Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So on Saturday my brother, his gf and I went on a trip to Plzen to pick up my baby dwarf pig. You srsly would not believe how utterly cute he is! And tiny! (Well he is only one month old, so of course he's gonna grow but still, he's tres tiny and cute and everything). More photos to come soon but I needa recharge my camera and you all know how hard that can be...  Anyways, life with Dracul? It's all good, so far he hasn't ruined any of my shoes (good boy!) and only peed in my bed once. Though he has become quite daring and no longer wants to sleep/hang out in his basket so I'm thinking about getting him a crib like the one pictured above. Dunno, smth nice and that he could stay in. Huh, we'll see.

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