Monday, September 24, 2012

Roman Holiday

 The boy & I went for a 3 and a half day mini-break to Rome. It was awesome. Perhaps a bit too short but I think we managed to see everything and do a bit of shopping. ;) I kept my wardrobe simple. A lot of black.
 I love this dress.
 above: Stardivarius cropped jeans, H&M tee and tank top, ipanema flip-flops, Mark B for Topshop bag, Asos watch
below: new earrings I got in Rome from a local designer! + Zara headband
I really wanted to buy this guy but in the end I resisted. I kinda miss him, what can I say? I'm a piggy lover.


Pink Haired Princess said...

Hope you had a good time, love the pig, another piggy fan here!

MsVeve said...

Thanks so much for stopping by! The trip was lovely but I'm glad to be back home with Mr. Piggy, I missed him!