Friday, January 31, 2014

Snow Digging

Hey guys, this will be a quick little post as I'm just taking a break from studying (it is not going well, I can't seem to concentrate). The majority of these photos are from this morning while I was out walking Dracul. He was fascinated by the snow and wanted to dig in it, but at the same time he was cold and didn't want to be outside. What can I say, it's a pig problem.

Shoes saved: F&F snow boots bought two years ago?
Wearing: Zara TRF coat, swamped tee/tunic, F&F legging style pants, pig walking bag

It's day two of the lipstick challenge so I'm still wearing my favorite, 112 "Pink Lemonade" lipstick by L'Oreal, but I added a coat of Maybelline Color sensational Popsticks in 070 "Orange Crush". You can't really tell much of a difference as the Maybelline goes on almost clear, I was just playing around with it. I used my Blink eyeliner by BarryM again (well first I tried to use Rimmel's scandalous eyes eyeliner but that didn't work at all - I usually like Rimmel products but this one is really crap).

Back to the shoes. I actually saved these a few days ago but only had one picture that I posted on my instagram and the photo wasn't even very nice, so I decided to re-save them. This way Mr. Pig got to be a guest star.

 In other news, I created a new blog and it's dedicated to food and healthy cooking. I haven't posted anything yet but I'm planning to start as soon as my exams are through. I need to start eating healthier and I thought this would be the perfect way to do so. Here's yesterday's dinner as a teaser for the blog to come - cherry tomatoes, carrot, cucumber, sunflower seed bread roll and hummus. So delicious and very filling as well. I have to go now but hopefully I'll get at least one pair of shoes saved during the weekend so I'll have something to post before the big exam on Thursday. I'm already so nervous, please wish me the best of luck. See you soon, mwah.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pink Lemonade

Sometimes I get inspired by other bloggers and what they do with their blogs. I have one amazing blogger friend that I particularly envy for her superb shoe and make-up collections and she has this ongoing lipstick challenge that I've been thinking about copying joining for a while now. I feel that now I'm even more interested in make-up than I've ever been before, and I've been into make-up for a long time...

So what's the lipstick challenge and how does it work? Well, I'll first just sum up what the lovely Pink Haired Princess does and then I'll get to what I'll be doing (it'll be similar but a bit different). Basically, Gemma wears one lipstick every week in order to get more wear out of her collection, she posts a picture of said lipstick on the sidebar of her blog and she wears that lippy in her posts that week.

I think that's great but I'm new to beauty blogging (actually just got started this month) and I've realized today that taking detailed pictures of my face, well, it's certainly more difficult than I anticipated! Now then, how will my lipstick challenge work? I will be posting some close-ups of my face (sorry, haha) although it might not be in every post that week. And I won't be posting a picture of the lipstick on the sidebar (too lazy) and rather I'll just have a photo of the lipstick in all of the posts of that week. There's really no rules to my challenge other than wearing one lipstick per week (I can mix them up with other lippies or glosses too) and documenting it (taking close-up photos of the lipstick and of myself wearing it - there's the real challenge, ha). I'll have to think up of a system so that I don't repeat but I don't think that should be too hard. And there's no penalties or getting rid of the ones I don't use, nothing like that, this is all just about fun and getting more wear of out products and documenting it. Let's begin, shall we?

Lipstick Challenge #1: L'Oreal Pink Lemonade Sheer 112

I wanted to start with a very special lipstick for me because well, the first one ought to have some meaning right? Well, you might not believe but, this is the first lipstick I ever bought. Yup, I got it over ten years ago! I think I was about twelve or thirteen (?) and I remember buying it. I was on vacation (well a working vacation, my parents don't do holidays, workaholics to the core) in Puerto Rico and I convinced my mom to get it for me. I was so happy with it too. And I think I also got one lip gloss. Anyways, I'm not sure about the year because we went to Puerto Rico three times (at the time my parents were working on jelly fish and we went there to catch them). Anyways, I love this lipstick but sadly L'Oreal doesn't make it anymore (I've been looking for a replacement for ages but nothing comes close - although that may have to do with the memories more than with the lipstick, I'm sentimental).

What you see it all that I have left :/ so there's really very little of it now, thus I'm happy to have started this week late and that I won't have to waste the lovely product. I save it for special times. Today I'm just wearing it to start the challenge and I'm just going to the shop to buy some food, not very exciting, I know. But I've got an exam coming up and don't have time to go anywhere special... As for the rest of my make-up, I'm wearing L'Oreal Nude Magique BB cream instead of foundation, Catrice allround concealer in pink instead of blush (I have this thing that I tend to experiment with make-up and see if I can use a product more ways than intended), I'm wearing that same pink concealer as an eyeshadow base and on top a Topshop eyeshadow from a kit I bought two years ago. And that's it - I'm too lazy for mascara if I'm not going out so I just tend to skip it during the day. I really hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you think and stop by Gemma's blogs to see what inspired me. Until next time, mwah!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Korean Love

Hey guys, I know I said I wouldn't be posting much but I wanted to share this fun post with you in between my studies. I mean, Medieval literature needs a bit of lightening up. Seriously.

I'll start with a fun pair of shoes I wore not long ago. Sadly, I didn't write down when it was I wore them or where to, but these are some comfy cute shoes from Iron Fist and I love the quirky print. They're called "Glamour Guts". Anyways, I knew it wouldn't be hard to save them in the challenge since I basically wore them as soon as I bought them (always a sign the shoes were a good buy). So anyways, per tradition:

Shoes saved: Iron Fist Glamour Guys lace-up shoes

More than a shoe save post, this is really a pretty things post or a Files of New post. I've been buying some make-up (and spending a bit too much so next month I have to tone it down). I have fallen in love with Korean make-up. They have the cutest packaging and the lipsticks and lip balms also smell so good. It's literally addictive! You see that little guy in the middle? Little pink dude with the bunny ears is from Tony Moly and he is the Petite Bunny Gloss Bar. Very cute. And I love the color (more on that in a latter post!)

Next up, okay so I FINALLY got myself some Nivea Lip Butter. Ever since Kristina mentioned it on her blog, I have wanted it. It wasn't available in any stores though but luckily I found it online. I'm so happy about this product, it smells so lovely and feels really good on. I've always been a Nivea fan so it makes me very happy when they come out with a great product and I'm really pleased with this one!

Let's get back to Korea, shall we? Next I got "Nature Flower Lip Stick" from Apieu. The photo above (as most of the photos, it's from my instagram, follow me please! I like to use the A Beautiful Mess app for photo editing but honestly, I expected a bit more from it, some of the free apps available are actually a bit better and this is a paid app, I just use it because well I bought it so I better use it, right? Now, back to the lippy..) doesn't do the lippy justice. It looks SO GOOD on, you wouldn't believe. I'm planning some more make-up posts soon so you'll definitely be seeing it! As I've mentioned, it also smells delicious and the packaging is quite cute.

Now, on to my new favorite lipstick: Sweet Recipe "Dear My Jelly Lips-talk" from the Korean brand Etude House. Oh my goodness, this is one amazing lipstick! The box was super cute but then you take the lippy out and things get even cuter! Again it smells nice and the color is just the best coral ever. Perfection. I am now a huge huge huge fan of Etude House and will definitely (once I have some spare cash) be buying more products!

I bought one more product from Etude House and it was their "Oh! M' Eye Lash" (what a perfect name for a mascara). I've tried it out once so far and have been very happy with the results. I'm not much of a mascara girl (I am super lazy to take it off so I usually just go without) and taking this baby off wasn't the easiest but when I had it on, my eyelashes looked really good and I have some short stubby lashes, believe me.

I really have to run now but I wanted to show you one last photo and it's of my lipstick drawer. It's getting kinda crowded in there!

Friday, January 24, 2014


As I've mentioned before, going back to blonde has also helped me get back to having fun with fashion. I used to wear the weirdest things haha and you know what? I've missed that. I've been going too casual with my dark hair and it's been a bit boring. But I'm back. Be prepared for some weird y'all.

Shoes saved: Carvela Stud Jelly Flat Shoes bought via Asos
Wearing: vintage rabbit fur coat DIYed into vest (hey, it's vintage), Reserved sweater, H&M studded bag, Asos mustard yellow tights, Zara leather shorts

My outfit was pretty out there but I think it was still very wearable. I have had that fur vest/coat for ages and have never really worn it out (if you don't count pig walking and I don't). I thrifted it and I loved it but it had these horrendous shoulders, yikes. I decided to cut the arms all off and make the coat into a vest and I'm glad I did because I'm sure I'd never wear the coat as it was. Anyways, I'm glad I finally wore it out and I think it goes perfectly with that sweater.  

Now the shoes, I had a bit of a problem getting these shoes as they got lost in the post but Asos was great and they resent them and I'm so happy. Now, remember my ordeal with Topshop?? Not so happy with them, part of my order was MISSING and nothing is being done about it. I got an invoice for two pairs of shoes that were NOT in my parcel and I wrote Topshop right away - I mean I spent 40 pounds on these shoes so I was a bit what's going on - and it took AGES for me to get ANY reply and then the reply I got was to wait and see what will happen and if anything will happen. Whaaaat. Yesterday I got a new message asking for me to write them the order number and the item codes of the missing items (all of which I wrote in the first email I sent them - obviously!). This is SO FRUSTRATING. So I am missing two pairs of shoes that I paid for and basically I can go fuck myself. Seriously Topshop? This is how you treat online shoppers? Well, never again. I will never order anything on the Topshop website, their stores are awesome and I love the brand but online shopping? I can't recommend it!

Now with that off my chest, I can get back to my usual blogging. Saving shoes.You know, the ones that I actually have. Not the ones that I pay for and they never arrive. Okay, okay, so I'm not over it. Sue me. It pisses me off that the customer services aren't what I expected at all. But for now I'll leave it and let's talk shoes. Pretty shoes.

These Carvela flats are super cute and I love the studs although I realize that you can't really see the details in the outfit photos. That's a shame, well, at least the product shots give you some idea. The shoes are comfortable enough although they're much harder than I expected (I'm used to Melissa jelly shoes). And they kind of slide on certain surfaces but otherwise I really like them. I should get some good wear out of them come Spring/Summer but I couldn't wait that long and had to wear them now. It's snowing but we took the car so it was all good. I'm off now to get some work done, see you next week with more shoe saves and maybe some make-up reviews. Mwah.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Furry Friends

 So I might be a bit obsessed with cutesy stuffed animals, I admit it. I see a soft cuddly toy and I'm probably gonna want it. I mostly go for piggy toys but I love sheep too. Anyways, M and I were browsing for home stuff (need a new trash bin) and we came across this beauty:

So cute and such lovely details. I fell in love a bit, but man, she was pricey!If I'm gonna spend nearly three thousand crowns, I'm going to be buying shoes. And M wasn't too impressed.

I really did want her though but I knew it wasn't complete love at first sight, it was love but just a bit. Then I came across this guy:

OMG, a sheep dressed up as a wolf? I knew that this indeed was love. He was even more expensive than sheep girl but like twice as cute, right? You can even take his little hood off.

Yup, that's right, he went home with me. And we cuddle like all the time:)) That's my smug face btw.. 

I'll have a shoe post for you later but now I have to go study. Exams, brrr!

Friday, January 17, 2014

A Strange Coat and a Stranger Hat

This is really more of a files of new than a shoe save post but what the heck, why not right? A few days ago I thrifted this totally warm and completely Russian vibe coat. It's from Mexx and to be honest I do feel a bit strange while wearing it but it's coat and I just need to style it differently.

Shoes saved: thrifted and DIYed leather boots (I shortened them)
Wearing: Mexx thrifted coat, Mango jeans, Promod turtleneck, H&M studded bag

 I'm kinda thinking I might get rid of these shoes even though they are now officially saved.I just don't like them that much but again I think it might be due to styling and I'll give them one more shot. I wanted to share one more photo with you in this post and it's from yesterday while I was walking Mr. Pig. Do I look like those Brit soldiers that guard Buckingham Palace? :))

Wearing: Topshop fake fur hat, Zara Woman coat, Bershka cropped jeans, H&M knitted legwarmers, Zara TRF chain detail flat ankle boots

Monday, January 13, 2014

Winter Favorites

Although I have loads of favorite shoes (I have loads of favorites of everything), I only have a few winter suitable favorites. Winter just isn't my season. That said, these next shoes are definitely winter favorites hands down. I love these shoes. They are comfortable enough and I think they are super stylish. I also love that they can be styled three ways (you can either fold them completely over, or fold them over leaving part up - that's how I usually wear them, or you can have them all up).

Shoes saved: Gamloong shearling detail fold-over ankle boots
Worn on: last Monday (6.1.) shopping trip*
Wearing: H&M coat, H&M studded bag, Reserved mini skirt, vintage sweater, H&M opaque tights

*bought the cutest white leather motorcycle jacket at Zara (amazing quilting detail, will show you once it's Spring, promise)

I looked through the blog but couldn't find their last year's shoe save (I didn't look too thoroughly though and yes, I do the challenge every year) but I did find the year before and the post when I bought them. Man time flies!

Below is another example of when I wore these shoes this year - I think I mentioned it, saying that I wanted to get better pictures and this photo below was all I had at the time. But anyways, it goes to show that I do wear these shoes a lot and if you check out the older posts you can see that they go equally well with jeans as they do with short skirts. I love a versatile shoe...

Friday, January 10, 2014

Remorse? Nope, This is What Needed to be Done.

 I'm a little sad about this shoe save because although I had saved these shoes, I have since exchanged them for something else. The thing is, somehow, these shoes just weren't me. And they weren't that comfortable. And I basically knew I would hardly ever wear them (just liike once a year in order to save them in a challenge or something like that).

So instead of them taking up space in the shoe room (and there is no space in the shoe room), with a heavy heart, I let them go. I was almost on the verge of keeping them anyways, but I already had a buyer for them and so off they went today. It's always hard for me to get rid of stuff but shoes especially. It's like they're not just things to me but more. Anyways, I hope they'll have a happier home (get worn loads) now and at least I did save them once and I can look back at these photos and be like, I once had these shoes. So without further ado, here are the photos from last weekend.

 Shoes "saved": Asos Muddle Western flats
Worn on: 5th of Jan, Sunday lunch
Wearing: H&M mama coat, River Island scarf, Zara miniskirt, long sleeved top, Zara knitted vest

When I look back on these photos I'm thinking you know, those were cute shoes, but all-in-all I'm glad I let them go. And that's the thing, you can save shoes and still - or rather in the process - find out that those shoes aren't for you. I mean, I might have loads of shoes that I don't wear too often but if I love them, I'm keeping them!And that's the whole point of the challenge for me - to go through my shoes and enjoy having them. But honestly, there's no way I'm getting rid of shoes that I love.

 Anyways, with that said, this basically means that I no longer have any really Western shoes! Gasp! I need some cowboy boots, seriously. But I haven't come across ones I love yet, I'll keep you posted.

I think that these just weren't Western enough. But I liked that they were black and white and not full on boots but rather ankle boots.They definitely had potential. I have one more save for you from the beginning of the week. Wore them to work, you seen these before (they're from River Island). Oh and it was a really muddy day.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Juicy Gummies

First off, I no longer have this hair color. Yesterday I visited my hairdresser and after ages (4 and a half hours to be exact) we were done. I'm now way more blonde. I'm actually not that pleased with the results but that's for a different post.This post will be about last week and some shoe saving.

After half a day at work I met up with my bestie and we went shopping, well more like window shopping, as neither one of us bought anything. Then we went to my flat and she had a latte (my sis got me suuuuuuch an awesome Christmas gift) and read Elle magazine while I walked the pig and then later we had pink champagne and gossiped. Was a great night. Then M and I walked her to the bus stop and then we bought more champagne (but the store ran out of pink, boo) and these perfect fruity sour sweets called Juicy Gummies or something like that. I love them because they aren't made from gelatin but from fruit. You'd be surprised how many sweets are made from gelatin - I'm not a complete vegetarian (I eat fish and sea food and once in a while chicken) but ick, gelatin just seems so gross. Anyways, back to the shoes saved and the clothes, yeah?

Shoes saved: Asos creepers in grey
Wearing: Zara Woman winter coat, Pull & Bear overall playsuit, some top, Pull&Bear black sweater, red pashmina

 I love this playsuit - it's super comfy and I think it's cute too. It can be a bit difficult to think up of what to pair it with but I think it works best with a tight top and a neutral (black) sweater. Oh and tights! I love a short shorts and opaque tights look so obviously I love a playsuit with some tights too. This post is more photo heavy than usually since I couldn't withhold these epic photos of me taking off my hair band. So much action. Plus they show off that playsuit so well. Eh, whatever.

And since I brought up the topic of food  and what I eat and don't eat, well, I have to mention the dinner M and I made over the weekend. Best. Food. Ever. Introducing spinach spaghetti with Parmesan cheese and cheery tomatoes and home made pesto. Oh my goodness, it was this good! I could honestly eat this all the time. 

I'm off to try to study write an essay okay okay watch project runway all stars. I'm quite excited as I have been rooting for Elena for ages and she's in the finale!! See you tomorrow with some more shoes, bye!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Brightening My Winter

I thought I'd post this on Monday but I didn't manage it. Over the weekend M and I went to the movies to see the Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I quite liked the movie though I have some minor issues with it: a) it was too long and there were a bunch of scenes that could have been left out b) all of the Hobbits films could really have been one film instead of three - or at least just two (skipping the first one) c) there really was no need for the cinema to schedule a break in between the movie, it's long but it's not that long d) I kinda sympathized with the dragon. Otherwise it was an enjoyable night and I was glad to get to save some shoes!

Shoes saved: H&M black wedges (I've had these for ages)
 Wearing: Asos green coat, Zara Woman bright yellow miniskirt (a favorite), Zara TRF skull sweat shirt, Promod lace top, F&F super warm tights, H&M studded bag, Promod earrings, Asos watch

Before I get to the shoes or the outfit, I had to share these two sort of unrelated photos. Above, this completely ridiculous photo of M and I. I was taking a selfie (and you know how bad I am at that) and he photobombed me while driving. His facial expression kills me. Below, a wine I saw and am dying to try out. I mean, common, it's called FAT bastard. And it has a hippo on the cover, must be good, right? Anyone ever try it?

Back to the exciting stuff. Yeah... This was one of my favorite outfits that I worn over the past few weeks. I love the miniskirt, it has the most lovely color ever. And I love a green coat. I kept the rest of it more neutral with blacks and greys and I think the outfit really worked. I love the idea of wearing happy colors in the winter but usually I just wear black, so I was super happy with  myself here.