Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lusting after and saaving shoes

Guys, my life is really super hectic right now. It's like there's always something I'm supposed to be doing and then there's work and school and house work and a social life. It's madness. So it's not too surprising that I haven't been getting any outfit photos taken. I actually had a super cute outfit on on Friday night but damn it, didn't get any photos taken because it just slipped my mind and then by the time I thought about it, I was already at home and then it was too dark and too awkward to take any photos. So today's post is more of a "lusting after"/stuff I think is cute and would maybe buy if I had the money post plus two half-assed shoe saves. It was either this or nothing at all.

I really love these soaps in tin cases by Mad Beauty, sold over at asos.com. I bought the "Purrfect" one and the one where one lady is whispering to another. The good news is that they're currently on sale (for 2 pounds each), the bad news is that only the "Purrfect" one is left. Otherwise I would have totally bought the kissing one as well. The soap smells really nice and the tin is just lovely. I'm thinking of using the tins to store jewelry or something. We'll see...

These tights are amazing really. Who wouldn't want glow-in-the-dark skulls on their tights? I would have totally bought loads of these but of course by the time I came across them only sizes S were left (and I'm too tall for tiny tights) and by now they're all sold out. But I'm still lusting after them nonetheless. These are also from Asos and I wish Asos had a "notify me if they come back to stock" option because look at those adorable skulls! I need them.

I think I may have mentioned this dress before, it's Asos's Pretty Jacqaurd Bardot prom dress and I think it would be perfect for Spring. It has a lovely shape and I really like the fabric as well. I'm thinking of getting it after payday.

Last on my lusting after list is this exclusive to Asos Anna Sui Mini Mouse make-up set. It is super cute, love the carved lipstick and all of the packaging. The only thing I'm not loving is the price tag. 48 pounds? I don't think so.

That's it for my miniature wish list. I mean, in all honesty, I'm definitely lusting after a bunch more but the products above were my favorites and I wouldn't want to bore you with the not so special stuff. Let's move on to the shoe saves, shall we?

 Shoes saved: H&M leopard print lace-up flats
Worn on: Friday, 28.2.2014, to work
Wearing: you can't really see anything from my outfit, which is a shame as it was quite quirky (though I must say that the outfit I wore at night was omg the best, but I didn't even get a shoe shot). H&M thick knee high socks, Bershka black skinny jeans, vintage tan leather belt, Sisley tan sweater, Zara grey jacket

Shoes saved: Zara black tiny bow ballerina flats
Worn on: Monday, 3.3.2014, to uni and then to work
Wearing: Zara pencil skirt, H&M tights, H&M collared shirt, Pull&Bear black cardigan, Topshop quilted fake leather jacket, H&M studded bag

It's dull and grey outside today and I'm off to meet a friend about a pair of shoes and I think I'd just rather stay at home but I promised. I probably won't write a post tomorrow but I'll do one on Thursday, so see you then.

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Brian McCloskey said...

Love love *love* the purple tights!