of winter. Not something to be looking forward to... What side are you on?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

205 DIY: the dress that wants to play

So this is a shoe challenge post as well as a DIY post for EBEW. And no, I did not make the shoes, ha. The shoes are: Zara Woman (and are very Sex and the City-ish, no? You know the pair I have in mind dontchya..)
I'm wearing: a DIY dress that used to be a Zara playsuit but was cropped and also fitted. Plus I colored my own hair, that's got to count for something.
The procedure is very simple, take your ugly playsuit and a pair of scissors and well, cut where you want your new dress to end. The length depends if you're gonna hem it or not, I didn't because I'm so rock'n'roll (=lazy). If you need to fit it well that's also simple, simply pin it in and then use your sowing machine (or like in my case, borrow the sowing machine from your Granny. Cause that's definitely rock'n'roll.)

Monday, October 10, 2011

204 Autumn oh No!

 What: Gate wedges
Where: whole day at uni (and a rainy day at that!)
Wearing: Mango tee, H&M leggings and socks, H&M leather skirt, Asos harness belt, (also had on a sweater and trench and my favorite Topshop bag. Plus new favorite umbrella.)
 Now comfy and practical heeled shoes - a must for the autumn season surely. This might not be the most exciting shoe but it's still quite nice and at least it's not black (and thus ultimately more boring).
Anyways, remember that Asos harness belt I was all cuckoo about? Yeah, this is it! Finally I wore it. I love it so much but find it quite hard to mix it into regular day-outifts. Thus today was a good day. Now I must be off to get some school work done and have a pistacio nut snack while reading Silence of the Lambs (damn is it good as a book!)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Center Stage

As I have already mentioned on my twitter, I spent the morning relaxing today. Eating a very good brunch and watching a favorite movie. So I bet you're all asking what did I watch right? (Well if not then well, too bad for you.) It's was Center Stage. A movie based on the American Ballet Academy and its students trying to get into the Company. I love this movie, the music is great and I like Jodey and her dancing in the final production and well, it's a guilty pleasure or something.. cause obviously, if I wasn't 5 foot 11' I would be a ballet dancer, duh.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fashion for fashion with a no save twist

You may or well may be be surprised but this isn't a shoe save. This is not a shoe save. This is a half-arsed what-I-wore-to-nowhere post. (Or well not nowhere but to work, same thing.) I've saved these shoes before, they're simple canvas flats in red-polka dot. Here's the link: Anyways, I was gonna wear my favorite jeans but the zipper broke (durr, seem to be having a problem with that lately haha) so I decided to be my weird self and wear sumemr jeans instead.
tada! So anyways, I skipped school today (naughty naughty) and instead just chilled at home and youtubed season 7 bones promos and other videos. I honestly cannot wait for the new season! Bones/Brennam pregers and still working, then Bones & Booth having their baby girl.. will surely add up to some good eps. I should be studying (have loads loads to do) but I'd rather be slacking off today! (and instead of reading what I should be reading, I'm into Bukowski's Pulp. Bit weird but still really good..)

maybe a shoe save coming your way soon, no promises thou :P


ramble jamble number 756 or so

yesterday's university day: from 9:10 a.m. until 19:10 (7:10 p.m.). 
= no time to blog
I do have a post I'll post once I upload from cam (yes, still the crappy cam, too bad for you)
and yeah yeah I would buy a new cam..but I'd rather save the money for a new tatt.
or new shoes..
right, cause I definitely need some new shoes right?.)
here's a little joke for you:
(just click on it to make it bigger)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

201 Stradi-babe

What: Stradivarius open toe sling backs
Wearing: New Look shirt dress, Reserved tights

 I didn't think this dress was too short until I was already at the restaurant and well, it's obviously more of a tunic thing. Ugh, I don't understand why while shopping I thought it was a dress (like no doubts about it).. Anyways, these shoes were bought on sale at Sttradivarius (the sister store of Zara and of one my shop-loves). It's definitely no longerv summer so tights were manditory, but I like to wear tights so that's not a problem (plus when wearing something uber shorts, tights or leggings are neccessery).
here's a close-up.) One more post coming up!

Monday, October 3, 2011

200 Eliza

 What: KG Eliza block heels
Where: movie night at cinema city Angle
Wearing: Next dress, Zara sparkle belt, Stradivarius jacket, Mango bag
It's been 200 pairs of shoes since the beginning of the shoe challenge, a bit of a wow moment, right? Or perhaps not. Anyways, I ordered these shoes sometime at the beginning of the year? And they have been patiently waiting until now to be worn. I was saving them for some special event but everyday is a special event right?? And I love Kurt Geiger shoes too much not to save them.. Anywyays, so Saturday night I took them to the cinema and then to a bar. And honestly I thought they'd be a bit more comfortable but instead, my feet were killing me?! Well, I shouldn't have been surprised since there's no platform and the heel is quite high.. Here's a close up of the shoes:
 today was the first day of back-to-school.) it's good to be back..