Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shiny and oh so right!

photos by Ben Hodson and Saneesh Sukumaran.

So there's more than one way to wear a dress with a belt right? And that's where lies the fun! As you can see above, I wore my favorite Topshop belt for thsi w/e's photoshoot. I loooove that belt.. anyways, I first had it firmly placed on my ribs (picture #5) and althou I usually like this look, somehow I felt that this wasn't working so I opted for a more daring and fun style. Hiking the hem up of my shiny new dress and creating a loose frame for my top half. I felt way more relaxed and pleased with this look.

Dress H&M, blazer Topshop, belt Topshop, tights H&M, earrings Stradivarius, falts Primark

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tips and tricks '09

Trends or whatever I'm totally loving for fall 09':
LBDs - some things never change
Bangs up instead of up-tight straight fringe
Little braids - oh so sweet!
Big belts! (The one I'm wearing is my favorite at the mo..)
Mismatched bangle bracelets..
Original jewelry (earrings and necklace/dress-piece by MsVeve;))

Also (e.g. not pictured): the colour green, wooden details, huge tote bags, comfy warm footwear, tight vs. slouchy, leopard print, wet look leggings, brown tights, boots! Summer dresses and warm sweaters, grey hats, red shawls, light pink. Fake fur!! Geek chic glasses, vests, long cardigans, tweed, tailored sharp-shouldered blazers, leather, cute umberellas, ankle boots, skinny jeans, stripped white tailored trousers, briefcases, jersey dresses. Soft PJs, oversized robes, fluffy slippers, silk. More to come tomorrow, goodnight!

One about the holidays..

My week began in a rather lovely way, a day off to be exact. And then there was the down side, the Tuesday back to school. (Yes, that would be today. Ehm.) So little time, so many boring lessons:). So I'm daydreaming a bit about the w/e past and about all the lovely things to come. Anyways you're prolly gonna be surprised but I'm in a holiday mood, the Christmas spirit has gotten to me, yes, this early on.. I always think about the winter holidays during the end of September/ start of October but then when everyone else catches on, I'll move on to daydreams of the summer:))

Any ideas about Christmas gifts? What would you like to get? And what's ur fave thing about the holidays?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Courier fashion

Isn't he just yummy?

Have a great weekend everyone!!

What's in the bag?

So, obviously, I carry a lot of crap with me all the time. (And this is WITHOUT all my school stuff.) Anyways, here are some of the things I always have with: wallet (well, duh, right), keys, phone, headphones. Tissues, gum, dental floss, a tiny fork (you never know when you might need a tiny fork..), a snack, Mango sunglasses (my new favorite pair), perfume (Dior Forever and ever, a lovely light fun scent), something to read (I always have something to read, usually it's a book but since I haven't had time to go thru the new(-ish) Elle magazine, it's a glossy this time..), a date book, my favorite Parker pen and the make-up bag.

which holds: H&M make-up brush, Sephora black liquid eye-liner, Mac pink lipstick, Boujours red lipstick, Collistar mascara, Astor delux bronzer, Maybelline superstay silky foundation and a mirror (hidden somewhere?).

**Of course for nights out I leave the mag, date book and sunglasses at home and since it's still the era of the clutch I try to take as little an amount of things with me as I possibly can.

What's in your bag?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To the end of the Earth and back..


As promised some more photos from the photoshoot with Petr Suchomel. Wearing one of the oldest items from my closet, my leather Zara jacket. I remember the thrill it was to buy it, had been looking for that perfect leather jacket for ages and then suddenly we came across it by sheer chance, as if it had been fate. Also took my new fave shoes for a walk to the end of the Earth and back, and I'll tell you one thing, these boots weren't made for walking. Nahh, actually I think they'll get more comfy give or take a couple more wears.. but they still need some time. No matter, you have to agree that they're pretty sweet, right? Topshop, what can I say?:) Rest of the outfit consists of DIY shredded tee (best thing about DIY is that the outcome is all up to you. I went for a cute little odd pattern..) and Zara fake leather pants I got from my best friend (thank you sweetie! Love ya!). Oh and just a brief mention of the last picture. How rad is that part animation? I love it to bits! It's almost comic-book-ish/superhero style. Just needs a cape or something!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The day the Sun died.

photos by Petr Suchomel

Am absolutely loving full volume skirts at the moment. Adds so much needed drama to the silhouette, amazing. Also madly shredding almost everything I can get my greedy little hands on. Considering it an act of survival. Great way to releave stress from uni, that's for sure! Stay tuned for more photos from this past weekend's photoshoot. More to come:))

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Loving everything Zara..

The new collection is just precious! Want want want! The pointy shouldered blazer, the sweet yet tough leather jacket, everything furry, the zipper mini-skirt, the ripped jeans, that insanely cute clutch.. And you have to agree, the opening video to the site is really lovely.
Think I'll need a second job://

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The unforseen evils..

Okay, so I kinda knew what I was getting into. I pictured the loads of studying and being always ever so busy before hand, granted. Well actually? I sorta pictured it a bit differently, y'know, sitting at sweet little cafes, sipping a latte and being all cute. I mean, I knew there'd be that big ol' annoying text book and all but it was just all kinda blurred and seemed almost poetic. You get the picture I'm painting here, right? The geek chic meets rocker girl fashions, the "je ne sais quoi" femme fatale attitude, the hot classmates turned into study buddies and thus everything going as smoothly as a hot knife thru butter. Well, dear friends, I was wrong. Dead wrong. My math's no where near as good as I had dimly recalled it being and so far at least, there's really nothing hot about VSCHT. And what's really killing me? The waking up at 6 a.m., now that part hurts. At 6 a.m. I'm not even able to put a decent outfit together so I have to plan ahead the night prior. How sad is that?? Uggh, oh and it's always winter cold that early in the mornings so it's like living in two three seasons at once but without the fun of a winter wonderland, the glamour of the beginning autumn or the fun of indian summer..
Well, actually, you know I'm loving all of it right? :)) I mean, it's still a really rad uni and all and it gives me perspective on a lot of things I wouldn't have otherwise. Just too bad I don't have that much time left for anything else.. That said, better posts to come soon, promise! Wish me luuuuuuuck!
This is from the day I got back from my Tel Aviv holiday (miss that place so much!) and went to a friend's bday party. Wearing Elwood's "We're on a mission from God" tanktop. Those boys have the right idea;)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Matriculation Day

My uni matriculation was this morning. Formal dress required. Funny how so many people seemed to be having trouble with that. No, fancy dress does NOT mean in jeans, for goodness sake! I wore a little Zara LBD and black tights and leopard print heels (not too too high yet not that annoying tiny size either, the perfect length actually). Also a tight black cardi (was cold in the morning!) and a black trench. As for jewelry, went with my new Topshop earrings. The ones from the previous post. Sadly do not have a photo from this morning, there just wasn't any time to spare (and I keep thinking it's Friday already!) so just decided to upload this picture instead. It's actually really funny, since it's my promo for Lucky Hazzard and it's hanging in a pub called Ustav* (translation: Asylum) and I had no clue about it but then my brother went to this pub and his friend was like "Hey, isn't that your sister?!".
Hope yall having a good week!

Monday, September 14, 2009

In the ghetto..

Most wonderful photos by the tres lovely Midzu Gombitova.
Wearing: (1) Alice Abraham dress, (2) lace top Mango, H&M skirt, H&M fake fur collar, (3) Topshop "shorts" (well knickers really), Zara tee and H&M wedges, (4) Zara fake fur vest, Zara tee, Topshop earrings and bracelet, (5) Stradivarius vest, Zara bag, (6) DIY shredded tee, Topshop jewelry, (7) Topshop dress, Topshop belt, Bershka wedges, H&M tights

Saturday, September 12, 2009

What's Hot and What's Not.

When he writes you a message cause he's obviously thinking about you, yet keeps his distance. Never too much!

He wants you and it's sexy.

When he's kinda drunk but never nasty. Or too annoying. (Ugh, what turn offs!)

When he's a good kisser (duh!).

Curly hair. Beautiful curly hair, not Bozo the clown.

Now these are obvious (thou sadly men in Prague seem to sometimes forget): good clothes, clean.

Flowers. I don't trust a girl who doesn't like flowers. Hell, they can be hand picked daisies for all I care, it's the thought that counts.

Letters. Long, handwritten, old-fashioned love letters.

When he presses against you in that crowded club. Pushing you lightly against the wall. There's really no place you'd rather be and it's just you and him. The (rest of the) world fades away and dissapears. Bliss.

The way he smokes his cigarette. Passion.

Good shoes. This is a classic. Get with the program.

The way he looks at you. You're melting. Sigh.

He offers to carry your bag/ your books. Since back at uni (starting Monday!) and actually taking things seriously for a change, have noticed the importance of this almost historical feature of courting. Forget the flowers, just carry all my crap!

Perfect conversation. When you click. He's interested in what you're saying and is rather clever himself. The sex of the words. Hot.

When he's not just another asshole. Can be hard to notice straight away but if you're fooled more than once by the same trick, it may not just be a case of bad luck.

When he doesn't wake you up in the early hours of morning demanding sex, girl needs her beauty sleep. Don't get me wrong, I like morning sex, but I like my coffee first.

When he surprises you. In a good way (not that he's married and has three kids or is just a complete creep or something).

When he looks even better naked than dressed. Now that's a sweet surprise.

When he loves your sense of style. I mean, you know you look good great amazing, but doesn't hurt hearing it again. And again:)

His messages are even better the second time you re-read them. Then you replay the last time you saw him in your head over and over and cannot wait to see him later that night.

The way he smells. Makes your head spin.

When he's rough. Right time, right place kinda thing.

When he claims you cause he's just so smitten. Nothin' wrong with being someone's little girl;)

When he's cute. You think about him and smile. (I'm smiling..)

He's tall. Sorry, but he is. He has to be. End of story.

Okay and the bad? (What HE obviously would NEVER do.)

Kissing you by licking your whole face. Ewwww.

Walks like there's something wrong with him. There probably is.

He's not over is ex. Pl - ease.

Listens to crap music. And makes you listen to it.

He's like a caricature. And you just kinda wish you weren't there.

He's too full of himself. Self love is good but if he looks like he just loves himself, chances are he does..

When he talks about bullshit. And is a bank manager.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Meringue rings.. The tastiest look around.

As a child I used to looove eating meringue cookies. I'd just about go crazy when my Mum or Granny would be making them. Now as the years have gone by, I still am very fond of merigue but I think I actually like these rings even better. The idea, which they represent, gives them a sort of sentimental value and besides looking super sweet (literaly), that sharp pointy tip also lends them an edginess I always go for with my jewelry. Follow the link above to get your very own sugary treat sans the calories:)

Inspired by..

(From top to bottom): Morning tea and afternoon coffee. Without which I am a zombie.. Interesting places, where I would love to have a photoshoot one day. These steps on the way across the bridge to Ujezd are one of my favorite places and I think they hold such beauty. So one day soon I hope.. My sweetie Buddy. It's high time I paint him again. And of course the city itself. This is my home after all..

Thursday, September 10, 2009


This picture may look innocent enough but notice all my surroundings! I've no where to put my clothes! Help! Planning huge clean up for the w/e.. and will be putting all too-summery clothes into boxes and storing them for the upcoming winter. An activity I have managed to avoid for the past couple of years but now, cause I just don't fit with all my stuff, seems the best way to get a bit more room. Also no more shopping, obviously. (Like I could anyways, sooo broke:))

Wearing: Mango sunglasses and black sweater, Topshop red dress, belt and earrings.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The more you have, the more you need:)

Typical, isn't it? You'd think after all the shopping I had done lately, the beast would be set to rest for at least a little while. But alas noooo. I want more, I need more! So although my bank account is in a state of shock at the moment and is nervously waiting for pay day, I am still looking for a couple of things to cross off my list e.g. a good book to purchase. I want something to enjoy during this last week before uni starts. Was gonna go with Kathy Reichs's Deja Dead but the store didn't have it (there's basically only one huge book store in Prague where you can get books in English, there's millions where I could prolly get it in Czech but if I have a choice, I prefer to read teh originals..). Also am craving some new jewelry to play around with. Re-watching Bones at the mo so am very inspired by Tempe's style, her earrings in particular. Also need some thick tights for autumn and some hair pins. Anyways, almost late for a coffee date, so gotta run!

*picture found on Starbucks and Jane Austin blog

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What to wear to the first day of school?

It's a bit tricky right, going to an unknown place. You don't really know what to expect.. You don't wanna look too out of place yet still keep your own sense of style and self. I went for a tailored edgy look. Sofisticated but fun.. E.g. my new Zara fake fur vest, because, y'know, I LOVE it. Zara dark blue ripped skinny jeans, studded black leather converse shoes, a long sleeved black Zara tee and brand new Mango red sunglasses. And a huge black tote to carry all my crap.

Anyways, I had to get my pictures done for my new index and the horrible machine started speacking in German and made me choose a frame, even thou I didn't want a frame?! I picked the least ugly frame (ohh trust me, there were some uuugggly frames to pick from!) and so now I have the least serious picture in the university's files and in my index. Yeay for me right! ALso now have the worst schedule ever so I guess it all goes hand in hand..

On a happier note, here are some more pictures from Sunday's photoshoot. The first is by Ben Hodson and the latter is another by Florin Draghici. I think they both turned out quite nice if I do say so myself;))

Monday, September 7, 2009

Crossed off from the list:))

OK, remember my wish list from beginning of last week? Well, today I decided to treat myself to some Zara fun. And the item, which had been on the top of my Lusting-after, is now in my possession! The fake-fur vest! Yeay! Also bought two hats (I absolutely hate hats - mainly because I have always had bad luck with hats, never finding one that actually looks good - until today! My luck has changed:)),one grey and the other black, two huuuge shawls (red and light grey) and a warm coat.. So, Mr. Winter? I'm ready for you! Well, come to think of it, still need some mittens..

The first three pictures are from Saturday night, when I was on the way home from Ujezd. This trip home is what motivated me to go shopping, it was so bloody cold! You wouldn't believe.. Anyways, pictures are of The Prague castle and the National Theatre. You can also see a bit of the CHarles bridge.. Even thou it's cold, Prague is still rather lovely, isn't it?