Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another Ravishing Book Review #xyz


When I saw this book in the book shop, it was the cover that grabbed my attention. With the lovely silver and blue and the blue dyed page edges, it was calling out to me (the dyed page edges were the best part obviously.) As I started to read it, it immidiately captured me. Full of mystery and the delights of coded messaging, it was surely to become one of my favorites. Sadly, the ending was a bit dissapointing, the energy of the book somehow faded away but all in all I do think it was one of the more memorable books I have read in the last couple of years and has inspired me in many ways (to get back into maths and even perhaps ciphering). I'm thinking of reading "The End of Mr. Y" now... anyways, happy New Year everyone, xox, MsV

Friday, December 30, 2011

Vienna Baby

My "Travel Piggy" with my mp3 player - all pretty in pink
One of our's - yeay Czech Rep!
Accidentaly on Purpous
At the Albertina Muzeum
It was really lovely there...
Typical Moi...
With one of the monkeys at Albertina
The Boy & this monkey were made for each other
Picasso's portrait of Me:))

The bravest squirrel
I'm part ninga
My favorite part of the Zoo - Piggies!
The Turkey Gang (These two birds were quite hardcore!)
the Zoo was really huge & awesome
Pictures instead of words. Plus the captions. It all adds up to a much delayed post.. Yup, Vienna Baby!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First Tries

Possibly the most awesome Christmas gift I got (though I loved each and every one of my gifts, I generally love gifts) was this AEG sewing machine. The Boy got it for me as a secret and I am overjoyed. Though the instructions manual is evidently translated from some very foreign language into English (either that or written in code?) and thus I have had to decipher it gradually, I love my new sewing machine.
Today, after finally nailing the correct alllingment of both upper and lower threads and with no thread jam occurring, I happiily worked on my first serwing machine project - e.g. fitting this thrifted Topshop skirt from a huge unwearable thing into the skirt pictured below.
I'm quite happy with the result and am super excited about learning how to sew and everything. I hope I get better and better at it and that one day I'll be sewing complete garnets and not just fitting them. As always, wish me luck!, xox, MsVeve

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

238 Greaser

 Zara two-tone brogues, Topshop lace tights, Zara yellow skirt, Topshop thrifted tee, Topshop jacket
 Among my post Christmas shopping victories were this Topshop jacket and these shoes from Zara. The jacket was INCREDIBLY cheap and I had wanted it before but back then it had cost 10x more, srsly. These tights were an impulse buy sometime ago but I must say, they are crap. They've already torn in two places! Aargh!
I took the laces out because they were a pain to tie but alsoI think the shoes look better laceless. Laceless with lacey tights. Intentional. Anyways, there's one more new pair of shoes I still haven't shown and I might snap them up tomorrow, we'll see. Till next time, xox, MsV

237 Liven It Up!

 You might have noticed that the shoe count number went up again by 3, well, I went post Christmas sales shopping.. It's a tradition! Among some of the things I bought were a grey Zara dress, green Zara flats and a black Stradivarius handbag with studs...
I had been eyeing these flats for ages (ever since summer) and I was on the look-out for green flats ever since I bought a pair of blue flats.
This bag was a newby on my radar and it got me with its attachable strap or clutch option. Oh the endless posibilities. The only downside to my shopping was that I thought I had a bit more on my account and sadly now I'm in the minus. I hate being in the minus. So that's on my New Year's Resolution list as numero uno: DO NOT SPEND MORE THAN EARN.
What's on your list?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone is having some great family time and got awesome presents for Christmas! Though my family is half Jewish, we do celebrate Christmas. Plus I was also over at the Boy's so it was quite extra Christmas-y this year. Here are a few back photos of our trip to Germany.
Anyways, enjoy the day off tomorrow & guess what: I got a brand spanking new sewing machine! Woo-hoo!