Thursday, October 31, 2013

Shiny Shoes

I've had myself a very hectic weekend/week and that definitely transpired onto the blog in the form of having no time for posting. The boy was away for the weekend and I had a girls' night on Friday with my sis - we went to the cinema and then we went to my flat, drank cider while chatting and then went to sleep. The next day my sis went home and I went food shopping and then meet a friend at the bus station and had a whole busy day with lots of fun. My friend's moving to Prague and we went apartment hunting (and saw two horrible flats) but luckily she found one that's good. We then had another girls' night and she stayed at my flat. I was helping her move yesterday (had to skip uni classes!) and so had no time to spare. Oh and Monday was a state holiday and M was back so we had a lazy day. Now, on to some shoes:

Shoes saved: Zara sequin ballerina flats
Where/ when: I wore these on our Saturday night out but didn't get any pictures taken so wore them again on Monday when M & I went to his parents' flat for lunch
Wearing: for the night out I was all edgy with my Henry Holland suspender tights and my blue Topshop dress and a Topshop belt and my favorite Zara fake leather jacket (sorry, no picture); for Monday's family lunch I wore a Pull & Bear black playsuit, a tee and my trusty green Zara coat. And my Mark B for Topshop bag.

I'll just very briefly mention the cider me &my sis had on Friday. I love ciders (prefer them to beer or wine) and I'm quite picky about ciders. Somersby is definitely one of my favorites! It's a Danish cider and I definitely agree that it's best served over ice. It is delicious and refreshing, I highly recommend it!

Anyways, back to the shoes. They were an easy save in the challenge because well, they're quite impressive shoes right? I love the sequins and I love how sparkly they are! And they're flats and that means I can wear them out into the city without having to worry about cobble stones or walking long distances. I have two more saves to show you but that'll have to wait until I get home from work and uni. Until then, mwah.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Machete Kills

 Last night, M & I went to the cinema to see the sequel to Machete, Machete Kills. I had mixed feelings about the movie as I thought it could have been loads better but I was so happy to see Lady Gaga in a movie that I actually kind of liked the film. If there's another sequel I'll only go see it if she plays in it because otherwise it definitely would not have been worth it. M hated the movie and said he wouldn't go see the sequel for anything in the world. But I bet I could talk him into it. Well maybe. Whatever.

Shoes saved: Topshop Galaxy heels
Where/ when: Thursday night - movie date, Machete Kills
Wearing: Zara Woman cape, Promod cropped sweater, Zara Collection dress, Mango quilted bag

I wasn't entirely sure how I would go about saving these shoes in the challenge but I knew it wouldn't be too difficult as I'm a sucker for gold studded shoes. I got these in the after Christmas sale early this year. This was the first time I wore them and they were okay. I really liked my outfit but sadly didn't have time to take a proper photo at home and then at night when we got back it was too dark so I only have this photo from M's phone to show you.

Shoes saved: Pull & Bear lace-up flats with buckle detailing
Where/ when: today, work
Wearing: It has gotten colder again so I'm layering tings up a bit. Pull & Bear fake leather hooded jacket, red pashmina, H&M long sleeved top, H&M white tank top, Mango jeans, vintage belt, Parfois backpack

M is off for the weekend to a friend's birthday party at a cabin and I was supposed to go as well but no one wanted to look after my pig so I can't go but luckily a friend is coming on Saturday and we'll have a fun girls' night. I hope I'll save some awesome shoes...

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Special Day

So, remember when I mentioned that I went on a movie date on Monday? I finally have the photos ready! This was a special day and this is a special post as it is a shoe challenge post saving a special pair of shoes but it is also a Bloggers Do It Better post. And it features Mr. Pig at the end so it's pretty much perfect.

Shoes saved: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon Cherry heels
Where/when: movie night Monday
Wearing: Camaeiu coat, Mango dress, Mark B for Topshop bag

I've had these shoes for two and half years. I haven't worn them that much, but that's because I consider them shoes for special occasions. I absolutely adore the cherries. They are chunky and pretty amazing. I'd usually wear them in the Spring or Summer but I think they're okay with the tights. Now because this is also a Bloggers Do It Better post, I should definitely mention my coat. It's one of my favorites (and that means I wear it quite a bit, like here, here and here). I adore the cut and the color. And I basically feel like Little Red Riding Hood every time I wear it.

I also want to mention the dress. It's from Mango and I bought it over a year ago for M's birthday party. It certainly didn't bring me luck the first time I wore it as I had to leave the party super early because I was feeling ill. But I still love the dress. The colors are beautiful and it feels like satin.

Well, that's all for now. I'll leave you with a photo of my darling little piggy - it's from today from our long walk. This is the bike trail that we have near our flat. It was perfect today as there were very few people out and so we basically had it to ourselves.


I don't know what it is but it seems that time has been flying by lately. I have so much to do but have been getting very little done. I'm working from home today but instead of finishing up a few projects that are pending, I have done nearly nothing. Well, I did go on a super long walk with Mr. Pig but I doubt that counts. I plan on working harder in the afternoon though. Definitely. Now, on to some shoe saving.

Shoes saved: Pull&Bear Xdye tassel detail wooded wedges bought ages ago
Where/ when: Thursday, lunch date
Wearing: Zara TRF tee, H&M miniskirt, thrifted jacket, opaque tights

I remember when I was buying these shoes I saw them at the last minute before going to pay for the other things I was buying (can't recall what those things were because like, it all happened ages ago). Anyways, I saw these shoes and I was like "OMG I need these". I was out shopping with my sister. I tried on first the EUR 39 (UK 6) size, but they felt a bit too tight, then I tried on the EUR 40 (UK 7) but my feet were falling out of the shoes at every step. I ended up buying the Eur 39 pair and I remember when I wore them out for the first time, they were very uncomfortable. But they felt okay today so that must mean that they have been finally broken into. Hurray!

On to another shoe challenge save - it's from sometime last week. Tuesday maybe? These are flats from Zara I bought in the sales, I wore them for a typical day at work/school. I think my outfit was a black dress and I'm pretty sure I wore my Parfois backpack, though it's not pictured. But I usually wear it when I go to school and work because if I'm carrying around my laptop, it's just easier to have a backpack instead of a handbag.

The shoes are nice and comfy, they definitely remind me of slipper shoes. And I love a good mustache. Stay tuned as I have one more post for you soon!

Shoes saved: Zara green velvet gold mustache flats
Wearing: Asos coat, opaque tights

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Finally Fall

 So far this week has been pretty good - the weather has been nice and sunny, work has been alright and yesterday I went to see Escape Plan. I actually really liked the movie, it's an action flick, the screenplay could have been a bit better but Arnie and Stallone are both very good in it (especially Arnie, I thought he was hilarious). I'll have the date night outfit for you in a later post (as some of the photos are on M's phone and though I've asked him to send them to me, he hasn't done so yet. Typical.)

However, there have been other shoes and other outfits that I will gladly show you now. (After all, there's a challenge going on and my shoes need saving!) This week finally feels like Fall (instead of a bleak winter which is what we usually have here in Prague). I took advantage of it and yesterday during the day went out wearing only a blazer and a long sleeved tee paired with a bright colored miniskirt. I apologize in advance for the "I'm taking a selfie" expression on my face. It's because I always feel ridiculous taking a selfie. But whatever, the outfit was cute.


Shoes saved: Next leather flats with buckle/bow detail
Where/ when: Monday - uni, lunch, work
Wearing: Stradivarius jersey blazer, Stradivarius long sleeved black top, Espirit shawl, Zara miniskirt, opaque tight, Mark B for Topshop bag

Next is a save from sometime last week. I can't remember which day I wore it though I think it was on Thursday. Anyways, these shoes are quite old and they're not really that special or anything, but I like the chain detail and they're good for when I just want to throw some shoes on and not really think about it. Though to be honest, I think they'll become pig walking shoes soon. And that means that pretty soon I'll need a new pair of flat ankle boots. Yeay, shoe shopping is near!

Shoes saved: Zara TRF chain detail flat ankle boots
Where/ when: sometime last week, uni classes
Wearing: Zara skinny jeans, Topshop coat

I'm off to watch the latest episode of Bones. Booth and Brennan are getting married! So I'll leave you with a photo of Mr. Pig. He's so cute right? And it's a photo of a pig in a blanket. You're welcome.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Flick Flacked

Finally some really interesting shoes right?? As most of you probably know, I love Irregular Choice and their wacky shoes. I adore their colorful, unique styles and statement heels. These are the first Irregulars I've saved in this year's challenge (and these will also probably prove to be the easiest to save since my other Irregulars are kinda "out there"). These shoes are a delight - I love their quirkiness what with their clashing prints upper and I'm a sucker for red shoes in general (though to be honest I don't have that many pairs of red shoes, I definitely need more!). I think they're quite easy to style if you keep your outfit on the simple side, the shoes speak for themselves really.

Shoes saved: Irregular Choice Flick Flack in red polka dot
Where/ when: dinner out, weekend?
Wearing: Pull&Bear bag, Stradivarius cropped fake leather jacket, Stradivarius knitted sweater, thrifted dress, opaque tights

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

And Now For Something Completely Different... Or Not.

Hey guys! Yesterday I came too late after my classes to want to blog about anything, so I'm making up for it today with, yup, you guessed it, two posts. The first will be a little different from my usual posts, hence the title, because although it is a shoe challenge save and an outfit post, it doesn't have me in it, it's just the clothes and the shoes on their lonesome*.

Shoes saved: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa flats
Where/ when: lunch today at our local pizzeria (I was kinda disappointed today because I ordered a pizza and asked if they could not put the peppers on it that was listed in the toppings and they said that yeah sure and then of course lo and behold, there were peppers on the pizza. Fail.)
Wearing: H&M swallow print dress, Zara grandpa sweater (which you all know that I love), Mark B for Topshop bag (one of my favorites), (red pashmina and opaque tights - not pictured)

* So about why I decided to try to change things up a little: first (and the main reason really) because I'm a bit on the lazy side and since today I had a tiresome morning (taking Mr. Pig to the vet), I didn't feel like putting make-up on or doing my hair and I figured you've already seen enough photos of me without make-up and with a crappy hair style. Second, I love seeing just the clothes speaking for themselves as you have in magazines, where they show you what you're supposed to buy every season. Speaking of buying stuff, I've been really good lately and haven't bought anything in AGES. Well actually, I've aukroed (Czech ebay-ish website) two pairs of shoes and am waiting for them to arrive. But otherwise nothing. I've been so good it's definitely time to buy something soon. I'll keep you posted.

Now just a little something about the shoes. These are Vivienne Westwood for Melissa logo embossed ballerina flats in blue. They are a size UK 7 (I usually wear UK 6 but they were the last pair and I like my flats a little roomy for more comfort so I bought them. There may be a little too much room for comfort in these though, I would have preferred if they were a tiny bit smaller but whatever.) I've worn them countless times, although I didn't really document it here on the blog. I only found one post where they appear. I might start doing daily outfit posts, we'll see. Stay tuned for the next shoe save, it'll be up in a little bit.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Style Inspiration & Halloween Idea

Every year I really want to get dressed up for Halloween but I never plan ahead and usually I fall short. This year I want things to be different. This year I want to make an effort. That's right, this year I want to wear a costume to a Halloween party. Now I have a few ideas in my head but my options are limited (I don't want to waste money and I don't want to spend too much time creating the costume). Because I have darker hair (we'll talk about the hairdresser fiasco in a later post) I think I could pull off a Betty Page.

Now, Betty Page was a Playboy model & pin-up queen and was definitely not a shy girl. I don't think I'd take my costume up to that level (plus it's already too cold out to go only wearing underwear - great excuse right?). But I think if I styled my hair in her signature style and ... 

... and wore something leopard print, and some garter stockings, I could get away with looking good and sort of wearing a costume. Okay, so this is less of a costume inspiration post and more just an inspiration post, but you have to agree that Betty Page was one sexy lady. This one's dedicated to you, Betty.

I Survived the Storm

Hey guys, sorry about not posting on Friday and during the weekend. I was too tired to write anything and instead was just lazying about. However, I did promise you a pair of shoes I wore earlier in the week and now I can officially save them in the challenge. So without further ado...

Shoes saved: Zara two-tone toe-capped court heels
Where/ when: sometime last week (Monday night?), dinner at Harfa
Wearing: Stradivarius fake leather cropped jacket, thrifted knitted vest, H&M dress, Stradivarius bag

I really liked this outfit and felt very good in it - I was especially pleased how the dress looked with the vest though the photo doesn't really do it any justice. I also quite like these shoes and I think they look very nice with the contrasting black opaque tights. Comfort wise these shoes are okay but not for long periods of walking. (I was very happy about going to Harfa by car instead of walking/ taking public transport because I'm a bit lazy when I'm in heels. Well, it depends on the heels in question but I was definitely not about to walk far in these.) Below is their product picture from Zara and you can see that the heel is on the higher side. But it is just a lovely shoe, isn't it? I really like the cap toe with its contrasting color! Glad I saved them so early in the challenge:))

One more save for you today and it's from this morning when I was out walking the pig.I wanted us to have a nice photo but obviously Mr. Pig didn't agree with this idea. He was all like "why are we stopping? oh let's have a cuddle" and so we had a cuddle. And you can still see one of the shoes so it was a win.

Shoes saved: Gate shiny ballet flats
Where/ when: pig walking this morning
Wearing: Zara skinny jeans

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Casual in Heels

Today I woke up with the beginnings of the flu and because I have an intense weekend planned, I decided it'd be best to heal this thing before it gets the chance to really take over. So I'm working from home and have decided to skip my uni classes. I will have to do some studying on Sunday but today I'm relaxing.That also means that today I won't be saving any new pairs of shoes in the challenge because I don't plan on changing out of my PJ's but luckily I still have a few pairs I saved earlier but haven't showed you yet.

Shoes saved: Timeless Nip Ankle Boot via Asos
Where/ when: Sunday lunch at our pizza place
Wearing: Camaieu coat, Zara varsity sweater, Mango tee, Zara jeans, Pull & Bear bag

 What can I say about these shoes? Well, for one thing, I was glad I only wore them to the near-by pizzeria because these shoes have a super high heel and really aren't best for walking. I think the term is car to bar shoe? Not sure, but whatever, I saved these fair and square. Oh and I'll just add that (as you could probably tell from the photo) my favorite combination for leopard print is with red. On to the next save:

Shoes saved: Zara lace-up ankle boots
Where/ when: dinner Monday at Harfa
Wearing: lots of layers! H&M coat, Zara sweater, H&M black and grey tank tops, Mango jeans, Zara bag

I've had these shoes for a while (like 4-5 years?) and wear them time to time. They're okay, just not my favorites. My sis bought them for me (Hi sis!) and they are that type of shoe that look good either dressed up or down. I chose the down version here for dinner at a shopping center. Anyways, I have one more save for you but that'll wait until tomorrow as it's time for me to feed the pig and take him for a walk (which I REALLY don't want to as I am feeling quite awful.) Bye for now.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Bit Retro

That's right, it's another shoe challenge post for you. I actually have three more pairs, besides the one in this post, to post but I think I might save those for tomorrow as two posts in one day is already a lot, no? Now add to that the photos from today's posts were taken in, gasp, two different places of the flat! I'm spoiling you, aren't I?

Shoes saved: Miss London rose detail heels in blue, bought in London two years ago
Where/ when: today, posing in front of my closet in the bedroom. I actually only wore the shoes around the flat today and when I popped out to the post office. The thing is, these shoes kinda pinch my toes so they're definitely not suitable to wear for a long time. I love the color of the shoes, the rose detail and the red sole so I knew I wanted to save them, but I also didn't want to torture my feet so it was a difficult save.
Wearing: polka dotted Rafaella top, H&M skirt, (also wore a fitted grey jacket, not shown). I really liked my outfit (though without the jacket), but I only noticed now whilst looking at the photos that the top is a little bit see-through. It's still really lovely a has a bit of a retro vibe, especially paired with this skirt!

close-up of the shoes. Lovely but painful.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tumbling Down a Steep Hill

It's early, well relatively. It'd be early if it was the weekend and I had a lazy day ahead of me. But it's Tuesday, I should already be out with the pig and getting ready for school. Instead I'm drinking mild coffee, downloading a textbook to my kindle and of course, saving some shoes in the shoe challenge. And I'm also very tempted to watch the latest Bones episode, but I think I should wait until after school.

Shoes saved: Zara Collection leather brogues
Where/ when: Saturday, pig day* (I wore these to my parents' house, we took the pig so we could wash him, and then to the animal day festival I mentioned in a previous post.)
Wearing: Mango jeans (these are favorites but sadly they seem to have really paled in the last wash even though I turned them inside out and used a special washing detergent for black clothes), H&M grey & black tee, Zara button up sweater, H&M coat, vintage bag.

Mr. Pig was very tired after his long day. I love spending time with Dracul but sometimes it's hard since he can be difficult and people - strangers we meet - can get seriously annoying. Like at the animal festival day thing, our pig club had a booth there and so we stopped by to support them. All of a sudden there was a huge crowd and people were just touching Dracul without asking and even some parents were telling their kids to go pet the pig (even if the kid in question had some food in his/her hands. Besides this being totally stupid behavior, it's also dangerous. Hello, it's a pig; a live, perpetually hungry, semi wild pig.) I don't mind people petting Dracul if they ask and if he's in a good mood (because he's a very social animal and luckily likes contact with people and enjoys a good back rub), but I find it very strange when people just assume that it's okay and don't ask.

I was also disappointed in one of the members of our pig club (and I don't mean about the argument a friend had with the boy, I'm talking about someone else). She fed Dracul food without asking and was giving him a lot of food. I don't mind the feeding part but when there's food and someone gives him food then he gets all excited/ crazy. We then had to leave because if someone would have then came up to him to pet him, he'd have been all crazy and then might of even bitten someone. Not that he did, but it could have happened.

This Saturday is another pig club day, which we have to go to since it's a vet meeting and Dracul needs his hooves shortened and he needs to get his vaccination. I hope it goes more smoothly and that there are no problems this time. Anyways, back to the shoes. These are a pair of older brogues I bought three winters ago in the post Christmas sale. They are perfect and I love them. Soft leather, nice detailing, pure comfort shoes. You can see when I wore them previously (though I don't always post about it, I wear them quite a bit) here (my favorite), here and here.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Just Some Close-ups

 I'll be heading off to bed soon but I wanted to catch up with a belated shoe save. These are the shoes I wore on Friday, when I promised you a outfit post. Sadly, I did not manage to snap up an outfit photo, even though I rather liked what I wore. I had this whole black and white thing going on.

Shoes saved: Asos two-toned Mary Janes
Where/ when: Friday work & dinner
Wearing*: I wore a white tank top, H&M, a black long sleeved tee from Stradivarius (the neck lines of the white top and the black tee matched up nicely so a little of the white was visible, in a symmetrical way), a black mini skirt from H&M, black opaque tights, my trusty Parfois backpack and this coat. Sadly a button came off from the coat so I'll have to fix it (I hate it when buttons come off from coats!) Oh I also found a funny old picture of myself wearing the coat, here.

I like these flats quite a bit because I love the combination of black and white on shoes and I'm a big fan of Mary Janes (especially on flats!). I'm glad to have saved them but to be honest, I don't think it'll be any problem getting some serious wear out of them come Spring. They are comfy, a pleasure to walk in and are also quite easy to style. Next time I wear them I might want to clash them a bit with some fun bright flower print on a dress or something. We'll see.

Friday, October 4, 2013

It Was Still Summer Then

Two posts in one day, I'm on a roll. Anyways, these photos (and shoe saves) were taken over the weekend. It has taken me so long to post them because they were taken by the boy with his phone (his takes better pictures than mine) and he was an ass reluctant to send them to me. I'm so happy he did though because I love that first photo!

Shoes saved: purple quilted flats with little pink hearts on one shoe
Where/ when: Wine tasting at the wine fields on Sunday afternoon (we went wine tasting on Saturday and Sunday - it was a good weekend indeed! See how happy I am?)
Wearing: Zara grandpa sweater (I'm addicted!), black tee, Zara mini skirt, red pashmina, also wore a bag but can't remember which one and it's not pictured in the photo since I flunked it down somewhere in order to have free hands for the wine and chips. Don't worry, I didn't forget it there and it made it safely back to the flat.

With that we are officially back on track and up to date. I'll be posting today's outfit sometime during the weekend. Oh and today the internet guy came to our flat (or at least I hope so, the boy was to take care of that issue) so I should have a good connection from now on. So see you soon, xo, Miss V

Sorry I'm Not Sorry

 So I didn't post anything yesterday. It's because I just didn't have the energy to lug my computer with me to work (with all the other crap I had to have with me that day). I'm a bad blogger, I know. But whatever. Here's some shoe saves:

Shoes saved: Topshop gold quilted flats
Where/when: Wednesday night dinner
Wearing: Camaieu 60's coat, Zara, grandpa sweater (which I have been wearing too much lately - it's seriously winter over here!), H&M star print dress, Asos hat

Nothing much to say about these shoes. They are interesting enough with the quilting and the lovely gold color and they are seriously comfortable shoes. They also have a tiny bow at the front. I bought them long ago, they've gotten their fair share of use but are still looking good (which is more than I can say for some - like those pink pointed toe flats I saved over the weekend? Well I decided it was time to say goodbye, along with two other pairs of shoes. R.I.P.). I like to wear them with opaque tights for a nice contrast, like I'm doing here. Looking back at this photo I realize I should have really brushed my hair. (It's like Cousin Itt is under my coat, a bit creepy really.) Next time...

Shoes saved: Stradivarius boots (will try to take some close-up photos and post them in a new post over the weekend because these boots are really special and they deserve an honorable mention)
Where/when: uni class and then work on Thursday
Wearing: H&M coat, H&M dress, Zara green sweater (you can't see it because it's under the coat, duh.), red pashmina, Asos hat, Zara Office City bag

Neutral colors mixed with happy colors. I really liked this outfit. The Zara Office City bag is a constant in my wardrobe and was definitely a good purchase! And these are one of my favorite pair of boots. Like I said above, they deserve close-up pictures because they have quite interesting details. I'll show you later, I promise. Oh and look, I brushed my hair!

Shoes saved: New Look suede creepers
Where/when: Wednesday uni classes (this was a very tiresome day with lots of running around)
Wearing: H&M coat, Parfois bakcpack, the same dress as in the first photo (hey, it's from the same day)

Shoes saved: these are just some old Ugg boots (which aren't really in the challenge but I like how the shoes look with this coat)
Where/when: Thursday night food shopping
Wearing: one of my favorite coats - it's from Asos (love the color!!!), can't recall what I wore under it but since you can't see it anyways, I doubt anyone cares really. Hat gifted from my grandma Helenka, canvas tote bag (for my veggie shopping).