Friday, July 29, 2011

Gone on Vacation

I'm leaving for my holiday tomorrow - early morning, yikes! - and will be gone until the 9th of August. There'll be no net connection there for me so won't be able to update until I return on Tuesday. Hope all will be well for everyone, xox,

Just Finished Reading

The second book from the Carrie Dairy series called 'Summer and the City'. I enjoyed it a lot more than I did the first Carrie Dairies book, because Carrie is now situated in New York and she's with Samantha, always my favorite. Though there were some parts that I found, well strange, considering the info one has via the show, but then again, this isn't really about the show, is it? Anyways, a nice summer read and although not one of the best books I've read, I did enjoy it and thus do recommend:)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wild Child

more inspirary at

Shoe Challenge #150: Red and Purple?

What: Zara suede wedges with bow detail
Where: university + stopped by Sephora.)
Wearing: Topshop dress and Topshop sweater, Stradivarius bag, Promod tights, Six earrings

I absolutely love these wedges, cause a) they're comfy, b) they're wedges and I'm all about wedges these days, c) they go with both red colors (thanks to the detail on the bow, that it goes into this seriously cute red color on the sides) and with purple (cause they're a very wine-red color otherwise). I stopped by uni to get a grade written into my index, and then dropped by Sephora to collect a bday gift (so nice of Sephora.) and then when I got home, I realized that I forgot my keys. Durr! Called my boy and he was luckily at work (which is close by to the flat) and he lent me his keys. I hate it when I forget things!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shoe Challenge #149: Cowgirl

 What: Zara DIYed two-tone brouges
Where: off to work
Wearing: Promod leathe rbow belt, Stradivarius button-down shirt, Bershka jeans, gifted watch
I went shopping yesterday and besides buying a pair of shoes (well, it's me right), I bought this shirt. I've been wanting to buy a denim shirt for a while but it's always been either the price wasn't right or the cut of the shirt, ot the color, or something. Well, anyways, yesterday I found the perfect shirt so, ta da. As for the shoes, they're from the Paris Zara, and they're a size too small, so I had to do a little DIY project on them. (Don't ask, it was A LOT of work!!) And I made myself a promise never to buy too small shoes again, not worth the later effort.))

Shoe Challenge #148: Killer Heels

 What: Asos insanely high heels
Where: nowhere*
Wearing: DIYed dress, Reserved tights
I was gonna wear these out but honestly, they are impossible! The heel hieght is insane and the way the platform in the front is made so tiny, they are completely unstable. Thus killer heels (for the wearer). I still kinda love them thou, but possibly just for photos. With minimum walking involved. As for the dress, well, I added the bottom frill by myself, cause otherwise it was way too damn short. I took the frill front a different dress that looks way better without it. I love it when that happens:)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shoe Challenge #146: Flower power

 What: Irregular Choice wedges
Where: shopping with the boy
Wearing: Zara jeans, vintage belt, Stradivarius sweater, Zara basic tee, Stradivarius bag
 With shoes that are as eye catching as these I decided to keep the outfit as simple as possible, meaning my favorite pair of jeans, a white v-neck tee and a mono-color sweater in nude.
 These wedges really do do all the talking:)Perfection!

Shoe Challenge #145: Simple & Fun.

 What: Bershka wedges
Where: dinner with the boy & his parents
Wearing: Mango dress, Bershka sweater, Stradivarius bag, Topshop box
As most fashion-forward gals, I love me some strips and bows (and polka dot print, but that's a whole nother isssue..) and so this past Friday while having dinner wit the boy and his mum and dad, I sported this little jersey dress via Mango, the summer sale did me good, that's for sure. I wanted to have a simple outfit so I match the dress to a nifty little tote bag which has this wonderful design on it: it's like a letter from a girl to her mum saying she's having a lovely holiday but is her mum could send her some money. Yeah, this bag spoke to me alright!:) The rest was a piece of cake: sweater to go with bag, bow (which I got recently at the Topshop sale) that goes with bag and sweater, shoes that go with bag and dress. Simple & Fun.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Shoe Challenge #144: Raining Cats and Dogs

 What: New Look heeled leather broques (bought in Paris)
Where: work
Wearing: Mango mini skirt, H&M tee, plus a bunch of layers not shown cause this is the coldest summer uggh.
 It's been raining non-stop for a couple of days and it frightens me to think how long this will continue (I need to be saving some shoes!) and given that most of my still-waiting-to-be-saved shoes are either open toes or suede, it's gonna be quite a challenge! Now these shoes, on the other hand, are not suede nor open toed so it was a rather easy decision to pick them (actually, I've been wearing them for a couple of days now but just never got to photographing them, cause besides my flat there really isn't any place to take photos when it's so horrible out.)
Anyways, New Look does some simple and nice shoes (occasionally) and though these weren't the cheapest (at something like 55 euro?, to be honest I can't remember) but I just had to have them. I'd buy more New Look shoes but was so dissapointed by their shipping prices and that t took them SO LONG to ship my order I think I'll only be buying in-store from now on. Given that there's no New Look stores in Prague it won't be that often (so only whilest on holiday, like these sweeties).
Anyways, now I gotta be off, umbrella and rain coat and all, xoxo.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Recently purchased items

 My love for is nothing new. They have some amazing shoes (even from their own line) and stock brands such as Kurt Geiger and Irregular Choice. Further more, they have FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. Which equals to The Best Thing Ever.
 I couldn't resist buying these shoes. It was my birthday. I had been lusting after: block heeled shoes (check), polka dotted heels (check), red heels (check), pvc heeled shoes (check) and some crazy wedges (check check).
 I'm still lusting after a pair of wedges with multi strap buckles. Such as the Bertie Superstar wedges. But no such luck in that area. Seems that everytime I find I shoe like that it is already hopelessly sold-out. Big time bummer.
I'm also craving some leopard print wedged booties (preferrably ope toed, such as the legendary Topshop ones), found a sweet pair over at but their shipping is just ridiculous. Ugh.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shoe Challenge #143: Grebovka

 What: Destroy leather wegdes
Where: Grebovka
Wearing: H&M leopard print coat, Zara dress, H&M tights
 Bought these wedges ages ago and used to wear them loads more than I do now (first time this year, ehm). I like the simple detailing that sort of toughens them up a bit. But truth be told they are sort of too plain for me now so I tend to reach for different pairs and were it not for the shoe challenge I probably wouldn't have worn them.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Shoe Challenge #142: Jinxed

 What: Stradivarius "sweater" wedges
Where: off to work
Wearing: H&M wolf tee, Zara jersey skirt, Promod bow belt, Topshop tights
 I wore these wedges a couple of days ago as well and had on a pair of smart trousers and my favorite tee and I just couldn't get a good picture?! (On every one I either was missing a head or the pig would stand in the way of my shoes). Thus I decided to wear them again today since it's kinda cool out (and them being made from a sweater material upper, they aren't for the warmest weather).
I love pairing simple tees and simple skirts for summer. As for the tights well, today it's rather coldish out but I have to wear tights to work all the time anyways (no tattooes allowed). Paired this off with a sweater and off I went. Still think these wedges are a bit jinxed though:))

Shoe Challenge #141: Runaway Train

 What: Stephan jelly flats
Where: after lunch with the boy's parents, at the train station by our flat
Wearing: H&M pencil skirt (that I have had for AGES), Zara tee, Stradivarius v-neck sweater, H&M tights, Stradivarius bag, Six earrings
What a beautiful day Sunday was. Absolute perfection. I am such a summer gal, though days like these definitely do make me miss the beach. Or at least a nice (clean!) outdoor poor, perferably close to my place. (Growing up in Maryland with a pool right by the house was divine, I basically would spend the summer there, playing with my friends and my bro and sis.) Well, Prague is waaay different than Bethesda, Maryland was. Here one learns to be happy with JUST the sun (cause summer days like these are scarce.) I probably didn't have to wear the tighst but I love that they are the EXACT same color and shade as the shoes. Which remind me of slippers (in a good way). Yeah..

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shoe Challenge #140: Braides, bows and polka dots

 What: Promod bowed flats
Where: work + shopping
Wearing: Bershka polka dotted dress, Promod bow belt, H&M sweater, Stradivarius bag
 Was in a matchy-miss-matchy mood Thursday and though I managed to pair things off quite well (the chrochet on both sweater and shoes, bows everywhere, browns and whites) the over all effect was meant to look a bit miss matched (with the polka dots and the braid etc.)
 I went shopping and got these really nice business pants at Zara and a shirt and a scarf. I love the summer sales at Zara, you can really get some bargains there! As for these shoes, they came via the Promod sale this summer and were a wonderful 70% off. The photo below is true to color.
Truth be told I am planning to get rid of some shoes that are either used-up or just blahh. Next weekend.. Hopefully!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shoe Challenge #139: Walk Through the Park and Someone Else's Nightmare

 What: H&M wedges
Where: work & way home through the park
 Wearing: Stradivarius dress, Gate tights, Stradivarius bag, Bershka sweater
 My camera picks times when it works and when it doesn't, luckily for me I have this blog just for kicks cause otherwise it would be a major problem, since I can't really show you the outfit here. Shame cause this dress has really pretty detailing. You'll have to take my word for it!
 There's many routes I can take to get home from the lab, one of my favorites is via this tiny park that has this ridiculous hand rail for midgets (srsly, it's like at my knees..) but it's cute and all. Anyways, this dress captured my attention due to its lace detailing, as I've already mentioned. Here's a close-up of the colar.
I then took the tram and saw a girl WITHOUT SHOES!!! This would be my worst nightmare!!! (I've actually really have had nightmares about being out on the town with out shoes, yikes!) However, this lady had no shoes via choice. Strange.. Hope this won't become a trend!

Shoe Challenge #138: Hello Yellow

 What: Zara leather strapy mini-wedge sandals
Where: Paris :)
Wearing: Stradivarius cropped trousers, vintage belt, H&M scarf, Mango sweater, Stradivarius studded bag
 Back from my holiday I must admit I miss Paris loads, I even miss the Paris metro.
 This was on our last day and even though it was rather windy I decided to wear my new Zara sandals. The tiny wedge and additional padding of teh shoe make them an uber comfy pair:)) Perfect for touristing about town!
 Obligatory bridge photo
xoxo MsVeve