Wednesday, July 25, 2012

shoes shoes shoes

 A few days ago the boy & I went to a bar near our flat and given that it was close I opted to wear a crazy pair of heels. These are I love shoes leopard print open toe wedges and are rather surprisingly comfy considering their height. I wore a new dress I got that day over at Topshop and my trusty Zara leather jacket (purse is from Mango, headband Topshop). I felt like a princess. Of course, I was very OTT for the bar but so what. I reckon that if you have the dresses and the shoes you should just go and wear them. If you feel good in what you're wearing you will look good as well. That's my golden rule...
 And of course there was more shoe saving to be done this week... Top left - today's outfit: Reserved dress, NYer flats; Top right - Zara women mini-wedged sandals; Bottom left - Bershka studded sandals (love these!); Bottom right - Asos cut-out lace-up shoes (so so uncomfortable! They literally cut into my feet, ouch!)
 Last but not least, here are shoes I saved ages ago and I've already posted them here but then I played around with my phone apps and I really like how the pictures look. Skirt is by Motel, jelly flats are from Gate. Notice the piggy below. Btw, I have a few things planned for this here blog, so if you haven't given up on me just yet, stay tuned. I'll be on vacation next week but when I get back it'll be bigger and better here. Or maybe just the same. Who knows, but I will most definitely be blogging more, I've made a time management plan and all. Till next time, xx, Miss V

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Pair of Blue Jeans

 I bought this pair of jeans about two weeks ago in the Mango sale. I love it when Mango has sales - the prices drop so much it's unbelievable! Anyways, as is custom with new items of clothing that feel 'just right', I have been wearing them almost non-stop.
 Zara brown wooden sandals, Atmosphere summer wedges in pink
PPQ for Office wedges

Lately I have been enjoying the sales, reading all kinds of books, thrifting as much as possible, watching re-runs of old X-files, thinking about the essays I still have to write and getting ready for my pending vacation. It's gotten a bit cold on us here in Prague but it's still summer enough and I'm trying to get the most out of it before our very short Autumn rolls around and then as if in the blink of an eye Winter shows up. There's stillso many pairs of shoes to get through! But you know me and I love a challenge. So stay tuned, xx, V

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My first Vlog!

Hi guys, I thought it would be interesting to make a vlog on the way home from shopping/dinner with the boy today. Let me know what you think, if you like it, what to change etc. I know it's not the best video, but I don't have a video editor on my PC and so it's literally just what I captured with my phone while walking home. I just thought it'd be another step forward for this blog to post a video, so that you could hear my voice and get to know me a little bit more. Anyways, here's a close-up of the shoes I was wearing:
Vivienne Westwood for Melissa
 And here's a picture of the shoes I bought at Zara today (*I already wore them! Right after coming home I changed into them to walk Mr. Piggy)
Would love to hear some feed back about the video so please don't hesitate to comment or to send an email, see ya!

Everyday Shoe Saving

 Guess what? I'm still saving shoes. I haven't uploaded too many shoe saves this time around but I'll tell you this - I'm still saving shoes. It's what I do. It's what I love. I currently have 308 pairs of shoes in my collection and have worn 150 pairs. Which means I'm half-way through the challenge. I haven't been as good at taking photos this year but for me, that's not the point of the challenge. For me the whole thing is about getting wear out of my shoes. Not just buying but also enjoying them.
 Because I usually don't have the energy to lug my camera around I just take photos via my phone. But my phone cam is a bit unreliable and in the wrong light takes incredibly crappy pictures. So I don't always snap up the shoes I wear. I'd like to make a nice corner in mmy flat for taking pictures but my flat is TINY and is always crammed full of stuff. Not sure how that'll work out, but we'll see. Till then I'll just stick to saving shoes for myself and occasionally showing you a mass shoe saving post like this one.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mighty Dracul

Yesterday I turned 25. To celebrate and to help out some friends in promoting their festival - we filmed this short video of the building of the festival and Dracul having a good piggy time :)


Monday, July 9, 2012

Returning home

Yesterday evening the boy & I got back from our London holiday. It was a nice trip, though there was rain almost all the time. I'll be sharing photos soon but until then I wanted to show this quick snap that was taken outside of one of the restaurants we ate at. There was the sweetest doggie ever. 

He either fell in love with me or just loved to cuddle. He was really just perfect! 

*One of the down points of my trip: I ended up losing this scarf on the first day I wore it! This is the only photo of it I have. Poor scarf, I'll miss you. Was kinda bummed but at least it was a thrift find and wasn't expensive... Still, I hate losing things!

Wearing: H&M shoes, H&M mini skirt, Zara leather jacket, thrifted sweater, Dunlop bag, H&M tank top (which you can't see anyways), Asos watch and earrings (Mr. Mustache!)