Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Piggie Tale

There once was a little piglet who secretly liked to sleep all day long. His wonderful owner ehm tried endlessly to engage him to play with all sorts of things; doggie toys, stuffed animals, balls, sqeaky toys, bells, etc. But the little piggie would have none of it. Instead he walked around the kingdom and sang his little song (grunt grunt!), making his caretaker a bit confused. What does the little critter want? thought she. Every day the girl would leave the piglet alone in herchamber for a little while to go to the King's library, where she labourously organized huge stacks of pages from the King's cronicle. While she would be gone, the little piggie would search for the perfect place to rest his little head with his cute little snout and funny oversized ears. One day the girl came home earlier, since there was a fire at the King's library and thus she could not slave about, and found the piglet sleeping in her bed! Aha! she thought, so that is what the piglet craves... and they lived happily ever after.

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