Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bla bla bla

Last night I had a dream I wrote a blog post over on here and then I woke up all confused about if I had or had not. I haven't been here for too damn long really and I should get my shit together soon enough. I have a backlog of photos of my feet wearing shoes, which I'm sure you all long to see. Then there's a bunch of rambling I need to get off my chest about completely unrelated topics, like what books I'm reading and whether or not literature is dead and my career as a writer is indeed suicide. Ok, maybe I won't be so dark but who knows. I missed EBEW this month (even though I attended a nautical themed party a few days before and could have totally posted a photo from there.. I'm planning changes on here though, big ones! So don't give up on me just yet;)

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