Monday, January 23, 2012

Seminar Paper Hell

 Today I'm slaving away on my Morphology II Seminar paper which has to be handed in by Friday but since I'm leaving for vaca on Thurs, I have to get it done like NOW. Cause I still have essays and other annoying stuff to get through. School work can be so annoying. Especially writing a seminar paper about morphological analysis of a text extract. So I guess I'll have a little break and look at some shoes. Perhaps make a packing list for the upcoming trip. Hmmm green flats - to take or not to take?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Inspiration: Ice Cream

 This Thursday the boy & I will be heading off to the middle east for our January holiday. Basically a week in paradise planned.. Truth be told, I cannot wait to escape the horrors of Czech winter and instead be enjoying the wonderful sun. Thinking of the sun shining has triggered thoughts of ice cream. So here's to one of my favorite treats!
Chanel goes minty
Lara Stone likes hers melting on her fingertips
Coco Rocha plays dress-up
From a Vogue fashion-story - delicious!
Feeling inspired? Xox, MsV

Friday, January 20, 2012

Another wintery day

I am a summer girl. Or at the very least a spring girl. Winter on the other hand is my nemesis. It brings me down. And in order to stay my cheerful self I wear beautiful bright colors. Like this shawl. I believe this shawl deserves special attention. It was a gift from the boy's parents and I marvel at how well they chose. (shawl - Espirit, hat - Zara, jacket - H&M, plus a million layers and a pair of cargo pants:) I am so excited about going on vacation next week - it will be well deserved if I manage to finish all my uni assignments!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Yesterday was my big exam and as it was a written one, I have no clue how it turned out. All I do know is that is was hard, really really hard. And you need to have at least 70 % correct to pass (so not fair!). Anyways, after my exam I stopped by H&M and bought myself a pair of khaki trousers and a pair of black slacks:) I then popped by Stradivarius and bought the most darling gown ever which I cannot wait for it to be warm enough to wear (e.g. summertime). I also went to Zara but all their shoes were GONE?! Horrible horrible tragedy. Anyways, I'll hopefully post some photos of the new things soon, but not today, since I'm at the lab and in full throtle. There was a nice surprise waiting for me at the lab (a belatted christmas pressie from my bro - the novel Generation Kill.) I absolutely LOVED the HBO miniseries so I am excited about having the chance to read the book:))

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Testing Testing

Huge huge exam tomorrow - that means I'm studying in my PJ's with no make-up on and hair an absolute mess. Please wish me luck tomorrow ~ I'll seriously need it.

Friday, January 13, 2012

241 The Newest of the New

 Yeah, so yesterday I bought another pair of shoes. This time they weren't from Zara though :)) but from their sister company Stradivarius. When I saw them at store (and I could swear they weren't there last week) I was literally stopped in my tracks. They reminded me of creepers in a way and I have a huge love for creepers. I tried them on and knew I couldn't leave them behind...
 Wearing: Zara leather trousers, vintage belt, Zara David Bowie tee (also wore this darling new sweater from Stradivarius but sadly forgot to snap a picture of it). The boy & I went to see the hollywood version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movie last night & I thought leather pants were a must:) Thematic dressing...
 Close-ups of the shoes. I absolutely adore the tassel detailing and the wooden wedge. Now just five more pairs to go & I'm done! (That is, before going on my vacation & buying loads more shoes :))

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Inspiration (that I couldn't resist)

 It's been a while since I'd done inspiration and today's is special due to the fact that their mine'o'mine! Yes indeedy. After yesterday's exam I went to my closest Zara store and bought the two pairs I had been LUSTING AFTER for ages (well, ever since Christmas). The first pair is a gorgeous court heel with cap-toe detainling. I love the two colors and can picture myself wearing them a hell of a lot. I also adore the chunkier heel.
 Both pictures are from the Zara website. I'm saving my own pics for a shoe-saving post ;)
 The second pair is in my opinion even more special. These incredibly awesome ballerina flats are simply magical. It's like having gold feet.. They literally shine! They make me feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of Ozz. And sequinned shoes are better than glittered, since I'd say they are more durable.
 Also from the Zara site. I love this detailed picture. I honestly cannot wait to wear them. And I feel very proud of myself for waiting after my first exam to purchase them (though I was so worried they'd be sold out, being the last pair and everything).
So that's today's inspiration. Did yall get anything in the winter sales?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Black and White (Shoe Challenges 239 and 240)

 left to right/bottoms up

1.Melissa + Barbie shoes, H&M tights, H&M skirt, Zara tee, H&M sweater, ?? bangle
2.Melissa + Barbie shoes, H&M tights, Zara tee, Zara skirt, ?? bangle
3.Melissa + Barbie shoes, H&M tights, H&M skirt, Zara tee, H&M scarf
So obviously now you think I only shop at Zara and H&M and partially that's true (if you add Topshop & Stradivarius to the mix). And Melissa, obviously Melissa. I love love love Melissa Shoes, I'm additicted to them (ever since Viv's first collection for Mel). I bought these flats (the white pair first) about a month ago and was so enchanted by them that I ended ordering their negative counterparts (the black pair) with the idea I might wear one shoe out of each pair as a quirky pair of their own. Perhaps that's not the best idea, but anyways, it was worth a try. And I still love the shoes so am happy I got both color choices. They make me long for warm days and a bit of sun shine. Luckily my January vacation is coming up soon (in about two weeks) so now I just have to pass all of my exams and finish writing my essays. Aaaargh! Wish me luck, xox, MsV
Black + White | Everybody, Everywear

Bloody Red

I have an exam in exactly two hours, I have slept less than an hour, and now I'm squinting in the dark and waiting for the boy's alarm clock to go off so I can turn on the light. I have a brilliant post planned for later today - if I survive the test I'll snap the pics, deal?

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I was hoping to be feeling much better today but sadly quite the opposite happened. I was also hoping to get tons of stuff done but instead all I managed to do was walk Dracul (aka Mr. Piggy) and make myself lunch, otherwise was stuck in bed or watching a few back episodes of some shows. And I feel exhausted from just doing that much! I didn't even bother getting dressed (I went out wearing my PJ top covered by a trusty sweater and a pair of casual jeans, with Uggs on as well - thus definitely no pictures needed!)
But since I had promised you a post, I've decided to give you a peek at some of my favorite hair accessories. Now, as you may know, I have vast difficulties with my hair (e.g. I usually don't even bother to brush it much less style it somehow). So if I do feel like making somewhat of an effort, I usually just stick a bow into a braid. And no, that is not a metaphore. Anyways, one of the Christmas gifts I got was a hair curler, so I have been flirting with styling my hair when I go out (though obviously not today). I'm thinking 2012 might be a good year to start paying more attention to my hair, afterall, a nice hair style does 1-up the whole outfit...back tomorrow - well maybe - till then, xox, MsV

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Currently watching The Vicar Of Dibley and sick with the flu... will be back tomorrow, hopefully.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Besides going to uni today I also managed to have a huge huge huge lunch and watch the movie PENELOPE. Have you seen it? It's a fairytale story of a curse and a girl with a pig face, played by Christina Ricci. Totally awesome! But then again I am partial to a piggy face...penelo

Monday, January 2, 2012

The End of 2011

Friday's outfit
It's 2012. Time sure flies. With exam month pending I realize I have been slacking off WAY WAY too much lately. I have translations to get through, essays to write and whole subjects to revise not to mention lab work I have been putting off for ages. Garggh! It's definitely time to wake up and get at it! On the plus side I only have 4 pairs of shoes left to save:)

So basically my New Year's resolution list has being less lazy on it. What's on yours?