Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What to wear to a family event..

..when it's not YOUR family, now that can be a tough one. Especially if it's a no-tatts kinda thing. My bf's uncle was celebrating his 60th bday and thus it was a more formal-ish get-together. Ended up buying a new dress for the occasion (and actually wore a black turtleneck under it and a pair of black tights - on both legs mind you.) And since my boy was going in a yellow-ish buttondown shirt I added matching accessories in the form of a ribbon belt and my favorite wedges.


As you can see, Dracul was quite enjoying my frantic dressing up and trying to find the perfect combination..

Now this is from this w/e. Went clubbing and dared to wear my "unlucky" dress (I tend to give my clothes and shoes and handbags lucky or unlucky qualities depending on what happens the first time I wear them and this dress went thru hell that night about three months ago..) and I think the unluckiness is gone since the night was all good.

Was great seeing the girls for it has been TOO long! Unfortunately was quite tired for it had been a looong day so we only stayed a bit after two and then went home...

A bit of a zombie photo but still, I bloody like it.)) (And you can see the dress - Zara - belt - Topshop - too bad you can't see the boots - Vagabond )

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Charles said...

you look great! love the outfit :) xx