Monday, May 28, 2012

Uni exams and life in the works

 Lately I feel as if my time has been cut in half -- no not like in the sense that I'm dying or something, but rather that I have shitloads to do and so so so little time to do everything. It doesn't help getting sidetracked by tons of blog reading and looking at shoes... Speaking of shoes though..
 Outfit I wore like a week ago to the pub: Ted Baker jelly sandals, Pull&Bear red leather pants, Zara tee, Zara sweater, H&M tank top, Stradivarius pink bag
Some other looks I've had on lately -- Zara beige pants and H&M tee for a casual day at work with Dorothy Perkins flats; H&M dress, Topshop tights, Zara belt and Zara leather jacket, Office Word Wedges (love them buckles!); Pull&Bear jersey skirt, crochet tights and H&M quilted flats in nude.

I'll show you a close up of the last pair:
I love how the nude matches my skin tone. Also I have to fess up -- I've been almost only wearing flat shoes lately. With hectic shedules and running about town carrying heavy books around, it's hard to have the patience for heels. I love me heels but sometimes comfort does win over fashion. So I treated myself to (well the boy treated me to) a pair of lower heeled open toed wedges in a nice solid green. Wedges are almost like flats! It's the little things in life that count;)

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