Friday, November 29, 2013

Catching Fire

 Last night I finally went to see Catching Fire, swoon. Ahh young love. It was so much fun. I'm a Peeta fan btw, he's so much better than Gale. Anyways, I love dressing up to go to the cinema, especially if I'm taking the car. Last night was no different which was lucky as I got to save another pair of shoes. So yes, this is another shoe challenge post. I'm having issues this week with posting my photos on the shoe challenge site and it's quite frustrating but hopefully it'll get solved soon? Back to the shoes:

 Shoes saved: Asos Puzzle Platform Pumps
Worn on: 28.11.2013 - movie date
Wearing: Mango motorcycle jacket, Pull&Bear sweater, Reserved dress, Mark B for Topshop bag


Sorry about yesterday - too much going on. I haven't been on my best shoe saving game lately but that should change tonight as I am heading to an awful boring event and will at least save some killer heels. And I saved some nice shoes yesterday too (which will be in my next post). Otherwise during the weekend I've kept thing super simple - functional shoes. Meaning low or flat heel and warmth. Like the ones below, which also happen to be my least favorite boots. Yes, really. I've had them for years and I remember liking them at least moderately when I bought them but for the past couple of years I have really disliked them. I wear them once in a while when I don't care what I'm wearing and need a comfortable black pair of boots.

Shoes saved: Bata boots, bought ages ago

I wonder why I dislike them so much - I mean, there's nothing wrong with them. They have a nice enough style and I like those little studs. I remember when I bought them (my ex-best friend bought them as well) we were thinking that they're a nice pair of casual and slightly rocker chick boots. Maybe it's because they remind me of her. I wonder if that's it. Whatever, they're saved.

Next I want to show you a pair of shoes that have nothing to do with the shoe challenge and are pure fun. That's right, home slippers. I recall seeing this photo article in last month's Cosmo about celebs wearing slippers outside. I like these Marks'n'Spencer slippers but I wouldn't wear them outside! Even though they have hearts and I'm particularly fond of a good heart print. So, you might be a tad confused now and be all like why is she showing us her slippers? Well, it's because if you look closer at the photo above you will notice.. the famous silk shorts I've mentioned repeatedly and never shown. Yup, it's them alright. And I thought I might as well show you a close-up of my slippers while I'm at it. You're welcome. Stay tuned for my next post. It won't be long now.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wish List

I am so so behind on my Christmas shopping, it's starting to worry me. Usually I already have the majority of my gifts either bought, made or at least planned but this year? So far, I only have one gift bought and a few thought out and that's it. It's a nightmare. I mean, gift giving can be so hard with some people. For example, I never know what to give my brother or my father. On the other hand, there definitely are people that are super easy to buy gifts for, like my mom or my sis. I am also one of those 'happy-with-everything' people. Plus if anyone didn't have a clue, they could simply check out my blog. So, in honor of the holidays and gift giving, here is my current wish list:

So with me, it basically comes to a few favorites. I love shoes, books & animals. Sadly, I don't think I'll be getting any new animal pals but if I could choose, I'd definitely pick this little guy:

OK, so I don't actually really know what animal this is (some kind of rat?) but goodness, isn't he so cute? Here's hoping. But realistically, I wouldn't mind some Melissa shoes:

The Dreamed by Mel Melissa Raspberry pump is a shoe I have been lusting after for a while now and would love to have. I really like the black version with the red heart or the nude version with the black heart. I also wouldn't mind the flats version - especially the black on black ones. So pretty. But honestly, I'd love almost any Melissa shoes. Definitely one of my most favorite brands!

Speaking of favorite brands, I wouldn't mind some shoes from Irregular choice either! I just checked the Irregular Choice website and there are quite a few shoes I found myself interested in...

"Another Lost Weekend" - such a cute name for a shoe and I adore that little brooch on the bow.

"Carpe Diem" - I love a sparkly heel. And the kitsch factor of this shoe. Sharks!

"Marshmallow Mountain" - I have a thing for slouchy boots and for marshmallows.

"Mosatccio" - some sparkle and a mustache;)

"Oz" - love the shoes, love the name!

Quite a nice pair of boots right? A bit simple for IC but I like them nonetheless. They're called "Party Pants".

"Wisker" - love that little kitty!

"Mary Elizabeth" - such interesting boots.

 I was a bit surprised that Irregular Choice have their own wedding collection of shoes because I hadn't heard of it before but it's been a while since I've been to their website and all. Anyways, I really liked these two pairs:
"Love & Magic" - such lovely detailing!

"We Found Love" - these are exquisite. Love the shape and that beautiful flower.

Phew, this is becoming a super long post right? Sorry, but I really love IC and couldn't narrow it down. Now, I'd get on to the books but I know I couldn't keep that list short either, so it'll come up in a different post (or you can check out my amazon wish list). That's it for today, see you tomorrow with some shoe saves.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Friday Night Fever

Friday night Lussy & I did a spot of clubbing - it was fun but I was definitely tired by the end of the night (why do I always take photos at the end of the night??). It was also a cold night (but it has gotten colder still after the weekend - brrr!) and I opted for comfort over fashion. I wore trusty wedge ankle boots so I had no problems running around Prague.

Shoes saved: Bata DIYed wedge heel ankle boots (these used to be over the knee boots that I changed into ankle boots)
Wearing: Topshop coat, H&M fake fur stole, Mango bag, I also wore my favorite Zara black miniskirt and a nice Zara white tee and a black Pull & Bear sweater

Over the weekend I wore these shoes. They're from H&M and I wore a really cute outfit with them but didn't get an outfit shot. These shoes are pretty neat, I love the shearling detail and they are super comfy with a nice sturdy heel. I knew it wouldn't be hard to save them in the challenge. Oh and I treated myself to some lovely sweets over the weekend and I thought I'd share them with you. These are Czech made and contain NO GELATIN (they're made from fruit)! And they're really good too. See you later.

Friday, November 22, 2013

You're gonna eat lightnin'

 Last night I went to a dinner and originally I thought I was going to wear something completely different but then practicality got the better of me (that certainly doesn't happen too often). I was going to wear some ridiculous OTT shoes but considering that I was going by bus instead of car, I chose boots that were actually made for walking.

Shoes saved: Fifth Avenue shearling detail boots
Worn on: 21.11.2013 - dinner date (and no, I didn't go to the Rocky Sport Bar, haha, but thought it was a lovely backdrop for my photos)
Wearing: Camaeiu coat, Liquor Brand bag, gift heart brooch on bag, Asos dress

These boots are nice and warm and have a low wedge heel so good for walking. That's all good but on the other hand, I don't think they look too good with jeans so I only wear them with dresses. And I don't wear them too often. But maybe I'm being too picky, perhaps they could work with pants. Whatever. Below is another shoe save and the last for today - I wore these yesterday for my long work & Uni day (photo is from when I finally came home) but I also wore them today to the lab. However, I didn't feel like taking an outfit photo yesterday and I definitely won't be taking one while I'm at work (can you say awkward), so this grainy shoe shot will have to do.

Shoes saved: Pepe Jeans lace-up boots (love the detailing - wish you could see it better)

Anyways, I'm off to lunch and then have a long day ahead so I guess I'll see y'all on Monday. Have a lovely weekend!

This is a shoe challenge post.


I don't always feel like blogging and if I have a lot to do on a particular day, I usually skip writing anything because I hate rushing posts. That's basically what had happened yesterday. I went to work, went to Uni, had to stop by the study department to get my student card renewed. I know, I should have done that ages ago but I couldn't be bothered. Then I had to stop by M's to fix a computer issue and then I had a dinner date. Anyways, I had forgotten to post these photos sooner, though this is a save from some time ago and what better time than now, right? These are some of my favorite shoes of all time, seriously. I love these.

Shoes saved: Topshop Kane studded strap flats
Worn on: Friday 15.11.2013 - dinner date
Wearing: Zara Woman hooded coat (I love the hood on this coat), Pull&Bear sweater, Asos fishnet tights over H&M black tights, Liquor Brand leopard print bag (another favorite), gifted heart brooch on bag, borrowed mustard pashmina, Black sweater dress (not shown)

So, the shoes, I LOVE these shoes. They are made from super soft leather, they have a lovely faded dark grey color and I adore the studded straps. Yeah, it's really all about the studded straps! I've had them for ages and still love them. Once a friend from Uni told me "I think these are the only shoes I've ever seen you wear more than once" (not true, but not that far off either). I couldn't find a product photo and this was the only close-up photo I could find on my blog, but at least you get the general idea of the shoe. Lovely, isn't it?

On Wednesday I went to meet up with my friend when she arrived in Prague and we then had dinner and gossiped. I guess the modern way to deal with a break up is not to cry and eat chocolates but to drink beer, eat pizza and watch crappy television. She seemed way happier at the end of the evening so I guess this remedy totally works. We'll be meeting up tonight to do a stop of clubbing but I have an early-ish day tomorrow so I hope I won't get home too late.

Shoes saved: Asos Active Wedge Trainers in blue
Worn on: Wednesday 20.11.2013
Wearing: basically the only thing you can see is the end of my H&M mama coat but I also wore those elusive Asos satin shorts I wore to my brother's bday dinner that never got photographed (those little devils) and a Stradivarius long sleeve tee (goes perfectly with the shorts) and a black button down sweater. 

Anyways, the shoes are pretty neat - they have a 8 cm wedge so are perfect for walking and are seriously as comfortable as trainers. You can see them here on Asos but they're sold out. Stay tuned for one more shoe save coming right up!

Find out more about the challenge here.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Oh Wednesday

After a few very active days I was glad to take yesterday easy and not really do anything much. Today has also been very carefree, though I'll have to go to school in a little while. And then meeting a friend who just broke up with her boyfriend so I'm going to go cheer her up. Maybe could get some Christmas shopping done as well. Here's what I wore on Monday night to the pub:

Shoes saved: Vagabond lace-up heeled boots
Wearing: Bershka coat, Mango bag, F&F dress, Asos harness belt

Shoes saved: Stradivarius sparkly glitter lace-up shoes

These shoes were worn sometime last week when I went to the lab. Think is was Thursday or Friday. Love them (I mean, sparkly glitter shoes - what's not to love?) but I was cold in them. It's definitely way past time to wear only boots. Have to run now!

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Daily Adventures

 Like I mentioned in my last post, Monday was as full of activity as was the weekend. Our institute hosted a symposium that I was obliged to attend. I had uni classes in the morning and I went running before going to school, then I attended the work event. Then I went home to tend to the pig and later still I went to the pub with friends. HECTIC.

Shoes saved: Zara boots (I DIYed these from knee highs to ankle boots)
Worn on: Monday 18.11.2013 - uni classes and work symposium
Wearing: Asos coat, Mark B for Topshop bag, Pull &Bear sweater (I have more of these, I liked this sweater so much I went back to the store and loaded up on them), Zara dress (which is way cute and am a bit sad that you can't see it)

*I don't know why the photo above looks so weird. It looks completely fine on my computer but it loaded strangely onto the blog. But I can't be bothered to look into the code to fix it.You can see the photo here.

The work event was okay, but the pub later was better haha. We went to Lokal - I would definitely recommend this pub to anyone coming to Prague and looking for good beer. I'll post that outfit in the next post but I promised you the outfit that I wore to M's for lunch and here it is:

Shoes saved: one of my all-time favorite shoes - River Island Furry Ankle Boots
Wearing: Zara leopard print pants (I know, these pants are insane), H&M tee, H&M jacket, vintage leather bag, phone & headphones (have been IN LOVE with the Kills lately and listening to them nonstop, and also this song from the White Stripes - which I absolutely adore).

I don't blog enough about these ankle boots but they really are the best. They are super warm, outrageously comfortable and yet still unique enough to stand out. I love them. But I should have probably worn them with different pants as the leopard print really steals the show, doesn't it? And not entirely in a good way. Here you can see how the shoes look with black pants and I think they work better that way. (And hey, it's the old flat! Prague 4, I miss you!). Anyways, the leo pants are crazy hard to style to make them seem normal. I think they look good when paired with neutral flats and just a tee but they're definitely not good for layering. But I was in a hurry and just went with it. They probably looked even worse when I wore them to walk the pig but the pig looks cute here so I'm posting it. It's time for a super late dinner so I have to finish and run, see y'all tomorrow.

This is a shoe challenge post.


 Sunday was the definition of crazy busy. Got home from the club at 5 a.m., went to sleep, I had to wake up soonish to walk the pig, then we went to M's parents for lunch (I'll post that outfit some time tomorrow), then my parents and my sis came to visit the flat so before that I had to do a bit of cleaning up, their visit was nice but I was super tired by then. Anyways, after my family left, M & I were all like "now what" and I was really tempted to just stay in and be lazy and read but instead, I went to walk the pig and then we went on a movie date. I was completely dead by Monday and Monday was super busy too (more on that also in another post). So back to what we did Sunday. We went to see Thor 2. I thought it was a really good movie - there was action, there were some really funny parts, there was a bit of romance (not nearly enough though!). The only part I didn't like was the ending. I don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet and wants to, so I'll just say this - what typical guy bullshit. I know he's supposed to mean well but he's left her anxious again, bastard. And then the whole thing how it's obvious that there will be another sequel is also a bit annoying. This isn't a movie blog though (maybe it should be?) so let's get back on track and here's what I wore:

Shoes saved: Asos Amplify Punch Out Wedge Ankle Boots in brown leather
Worn on: Sunday 17.11.2013 - dinner and a movie
Wearing: Asos dress with gold pearl detail, Pull & Bear sweater, Topshop coat, vintage bag

Before I show you product photos of the shoes, let's talk about the dress. I bought it ages ago and have only worn it like once. That's basically because although I really like the dress (it's like a super soft sweater with pearls on the front - awesome), it's kinda really really short. It definitely doesn't look as short on the model (pictured below) so I was surprised it was so short when it arrived. But on Sunday I was like "I don't care, I want to wear something I haven't worn in ages, I want something new and daring" so this dress won.

Now, the shoes won't be to everyone's liking. I know a lot of people hate open toed boots and I get that. The practicality is a bit low.  But on the other hand, I really liked these boots when I saw them on the Asos website and I was willing to try the trend. I'll be honest and say that although I had wanted to wear them a number of times, I never have until this past Sunday. And that's because we took the car. If we hadn't taken the car there would have been no way I would have worn these boots. I think if they weren't open toed I would get a whole lot more wear out of them but then again, I think the open toe does make them way more interesting. Anyways, I'm glad I finally managed to save them and that's all for today. See ya!

More on the shoe challenge here.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Brrr It's Cold

I had a bit of a strange day yesterday - I went to work, then to uni class, then home and I even went running!! (I haven't been running or to the gym in AGES, so I was quite proud of myself.) I mean it was a good day but I didn't feel like blogging. So sorry about not posting. This is yesterday's outfit:

Shoes saved: River Island brown faux fur lined quilted boots (you can get them here)
Worn on: Thursday, 14.11.2013 - to work and to uni (obviously, I didn't go running in them, just in case you were wondering!)
Wearing: Mango jeans (these are beginning to get worn out and will need replacing soon :/), Mango coat, red pashmina, Bershka hat, Zara office City bag. I wore a Zara button down shirt in tartan and a Zara knitted vest but you can't see those.

Yeah, I know, I still suck at those outfit photos. I thought the new flat would fix that but the lighting has a lot to be left desired and well, we're still working on it. Furthermore, there's stuff going on in my personal life, that I won't go into, but it definitely occupies my mind, meaning that taking photos of my clothes seems a little bit ridiculous. Especially if the lighting is crap. Wow, isn't this a lovely post? Let's get back to the shoes - they're basically Ugg boots with some detailing. But when it's cold, I like Ugg boots. So I'm okay with that. I like the quilted detailing and the zipper looks nice (though it does tend to get stuck so you have to be careful while zipping it up). And they're definitely nice and warm. Prague has gotten fucking cold and I'm torn between embracing that (wearing boots) and ignoring it (saving shoes). I mean, just two days ago I wore the shoes shown below. They're from Topshop and are a spiked slipper flat shoe. I think I'll save them in the Spring officially, so this isn't their shoe save post, but I wanted to show you the contradiction that is my outfit choosing.

This has been a shoe challenge post