Friday, August 14, 2009

Gone for the w/e!

I'm going to visit a friend for the duration of the weekend and have thus discovered something so obvious about myself that I shudder whilst remembering my original notion having to do with my upcoming holiday*: I over-pack. I mean, common! Going away for the WEEKEND, riiight? That's two days, well 3 with the way there. So like how many clothes do I really need to be taking with me?

I've narrowed it down to:

PJs, robe (not really clothes but since taking up room anyways, s'in the list)
Travel clothes (jeans, sweater/sweatshirt, shirt, converse?)
Going out clothes 1 (dress, tights, handbag, heels)
Going out clothes 2 (fringed long top, tight mini skirt, studded belt)
Day clothes 2 (t-shirt, black capri pants, balerina flats)
Travel back clothes (same jeans, sweater/sweatshirt, dif shirt, converse?)
Make-up, Perfume, Toothbrush, Hair brush, Make-up removal quips etc. etc.
Phone, wallet, book
Sunglasses, suntan lotion (for I pray it wil be sunny)

Anyways now I'm running about wondering if I have forgotten anything and if it shall at least be summery weather while I'm gone??! Oh and here's a photo of my new favorite hair style (that is my own original idea, or so I think), a double french braid (one from the bottom, one from the top) meeting in place of a pony tail and turned into a bun. Perfection!

*have been boasting about how light I shall be packing. Hmmmm.


Anonymous said...

Looove the hair style! Very nice.

imjussayin said...

NIce BLoggg!!!

MsVeve said...

Thank you:)