Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just Another Day

 It was another cold and dreary day but since I was expecting to get home early, I decided to wear a dress. I found it during Monday's thrift shopping. It's a Dunnes skater-cut dress and has quite a lovely floral print going on..
 Me and the cam. Still in the romantic/"in-love" part of our relationship (I wonder how long that will last..) *I'd like to point out my nail polish. It's from "Model's Own" (which is beyond any doubt my favorite cosmetics line for nail varnish) and it's called 'Aciiied' but I'm just about to put a new color on ('Tangerine Queen') so in the last photo I have no nail polish on.
 I went gift shopping after uni and bought my brother this adorable cooling ice pack for hangovers and the best thing is it's got "just what the doctor ordered" written on it (my bro's a doctor), dontchya love a gift with a pun?:))
 I also bought a gift for myself (since I already have like almost all the other gifts bought for everyone else). It's a darling tiny fashion book and I've got a few ideas for it, you'll see soon enough.
Just to show how big the book is:) The thing is, I'll hopefully have a scanner soon and will be doing a few magazine/book projects here on the blog.. but more on that when the time comes. Till then xoxo, MsV

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

K&K's bday

As promised pictures from Saturday's party. Me & the boy practising our model faces and with my bestie Katie. She's great fun. ))


Overload of uni work and so no blogging today but to give you at least something, here is the boy enjoying some cuddles with Mr.Piggy (aren't they soooo cute together??:) Xoxo, MsVeve

Sunday, November 27, 2011

228 Mister Tweed

 What: Asos Mister Tweed lace-up brogues
Wearing: H&M shirt, Zara sweater, Bershka skirt, H&M tights and leg warmers, Asos Mr. Octapus necklace
 This is what I wore for a shopping trip on Saturday, looking around for pressies for one of my most beloved friends and her twin sis. (Ended up getting them matching gold piggie banks which were filled up during the party with bday/luck donations..). So far I don't have any photos from the party but I know someone was definitely taking pics so once they'll be posted on facebook I might steal a few:)
Anyways, this is Mr. Octy, my new favorite necklace for the past couple of days. He is acid green and a tad evil looking but still way cute right? He likes to hang around..

Friday, November 25, 2011


This beautiful camel colored kimono inspired asos coat. I love it (just not quite sure about the back view..). So: to buy or not to buy?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Another Save (227)

 What: H&M lace-up ankle boots
Wearing: Topshop top, Miss Selfridge mini-skirt, H&M tights, H&M black tank top
Don't you just hate it when you look all over the flat and cannot find the pair of shoes you're looking for? I honestly had to search EVERYWHERE only to find these boots in the first place I had looked but hiding further back (too far for me to notice the first time around). Anyways, these are my H&M ankle boots, bought about two winters ago way back when I was still working at H&M. And when I had a best friend. Which has nothing to do with these shoes but it was on the back of my mind so I thought I'd just let it out there, into the blogsphere. I only have a few more shoes left to shoe-save and I'm getting all excited about that (true - I do have two pairs of shoes ordered and on the way to me as we speak but nonetheless, those don't count yet so whatever:) I'm also thinking about getting rid of a few pairs (some of which I didn't even count in the shoe challenge - also some shoes have already been thrown away even after being saved - like at least three pairs - so it's a bit hard to keep track of things. According to the blog-count, there are only 5 pairs left to save but my shoe list tells a different story..) Anyways, these ankle boots are here to stay cause I love them and the memory of how I first saw them in store and knew I just had to have them.. I love a good shoe love, xox, MsV

Shoe Challenge number 226?

 What: GlamLong shearling detail leather wedges
Wearing: Topshop dress, Asos harness belt, Gap sweater, H&M tights, Topshop bag (from which I dug out my phone and thus everything else is well everywhere..)
Where: dinner out with the boy
The boy snapped the first photo in a hurry to get the photo-taking business behind him, yeah yeah, he really *loves* his blog duties. I was on the phone with my dear Mum, complaining about the head cold I've had the past two weeks. It's the bloody cold Prague weather that's behind it, I really should just move to some place in the tropics. Anyways, you might remember these wedges from a prior shopping post, when I just got them. I can't believe it has taken me so long to save them, they are so comfy and so cute! (Obv. the best combo, right?) Anyways anyways, I'm off to bed with Chuck Palanuik's Haunted. I might do a book review later, I've got four books I'm currently reading. See you then, with a Christmas cookie maybe, xox, MsV

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


 I'm a fishnet stocking kinda girl and even more than wearing them in the summer months, I love layering them on over thicker tights. Like today's combo with my RiverIsland booties.
 After my lessons I took a small detour home and popped by Palladium and my fave make-up store Sephora. I bought two lipsticks and a lip liner and two eye pencils. Here's how I store my lipsticks: in a darling pig-decorated shoe box. It might not be too organized but I'm happy with it (thou obvioously I don't need any more lipsticks.) Btw, I bought "Innoncent beige" and "Candy Pink".
 On my last stop before taking the tram home I couldn't resist any longer and bought the Versace for H&M leggings. It's the each leg a different style thing that finally got me. I'm sure that they'll brighten up my dreary winter days. (I also wanted to get some of the jewelry but except for two faulty necklaces, all was sold out already.)
I really liked some of the dresses from the Versace for H&M collection but they are too damn over-priced. These leggings however were "just" 899,- Kc (which would be roughly 32 pounds).. Anyways, I can't wait for H&M's next collaboration:)

225 Golden Girl

 What: Melissa Enjoying in gold
Wearing: H&M dress, 2 pairs of tights (pink ones are H&M, the others ?), thrifted scarf, Topshop leo print coat, Topshop bag (not pictured), Lipsy headband via Asos, Asos chain necklace/harness thing
 So these are the gold gold gold shoes I was talking about yesterday. Yeah, they're totally rad. But also not suitable for winter. I was freezing my toes off. But at least I felt pretty.. And it's all about how you feel no? Perhaps spring/summer shoes in autumn/winter plus a bad case of the head cold don't work too well together, but it was the monthly anni night-out thing we do every month and at least there was no snow in the mix right? Right?? Just agree with me..
 Sometimes we love things for no apparent reason at all. Like the photo above. No, it's not really so great, and is a bit blurred too. But I just kinda love it.
Speaking of blurred photos: this outfit just wouldn't photograph sharply. So to hell with it and back, here's a blurred me photo once more.. Anyways, another pair of shoes saved and every day we're getting nearer and nearer to the end right? Just a few pairs to go and the shoe challenge will be OVER. It's almost scary, but then again, there will always be new shoes to lust over haa.. Who knows how the story will end? Xox, MsV

Monday, November 21, 2011

Would Wear Did Wear Shoe Challenge Style

 Welcome back to another Would Wear Did Wear episode, this time in the form of saving shoes. 
What: Iron Fist Eyeball wedges
Wearing: Pull&Bear leather-esque trousers, old old tank top, H&M sweater
Did Wear: Stradivarius high brogues with Zara jeans, F&F tank top, Zara sweater and Gate hairbands
Be these shoes as lovely as they are, unfortunately, it's bloody hell cold out as usual and so the more rational side of my brain won the debate with my shoe sided side. Yeah, I know. Anyways, in the land of MsV, today is another mini-anni night with the boy so there'll be dinner plans and thus an excuse to wear some pretty rad shoes. I have a new addition to my shoe closet and it's a pair of gold Melissas. Yeah. As the Goldmember would say "I loooooooove gooooold". And I do, I really do. You'll see..

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Just Chill

Weekends are for family and for relaxing. Sometimes for shopping and partying too. This weekend it was all about the family element: pictured above the most adorable and loving bullterier ever, my baby Buddy. Now I must be off back to bed since I'm nursing a bad head cold. It's like dying, srsly. See you soon thou, xoxo, MsV

Friday, November 18, 2011


Having a bit of a walk-around after work and stopping by a few shops for Christmas gifts, I took a few pictures of the sites I was walking by. Such as this darling piece of art in front of the National Theatre. The ruffles? They're ballet slippers. Awesome.
 Tram at the National Theatre stop. This is my favorite stop btw.
 An apartment building I passed and stopped to admire the flowers on the balcony. Everyone should have flowers at home, I know I need some more flowers in my life.. Definitely putting that on my ToDoList.
That's all for today folks. I'm off to have dinner and then a relaxing Friday night of movies and Pringles sour cream and onion chips (loves!). Xox, MsV

Would Wear Did Wear

 I'm coining a new blog category and it's the "Would Wear - Did Wear" term: one option being what I would wear if circumstances or what if allowed such outfit and the other, obviously, what I actually ended up wearing. This is totally the heart of most of my outfits, funny how long it took me to come up with it ey?

Would Wear:
 A darling mix of boy inspired and chic femme fetale. I feel in love with these shorts the minute I saw them (it's one of the pieces that I bought over the weekend at H&M.)
New Look demi wedges
H&M leather look track shorts
H&M overtheknee socks
Zara oversized dress shirt
Hata DIYed tweed coat with rabbit colar 

Did Wear:
 Being it (again) uber cold out and only heading to the lab (e.g. conservative look required!), I opted for a casual city outfit. Yeah, yeah, nothing too exciting, but still very moi. 
Zara jeans
Office shoes
trifted belt
H&M sweater
Pull&Bear hooded leather jeacket
Topshop ear-muffs and favorite bag
Promod leather gloves
It's so not fair checking out my favorite blogs and seeing the lovely ladies all sporting short skirts and sweaters insteadof layers and layers of keep-warm clothes. But hey, winter's not THAT bad yet so I should try to be more positive. At least there's no ice yet:)) And I love wearing these ear-muffs that I got from the boy for Valentines day. It's the little things in life <3 Wishing you all a perfect weekend, hope you enjoooy thenew category, and with that I bid you a savy-happpy piggy-fuzy wazy day, xoxo, MsV

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Versace for H&M

 Today was the Czech opening for the Versace for H&M collection. The only thing I ended up buying (from the Versace collection, I bought some other things from regular H&M) was this "Fashion Bible" - an encyklopedia-ish book of fashion designers.
I really liked the cover on one side (the other side was rather blah so I didn't even take photos of it), but when I got home and opened it up, I was a tiny bit dissapointed from the graphics of the book. Some of the pictures are just crap (like that it's a blow up where you can see the pixels and it just looks cheap or fuzzy pictures like my old camera used to produce..). But nonetheless, I'm happy with buying it and enlarging my book collection (I love books in general..). The rest of the Versace collection however left me cold, or well some things were nice but not worth the money. I like this one dress (silver, chain-like heavy and all) that Rumi bought, but for 6000,- Kc?? No way! And truth be told I expected nicer footwear (though I did quite fancy this pink dress shoe in the men's section..). At least I saved money right? Xoxo, MsVeve

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Irregular Choice.

Happy Pig

 So getting the new cam, I thought I'd be taking loads of Mr.Piggy pictures. Yes, in theory is works great, sadly though, the little bugger moves around a lot..
 It''s because the camera excites him and he either wants to eat it or break it, not sure. But it's the thought that counts no? Happy Wednesday!

222 Mere Wishes

 What: Irregular choice charm heels
Wearing: Topshop dress and tights, Bershka shirt, vintage cuff
 Yeah, there's no "where" cause I'm just wearing these around the flat (since it's too cold outside). I had been planning a wonderful outting for these heels but sadly before I got to it, it turned winter on me. All day today (besides going to uni) I have been looking up Moon Boots and thinking about other ways to keep warm.
 These may not be cold weather appropriate but they do warm the heart, no? I love the charms (Mr. Monkey is rad). And the heel is quite something too. Add one cute ass polka dotted bow and you get MsVeve approved footwear.
There's a few more pairs left so stay tuned for the rest of the challenge (though the real challenge is not to add any more shoes!) Xoxo, MsVeve

Weathered Lies

 All along the blogsphere people are hurraying autumn and wearing cute little sweaters and cardigans and enjoying the falling leaves and the sunshine. Here in Prague? We already have winter! Whitness the picture below:
 This is what I saw out of my window right before heading out to uni this morning. It was not a pretty picture. I could wear what I wanted to because I'd freeze to death. Life is SO not fair.
So instead of cute sweaters and lovely heels, it's warm boots and layers and layers of clothing. The warmer the better (*not pictured: my thick gloves - too warm for indoors, perfect for outside). Oh how I wish we could have California weather..

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sephora Santa

 After a looooong day at uni I went shopping/ looking around for Christmas gifts or inspiration. As my last stop (with not seeing anything worth buying in all my other favorite stores - this does not happen too often!) I went to Sephora and I ending buying three of these darling make-up casettes. One for my mum, one for my sis, one for the boy's mum. They WEREN'T cheap but you get a lot for the money. And they had a buy 2 get the third one free deal. So it was kinda a bargain..
 When you open the bow you get two palettes of eyeshadows. Each side holds 49 shades. That's almost a hundred different eye shadows! And really nice colors too!
 When you open up the casette more, you get two sets of lip glosses. 35 lip glosses on each side. That's 70 different lippies. Quite nice no?
In the last section, there's 6 cream eye liners, 5 eye pencils, 3 blushes and a set of brushes and a mirror.. I know my mum and sis will enjoy this, because they hardly use make-up and when they do go out somewhere they always used to look up to me to help them and now that I don't live with them anymore, they'll have this here box instead:) The boy's mum, now, I'm not so sure, but it's the thought that counts, no? :) What  are you getting your loved ones for Christmas? Ehm, is it too early to be Christmas shopping already?? Xoxox, MsVeve