Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Crazy Times

These past few weeks have been crazy indeed. Have had so many exams and still have quite a few to go (five more). But mainly I finally found a flat! That's right! The boy & I & Mr. Pig are moving! (Well actually, we're moving sometime in August/September but were buying the flat now.) I can't wait to move! Though I'll miss the part of Prague we live in, I definitely won't miss the tiny tiny flat.

Here are some photos of the flat:

This is the building. It was built in 2009. There's a parking space in the garage that goes with the flat too.

The flat has a really big balcony. I cannot wait to have a veggie grill party. Dream come true.

Also the flat has a great kitchen! I am in awe of all the room we'll have! Currently we have a one room flat (one room = the whole flat) whereas this is a two bedroom plus kitchen and living-room flat with a balcony.

We're signing this Thursday, woo-hoo!

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Pink Haired Princess said...

Thank goodness, must be a weight off your shoulders and it looks great. We don't really have colourful buildings like that here, it looks cool. Was it an issue finding somewhere for the pig?