Sunday, May 31, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

It may not always be so..

But for now this moment is endless and you are my forever..


Everyone changes, right? I've went thru so many changes it's hard to keep count.. But funny enough, after all the styles, the hair colours, the opinions.. I'm kinda back to where I started (plus a couple tatts and experiences, granted).

Pictured above is my amazing Mum and I back when we were living in Lyon. I now have the same haircut. And would totally wear that skirt. Hmm.. I wonder what shoes I was wearing.. :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My watch is back! Yeay!

I'm so happy! I just - on Tuesday actually, but it STILL makes me sooo pleased - got my watch back (I had to get it fixed since it was ruined at a Christmas party I went to.. yeah, I have been waiting to get it fixed for like 5 months.. so?) I'm really surprised it took me so long to get my ass over to the watch store. I mean, the place is like not even a 10 minute drive from where I live so it wasn't a distance issue and the people that work there are perfectly nice and all. It was just me, always "so bloody busy" I just couldn't spare 15 minutes of my precious time (time that was passing by me at random since who would know what time it was? I didn't! My watch was broken..) to go get it fixed.
Anyways, last week I FINALLY got myself to go down there and it wasn't so bad really. The repair itself cost like almost nothing, was done by Tuesday and while I was going down there I also took another watch with me, one that had been broken for years. I love an all-round victory:)

Picture from the Christmas party where my watch had gotten broken. Yes, it was a wild party. Like hello, my watch was broken. Oh and btw I'm wearing a that looks almost exactly like my normal hair. Weird huh. Yeah and it wasn't my wig..long story:)

Ripped tights.. yay or nay?

With the right outfit I think they can add that extra edge..

cut-off shorts Zara, DIY ripped tights H&M, t-shirt and chain necklace Stradivarius

What about you? Would you wear ripped thights?
..also these are DIY and were already a bit ruined before I finished them off.. but would you ever BUY ripped tights? I dunno..I prolly wouldn't. Because it would seem kinda like a waste, I rather buy nice untouched tights and fuck 'em up myself:))

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lusting after... Vol.III

This Balmain mini-dress is just amazing! Block colours, colour clashing and a bit of a sparkle.. what more could a girl ask for on a rainy day? Would just add a big bangle bracelette and die happy..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thundering theory, huh.

There is a huge thunderstorm occuring at the moment. It is beautiful. I've always loved them. I don't know, it's something to do with all that power, the energy. It's hot. Ever since I was little I'd had wanted to run outside as soon as a storm would have started. I didn't want to get stricken by lighting, of course, but I wanned to be a part of the thrill it seemed to have all had. Or just to stare out of an open window. I thought it was just unbelievably beautiful, the way the trees would dance and the raindrops would sing its chilling chorus. The wind would be leading them until the visit of Thunder, who'd let out a little roar, which set things straight again. and then once in a while the star of the show would appear - and also be heard - and that was the most exciting thing ever! The Lightning would get me right away. Pulse wickened, heart pouding, butterflies in my stomache - all the other stuff is really just foreplay, just to set the perfet scene - ready for the main player to complete the moment.

It's like in a dream.. Anyways, was just looking out the window in bliss at all the beauty and it was magic. It was like a movie and I really had it, that feeling of figuring everything out, for a bright little moment it was perfect. I even called my ex Michal because I wanted what Carrie had with Big, having an ex be a friend. But alas no, he never picked up - part of which had been the main reason we slipt in the first place. aaa! I hate people who dont pick up their phones.. and I was just gonna tell him that I'm happy and that it's beautiful outside and that he should see it! I was thinking Ahh he's probably just somewhere getting high too busy to pick up right.. But being me of course I had called the wrong Mike (so many bloody Michals in my phone its a wonder there's room for the other names..) Names names names.. I wonder which name will be next? ..who will be the next guy I'll be calling? Who'll be the next one I party with? Who will be the next lover? Who - if any - will be the next love? Or is it just like with a storm..that after its all over, all thats left is the aftermath - the broken branches, the leaves lying around everywhere. maybe - in the worse cases- a broken tree blocking the road. And then what?

So maybe its not really wise to love something that with one great gust of wind, with one great blast of light and one great thundering howl, sweeps everything into its belly of fire and then just leaves all broken. Leaving a new morning to examine the damages.. BUT also a morning with incredible possibilies. That's why to me, there nothing more beautiful. Its not just the storm itself but also all that is to come ahead. ...until the next storm.

**Added the next day (wednesday the 27th): Okay, so what did yesterday's storm bring? Horrible cold weather and rain, I'm digging out my wellingtons and something to keep me warm. Great, just what I needed. And to think I was so euphoric about all this yesterday. Huh.

Summer shopping.. ahh a bargain's a bargain.

It's funny how just a couple of days ago I was prancing about Prague wearing my winter coat and now - thankfully - it has gone back to hot hot summer status. Only down point being a) exam week is drawing near b) am not on an amazing holiday.

Today, in the spirit of the summer days forthcoming, I did something very much not like myself, that is, I went and returned something I had bought. I HATE claiming goods, serisouly, I'd rather keep something I don't like than go to the store and be all annoying and be wanting my money back. But I'm glad I went and got it over with, I returned these insane sunglasses that although were kinda cute were also kinda unwearable. Nothing seemed to "go" with them, tragic. I'd keep them but since they had been quite pricey and I'm saving up for my holidays, I decided to go for it. And good that I did too since - insert proud knowing smile - I found a pair I liked way better and for less! (Ahh that's how all shopping should be like, you get to take something lovely home with you AND they give you money back to boot.. what a wonderful world.)

Now just to find the perfect pair of shorts and this fringed beauty and I'm all set for sheer bliss.

Any ideas? I found an okay version at Pull&Bear but it wasn't nearly as nice so I'm being hesitant.. and will wait until payday:)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hats *on* to summer!

Today's inspiration photos are taken from Elle magazine. These pics just make me wanna pack my bags and get outta here destination holiday. Now my take on the summer hat trend is sadly minus the lemon or the beach (I think I may have forgotten how sand feels like.. I soo cannot wait for my holiday!!), mine was taken on the way home from work. Still thou, one should praise blue skied days in all their glory and today was just lovely.

Hope you're all enjoying your Mondays!! ..and btw hat is from Zara

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Waiting for..

I have to laugh. It's funny. Well no, hmm, maybe it isn't. Okay, so what's going on? No, haha, I haven't lost my mind (or perhaps I have.. who knows?!). I've just finally figured something out just now. What have I discovered? That the time IS now! And I've been waiting for too long. For everything! It's always something isn't it? Waiting for my exams to be over, waiting for him to call, waiting for the coffee water to start boiling, waiting for that dream to come true, whatever.. well I've been waiting for too long! After all, time hasn't stopped has it so why should I?

I've just finished re-watching my fave fab show SATC and I've been mesmerized by the Mc Sollar song "la belle et le bad boy". It's made me realize (well,not just the song but also how Carrie is running away from awful Russian guy..) that we can't just be waiting! Things have to be done! That's why from tomorrow I'm starting anew. I'm gonna get out there and begin actually fullfilling some of those things I've been just waiting for. It might take a while, yeah, but nothing ever gets done without that first step. So maybe, just maybe, my waiting may be over (althou I will probably have to wait for the bloody tram, it's ALWAYS late:))

I'm not even waiting for tomorrow to publish this, ha!

How to.. have a perfect Sunday afternoon

To make a delicious Sunday afternoon all you need is to go have coffee and tiramisu with a dear dear friend whom you haven't seen in ages and to up this to perfection, just add a bit of shopping and a dose of the sunshine blue sky combo. Mix well and ta da! This is one treat I could indulge in forever.

Inspired by my own Friday's post, I was out looking for some chained goods. What I found was just breathtaking! I loooove this necklace (looks waaay better than on this photo..)

Also bought these crazy cute earrings. Both are from Stradivarius. They're pretty crap pictures, I know, but I'm too lazy to take better ones://

So how'd yall spend your Sundays?

Friday, May 22, 2009

All that glitters..

On a dull grey day like today who wouldn't strive for a little sparkle. Something brighter, bigger, better.. I for one am out there looking for that great treasure. Something to make life seem as if cut out of the perfect movie ending, a bit of the "having it all" wistfulness if you will..

Sometimes I tend to forget all the hard work that's involved and the downs that come before the ups, granted. And I know, I know, all that glitters isn't gold, but once in a while, a person does need a dose of some high shine to add a little sun to that rainy sky..

Stella McCartney Palm pendant.. isn't it lush? This one has its very own sun..and a palm tree to boot. Awesome.

Christian Lacroix Triple strand necklace.. I think it's just too cute.. might just chase those clouds away;)

This little Dior Ethnicity Tarnished Gold necklace is quite the show stopper.

Vera Wang makes some rad jewelry.

And finally, this antique 17" gold choker. This one is by all means my favorite.. I LOVE it. The true jewerly equivalent of sunshine/paradise island.. How marvelous would one feel wearing this??

Which one is your favorite?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is it love?

How can you tell if the new item in your closet is love or if it was just infatuation at the store? Well, I have a very simple rule.. if you just haaave to wear whatever it is that you bought straight away it usually means love. If you don't wear it right the next day post shopping trip, it may very well lay abandoned in your closet for godknowshowlong.

For instance, yesterday I went on a mini shopping trip inbetween going from work and on the way to the library and I bought this unbelievably lovely handbag I just couldn't leave behind (even thou I was there merely to look around as to not spend any money..), I knew it was love. I was thrown into a world of imagining all the lovely places I'd take my new little friend. I even gave it a nickname ("the festival pouch", yeah, guess where I'm planning on taking it:). Anyways, so there was no hesitation, not for even one moment (althou I did do the manditory quick mental scan if I have any shoes that go with it).

Detail of the handbag.. isn't it so sweet?!

I also bought a silly little bubble mini skirt. To be honest I wasn't too sure about the mini, if it wouldn't fall into the latter catagory. After all, who needs a white bubble mini skirt? Well, I guess I do.. or did anyways, not any more since I now have one..

Me leaving work today.. wearing said handbag and mini.

But alas today I wore both the bag and the skirt, so according to my rule of thumb, it was a good choice! Because let's be honest.. we don't usually regret buying something as to NOT buying something, right? (I once suffered greatly from not buying this one maxidress that sold-out and then never was able to find one quite as nice. It was all very traumatic. I miss that dress. The One That Got Away..)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hired help.

It's considered normal for celebs to have stylists, heck, it's hard to imagine them NOT having one.. But how tempting is it for a "mere mortal" to seek out some hired help? (I've heard about shops abroad having personal shoppers who help you pick out clothes that suit you etc.) I, for one, LOVE shopping and although I love to shop with company I will always value my own opinion higher than anyone else's (Aja? You reading this? You know I'm talking about those sunglasses you hate, right? Well, sorry, I still think they're fabulous.. and will continue to wear them.. albeit not to our rendez-vous because you know, I love ya..) Plus, someone can tell you that you look rad in something, but if you're not feeling it, then there's no point, is there? Cause half of how you look comes from how you think you look.. So, yeah, I'm kinda sceptical about this whole idea.. but what do I know? I've never tried it!

Have you ever tried.. hired help?;)

Lovely People Shop

I love a store with a cool name. You know, something fun and catchy, that you want to be a part of and you can wear proudly. And it's also important that it's not all about the name, because that's just sooo tacky. (Like those sparkly Guess t-shirts, serisouly, how much lamer could that be? Huh, yeah I think it's reached its limit..)

Luckily Lovely People Shop also make lovely shoes so there's that problem solved. Their slogan is "Shoes for lovely people" and I'm game. It's just so sweet how could I not be?

I'm currently on the look-out for some sandals (because I soo need sandals riight) and these quite fit the profile..

Here's a link to their site:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lusting after... Vol.II

Yup, it's another case of Lusting after.. today with a very speacial quest.. ta daaa..

These lovelies are by UNDERGROUND and are just amazing. They are the sexiest pair of creepers I have ever laid my eyes on and I want them! I want them! I need them! Aaaargh! I need to get back to my studying.. but seriously, aren't they just pure lush?

Your turn, are you a creeper gal/creeper gent?

Just can't get enough..

You know that Depeche Mode song right, well what does it for you? I mean, for me, there are soooo many things I just can't get enough of! To be honest, this is going to be a looong list and even stupid little things, but let's face it when you're hooked, you're hooked.

You know, like I for one am addicted to my phone or the net, or parfume. Daydreaming, talking with my best friend for hours on the phone, themed parties, parties in general, re-reading favorite books over and over again, watching favorite shows, going to the cinema, love at first sight, making lists (haha bet you didn't see that one coming right), I said daydreaming already? Writing things in my calender book, mirrors, gum, nailfailers, showers, taking long walks thru the city, holidays, going to the beach, handbags of every color, shape and size (I guess I could live with just one but that'd be no fun, would it?:)) The perfect dress and the runner up. Those magic moments when people just click, the perfect responses and hour-long kisses, music and dances! Happy go lucky catchy pop songs you find yourself singing along to for no reason, ridiculously high-heeled shoes I buy and then never wear. Make-up and then Johnson's make-up removal quips (what a time saver). My lily necklace I was given at birth and collecting accessories that complete any look to perfection, sunglasses, hair spray, art, fashion and having fun.. And that special someone that the song will be about..

So, what can you just not get enough of??

Monday, May 18, 2009

Heidi Klum (for Vogue)

At a Vogue party, she's definitely mastered the red dress..

Arriving at the Vogue phtoshoot holding the Chanel bag I blogged about!

Striking a fierce (and very Vogue) pose..

At Project Runway.. You just gotta love her :))

Saturday, May 16, 2009

How many great loves.. in one life time?

Re-watching some old SATC episodes (seriously, one of the best shows ever) and the topic of one of them was "how many great loves does a person have per lifetime". According to Charlotte and a magazine theory a person has two great loves per life. Huh.

I've been in love before.. riight? Sure, I mean, I love my handbags, I love my shoes.. oh wait, that doesn't count ey? I love my family, my friends, my dog. But still, that's a different love. Okay okay, so, I've "loved" two of my ex-boyfriends..

But to be honest it wasn't IT. Maybe it was just a case of zsa-zsa-zsu. It felt like "it" at the moment, sure, but was it real?? Or was it just me trying to be in love. You know, when you want something so bad you just make it happen.. And I'm that kind of person, the type who believes my own lies.. so it kinda worked. But in the end just like with most lies, it was broken and all that's left is to pick up the pieces and move forwards.

The episode finishes off with Carrie saying something I totally love: "Maybe the past is like an anchor that's holding us back. Maybe you have to let go of who you were, to become who you will be". And by god I hope I'll become a person who'll know how to love. To really love..

..have you ever been in love?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Would you wear it.. from a movie?

Inspired by an Asos group that worships one of the gowns Carrie wore on set at SATC, I started to wonder: would I actually wear a dress that made a memorable appearance in a movie/TV show? Some of the clothes she wore are avaliable to buy on sites such as and I was wondering, would any of you actually BUY a "Carrie" dress? For instance the famous dress by Vivienne Westwood that Carrie was about to marry Big in, well there's short version of the gown..

For me at least the thing is, I wouldn't pay that much money (if I HAD that much money..) for something that's already associated with someone else. It will forever be a "Carrie" dress and to be frank if I was getting married, I'd want a "me" dress (albeilt a Vivienne Westwood "me" dress;)). And another thing? I mean, she didn't even get married in the dress. The whole thing turned into a disaster.. so it's not a very lucky dress, is it?

But it is quite lovely non the less (althou I prefer the longer version). Here's a link to the net-a-porter site, where you can buy it for a small fortune:

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Avon Against Breast Cancer Walk

As I was listing thru next month's Elle magazine, it was brought to my attention that Avon is having its 9th anual Walk Against Breast Cancer. I've known about this project for quite a while but it always slips my mind. Anyways, the walk will be held at 2 o'clock in the afternoon on the 6th of June in the heart of Prague (the walk itself will be 5 km long, it starts from namesti Republiky and leads to the Erpet Golf Centre at Smichov where a band will play and new cosmetics will be presented). Also many Czech celebraties will be supporting this event (such as Ana Geislerova, Tana Vilhelmova, Dara Rolins or Mahulena Bocanova).

So if you happen to be in town, make sure to stop by! The "ticket" costs 300 Kc (which is like 11 Euros), the money is for a good cause and you also get a cute pink t-shirt, which actually is the ticket (men's shirts are white). For more information visit

So what are your thoughts about events like this? Would you be a part of this? Anything of this sort happening in your town?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Springtime.. where are you?

There's been some pretty crazy weather lately: either it's been summer hot (I'm soo not complaining) or it's been all rain and no fun. So that has me wondering: what exactly is spring supposed to be like? Is it characterized by the rain? In that case I'm not loving Spring too much.. Or is it that idle blue sky, those blooming trees and that exciting slighty cool breeze? Yeaah? OK, gotchya, but in that case.. Spring where are you??

Trees in Spring, Orchard Park, NY
(photo by Jim Schwabel)

Btw what's your favorite thing about Spring? Mine would have to be (well besides the end of the cold) SUNFLOWERS. I'm a sucker for sunflowers..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The never-ending battle..

Today to share something with you that has nothing to do with my latest photoshoot, I would like to bring up the somewhat endless question: heels or flats? Now, to some of you this may be a very simple matter.. I have a few acquaintances who live their lives with the motto "anything you can do, I can do while wearing stilettos". But to be honest, they're usually really short girls.

And I've envied them for as long as I remember, because they get away with it. They can be strutting around in the middle of the afternoon wearing the craziest skyscrapper heels and no one will be all like "wtf?". But when a tall girl does this, it blows up in her face.

On the other hand, we get away with all flat footwear almost absentmindedly. And I love some of the flat shoes I own, I really do.. and they're a godsend when I'm running around town all day livin' the life. But to be frank, nothing is as lovely as the perfect heels. Nothing quite right completes the outfit. So I save them for those special nights (and for cab rides)..

Which side are you on?

Monday, May 11, 2009

They Say I Gotta Change My Evil Ways..

They say I gotta change my evil ways
And I'm working hard at it every day but
No matter what i do
I seem to make the same mistakes that I'm trying not to

If love is just a game that people play
And practice makes perfect is what they say but
No matter what I do
I seem to make the same mistakes that I'm trying not to

Some of my favorite lyrics and the last of the Tomasz Slota photos..

Days like today..

There's days when even the best we do just doesn't cut it. When no matter how hard you try it makes no difference. It's like that day just wasn't meant to happen anyways.. For days like that all you really need is a good cocktail, your girlfriends and the goddess dress..

Mango Limited Addition dress, photos by Tomasz Slota

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Live it like in a movie

There really is nothing like it. When it's just perfect.. when pieces of the puzzle are set in the right places and the moment feels like a little bit of forever. Like the perfect kiss or the gentle breeze on a hot summer night out on the town. It's like wearing your favorite dress, for the very first time. And it's just like in a movie.

Photos by Tomasz Slota