Sunday, December 23, 2012

Asos Fail

As I hinted before, I have been having a problem with Well, since the people from their customer service have still not replied me, it's time to get things off my chest here on my blog. I am quite displeased with the situation!!

Here's what happened:

Asos was having a one day discount (20% with the code SAVVY20) and I really wanted to use it, but due to too many people using the code (it was a one day discount) their site was unable to grant everyone the discount. Anyways, I was kind of surprised that this happened but didn't really panic or anything, I just wrote to Asos@care and stated my problem, that I was not able to use their discount even though I should have been.

They replied me back right away that they were having problems and that I will be contacted with a new code. A day or so later I received an email from Asos with a new code (SORRYSAVVY20) that was supposed to work until the 18th of December. I waited until the 16th to use it BUT it didn't work, again! Upon trying to pay for my order it said I had already used the code or that the code wasn't active, both of which were not true. I contacted Asos@care AGAIN to let them know I was having this problem and what should I do.

They wrote me back on the 19th with a new code that was supposed to be valid until the 18th. WTF??! I obviously couldn't use this code. I was also surprised at how late they replied to my issue. I wrote them again saying that although I do thank them for the code, but given that I was replied to on the 19th I couldn't use it and if they could send me a new code which I could actually use. They still (to this day) haven't replied me.

I wrote them again about this issue two more times and in both cases I just got the automatic email that they are working hard and will reply me soon. It has been DAYS and still no reply (to none of my emails).

Thus all I can think as a customer is that 1) their discount codes were FALSE ADVERTIZING, 2) their customer service do not give a shit about their customers and 3) Asos has been lying to me and to any other customers who were unable to use the code and have not been replied to. Which actually would be a case of FRAUD.

I am SO DISSAPOINTED in Asos since I have always been a good customer and have been recommending Asos to all my friends for the past two years. In light of the recent events I can only see this situation as a scam from Asos and I am not one that likes to get duped.

Anyways, it's one day before Christmas so I don't want to go on and on about this situation but I promised to tell what happened, so here it is. If anything should change I will post it asap, though to be honest, I have lost faith in Asos. Time will tell...


Pink Haired Princess said...

Oh no, that's not good. I usually champion asos, but have to admit their customer service can be frustrating to deal with sometimes. When orders have arrived late (I have a premier account), I've emailed them and they are supposed to give a code for 10% off your next order and never do. I actually haven't ordered much all year from them, I've just placed a few sneaky orders over the past couple of months because I've had decent codes (30% off) from them.

MsVeve said...

It's so weird, they STILL haven't addressed the issue. I'm kinda bummed, because I have been a good customer and just don't know what to think..