Thursday, November 25, 2010

My new sweeties!

Yes, I cannot believe it myself. I actually bought them.. On the 23rd of Nov. the Lanvin H&M collection came out in Prague and I stopped by to check it out of course. I was tempted by the black version of these but then I was thinking: Veve, you've got SO MANY pairs of black heels, why spend a quite large amount of money for another pair?? So with my tail between my legs (a metaphor just in case you're wondering..) I left the shop and went to meet up with the boy. But yesterday I had a free period and so I popped by the shop once more, just to get another look. The black ones were gone and in their place these beauties pictured above appeared. I tried them on.. and it was love. So yeah, now I've got a pair of Lanvin heels..))

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Jane Bond said...

Přesně po těch jsem taky koukala :o)