Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July files of new..

What does MsVeve love buying the most? Shoes, duh! Had an amazing shopping time over at H&M, found the most blue sandals ever and happily enough, they cover my entire feet ink, which is damned good for some occasions. Also? You would not believe the price. 70 Kc. Yes, really. (That's like 3 euros). The white wedges were also from H&M, I totally love them and they too were for the ridiculous price of 70 crowns, madness. Next I bought a pair od Prague tourist flip flops because well I had to really. I was out clubbing with Gabi and my red wedged heels were KILLING me so it was either buying a pair of diff. shoes or going home to change and going home was just too annoying so ta da! I partied the night away in these bad boys;) Another H&M pair, beige quilted balerina flats. I just had to have these. Yeah. So that was the shoe part, then a bought a whole lotta shirts and tees etc. and also this AMAZING Topshop black rompersuit, love it! love it! love it! I'm so into rompers now it's crazy. This whole craze started with the heart detailed romper from Zara, now this one and yesterday I bought a sailor inspired one also from Zara, photos to come soon I hope. Oh and while keeping up with blogging friends, I apparently NEEDED to buy a pair of slightly oversized bow detailed shorts. yeah. Totally. Now I'm off to buy a book and a dress and then too go tend my pig and my boy. Exactly in that order too. Happy Wednesday!

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