Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Piggy troubles

 Since Sunday my little piggy-o has been sick:/ It all started Sunday morning, Mr. Piggy was awfully quiet compared to his usual naughty self, when he's up early and trying to get our attention for either a rub or feeding, or both actually:) Anyways, he was REALLY SLEEPY. And though he ate breakfast he wasn't really into it. At about noon, when I was pettinghim I noticed that he felt unusually warm, so I took him temp. and he had a fever:/ (40,1!!! Their normal temp would be around 38-39) so we called our piggy friends Martina and she gave us some piggy vet's numbers, we called, then set up an appointment for later that day and went to the vet's. He got some antibiotics and then spent the rest of the day resting. He slept with us in the bed;) The next day he was still a bit tired but more like his old self again:) On Tuesday we went for a check-up and another (and the last) antibiotics shot. Dracul was good until on the way home, in the car, he got sick. (He got sick a lot. I was with him in the back. Poor little guy. So basically he threw up all over the backseat and all over me but he himself managed to stay cleean, typical piggy behaviour:)). Anyways, we took him home, called the vet, were told that it's ok, cleaned up everything and he still was sick at home for the rest of the night. It was awful. I slept with him on the couch to make sure he was ok, if anything woulf be off, I'd be right there...
Mr. Piggy is doing better today, no more sickness, still tired though and we've ehm he's been napping all day:) He had a light breakfast and ate and now a little snack and he's sleeping again. Anyways, just wanted to post an update..

Friday, June 24, 2011

Shoe Challenge #129: Unluckies

 What: New Look brogues
Where: Jeff Beck concert at Tesla arena
Wearing: New Look tights, Stradivarius bag, F&F skirt, Zara favorite tee, H&M elbow patch sweater
 These shoes have been very unlucky since I've worn them like three times in the past month but have always either forgotten my camera or forgotten to take pictures. So last night - AGAIN forgetting my camera - I decided to at least snap a few with my phone cam. The quality is nothing much but whatever.. The shoes themselves are simple and comfy and sweet. Just as I like my shoes to be.. *BTW, the Beck concert yesterday was superb!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shoe Challenge #128: Thrifted or on sale:)

 What: Mango leather sandals
Where: to school and out with Mr. Piggy
Wearing: thrifted tee, thrifted belt, ooold Zara jeans, thrifted bag, gifted watch from my Mum and the shoes were on sale in the big 50% off sale at Mango
 *this is where I keep the rest of the sshoes, just so you can get a picture of my lack of storage situation..
 View from and back (where you can see the bag, I didn't take it with me to walk the pig but had it when I went to uni) and close-up of shoes (with Mr. Piggy). I love that the tee has a heart shaped cut out. Details like these are so important!
I mentioned the Bittersweet shoe box in the last post and here it is... isn't it just divine??:)

Shoe Challenge #127: Skulls and no storage space

 What: Bittersweet red open-toe skull detailed flats
Where: uni exam and shopping:)
Wearing: H&M casual jersey dress, H&M elbow patch sweater, new favorite pig-charm necklace, Decadence Now earrings, H&M tights, Mango bag
 This is me yesterday (couldn't blog the pictures yesterday, blogger was stuck -?!- and it was so annoying!) right after my uni exam (written, that's why I got away with a very casual/fun look), it felt good to go "as myself" and not have to dress-down my character. I hate that for oral exams you haved to look as neutral and ass-kissing as possible or otherwise the exameners will hate you and wanna fail you.
 These shoes are from the Uk and are a very fun brand called Bittersweet. To be honest my favorite thing about them is the box they came in (covered with the most cute pig print ever!:)).
 The skulls on the shoes are just perfect too!
As you could see from the first picture I'm having problems fitting all my dresses in my closet (my closet is just for dresses.. other items of clothing are elsewhere-cabinets etc.) and well my shoes are in an even worse situation! They have no room! Gasp! I so need another shoe storage closet... Srsly, what to do when you are a shoe-lover and have a tiny tiny flat???

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Me & Mr. Piggy

It's been a while since Mr. Piggy von Dracul has gotten proper attention here. Anyways, he is all good and well, he is. Yesterday while I was taking a break/nap from studying, Mr. Piggy decided to use me as a pillow, because he is just like that.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shoe Challenge #124: Little Bows Everywhere

What: Gate sailor flats
Where: out &about (school, shopping, dinner with the boy..)
Wearing: Zara sweater, Mango shirt, H&M skirt, Gate tights 
 I have become obsessed with detailed tights, it started with Topshop and then Henry Holland and now I've found that even cheaper stores have a fair selection of cute tights such as these from Gate. Love the little bow print! Aspects of clothes like these reallly make a difference. And make everything a lot more fun.))

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shoe Challenge #123: Shopaholic

 What: New Look two-toned flats
Where: out shopping + uni classes
Wearing: Topshop polka dotted dress, Topshop belt and Topshop headband, Dekadence Now earrings, gifted watch from my Mum (have had it for ages!), New Look tights (was also wearing a Tenezies jacket and a B&B bag - not photographed)
I love these flats. They were on sale for 10 pounds and are so cute. I was a little over matched today but wtf, why not?! So anyways, was on a super shopping spree and bought 3 dresses in the Mango sale. Also thrifted 3 dresses. And pictured below are a pair of shoes I bought my boy:)) <3

Shoe Challenge #122: Polka dot me

 What: New Look polka dot sandals
Where: boy's office post dinner out
Wearing: Zara Colllection dress (love it!), Bershka DIYed sweater, Zara bag, Swatch watch
 Except for the rain on the way home it was a picture perfect night. New shoes, lovely dress, good food, good mood, no stress. Yeah. Polka dotted shoes make the world a better place.

Us over the weekend post movie (x-men) and happy. This is why summer rocks.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shoe Challenge #121: square route of eleven

 What: H&M sandals (YELLOW!)
Where: dinner with the boy yesterday (not on photos) and school today (pictured above and below)
Wearing: Dorothy Perkins dress, H&M leggings, Zara belt, Zara bag, New Look parcel;))
 On the 29th I ordered 3 pairs of shoes and two pairs of tights from New Look and FINALLY today it arrived. It took sooo sooo long. Really annoying! Went to pick it up at the post office after uni class. (Screenwriting - how cool is that?!)
 The flower print on this dress is just too cute. Love it. Unfortunately the dress is see-thru so it has a under layer but it's a bit too short and keeps riding up. ANNOYING! Dorothy, you should have been better..
New shoes via New Look: polka dots (love), two-tone flats, pink wedges (love love love). Life is good:)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shoe Challenge #120: Vagabond night

 What: Vagabond bondage wedges
Where: boy's friend's bday party at Zazni bar
Wearing: Zara black jeans, Zara shredded top, thrifted see-thru blouse, H&M cropped jacket, Stradivarius bag
 Will finish this post when I'm good and rested (and hopefully have more photos?). Yeah, in the mean time, here's the pig.

Shoe Challenge #119: Silver gal

 What: Topshop silver sandals (via our London trip)
Where: out shopping with the boy
Wearing: Gap dress, Zara bag, Swatch watch
It was hot hot hot out and needed to get some shopping done (my sis had her bday and the boy best friend was having his bday party that night - Saturday). And so opted for something comfy and nice. Simple siluette, silver colors.. Bought my sis some dvds (Inception, 10 Things I Hate About You), a cute dress and a piggie key chain for luck (adorable, I have the same one). Then we went to my parents' house for lunch, relaxed, went for a car trip with Buddy, then went to the boy's friend's party.. Uff,kinda tired now!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shoe Challenge #115: I'm a Giver

 What: Asos canvas mini wedges (Hawaii)
Where: out with Mr. Piggy
Wearing: Promod dress, Zara bow belt, Promod headband, Camadeiu bow leather clutch bag, gifted watch
 I was cleaning up my closet a little bit and found this dress that I bought aaaages ago and like wore 2x? Max. Anyways, I think I'm gonna give it away to the local charity shop near the place I work. I'm not completely sure yet, but I really never wear it so why keep it locked up in my closet when someone might get a whole lot more wear out of it right? But then I remember how much I really really wanted the dress when I originally bought it and it cost me "quite a lot" back then. And I had to save up for it and all. So it has some memories.. I'm torn. I have given away clothes and stuff to that shop before and it makes me feel real good, helping by letting go of things you don't need. And I'm a giver;) So we'll see:)
 These shoes? (New via Asos.) I love love love! So comfy and so cute! Perfect for summer! (I only wish there was a winter shoe that would transend this style:))) I could wear them all the time (and am predicting they'll be getting a lot of wear this summer:)) 
An extra bow for perfection;)

Shoe Challenge #114: Legend of the Headless Blogger

 What: VW for Melissa/Gate jelly flats
Where: uni exam! 
Wearing: Atmosphere skirt, H&M tee, Bershka polka dot sweater, Liquor Brand bag
 Taking photos of yourself is hard enough and if you want interesting background? Kinda tricky. Thus the legend of the headless blogger began. Yeah.
 Anyways, when I was getting dressed in the morning I really had no clue what to wear, I was heading to a uni exam so didn't have too much time to think my outfit thru and thru but I wanted to be comfy yet stylish at the same time. Insert jelly flats. Insert new skirt. Add a favorite and simple tee. Plus a suitable sweater for the coldish weather today. Shake well. Ta da!
The wind was blowing akwardly so the skirt looks way fuller than in reality. But at least you can see my head..