Thursday, February 20, 2014

New and improved

If you follow me on instagram, you would have seen the photo below with the caption saying that I have started a new cleanse diet on Monday. I want to mention it in a bit more detail here. For the past year or two I have become very sloppy with my health - I haven't been exercising at all and I have been eating horrible unhealthy food. Junk food, fast food, overeating. Yuck. Especially during my exams I eat really unhealthily. Now that a new semester has started I decided to stop eating crap. That means no sweets (only allowed sugar in my coffee 1x a day), no junk food (especially chips, I eat way too many chips), no over eating (I have rather drastically reduced my food intake). I only started on Monday but I think I can already see a little bit of results. I also went running yesterday and although I though I was going to die during the run, I did feel pretty proud of myself afterwards.

The photo above was taken on Monday as I was returning home after work. I thought since I knew I wouldn't get any shoe saves done during the work/school week, I'd at least wear a cute outfit that I could show you. (I only have a few wintery pairs of shoes left and all are with heels and I don't do heels when I'm running around hectically during the week. I also have a few wellies left haha so maybe you'll see those. Otherwise I'll be saving the remaining pairs of heels during the weekends and posting them during the week.)

Wearing: Zara Woman DIYed boots (they were knee length and awkward so I shortened them to ankle boot height), Asos green coat, H&M doggie scarf, River Island black and white dress, Zara hat, Parfois backpack, Pull & bear cardigan.

And continuing with the Lipstick Challenge I was wearing my Tony Moly Bunny Gloss Bar in #5 "Juicy Peach". You can't really see that I'm wearing anything though. I should really start taking photos in the morning!

I also wanted to mention: I have a new photo cover! It's from Asos and it's this cute monster with heart eyes and vampy teeth. It might be a tad too big but whatever, for now it'll do. Anyways, I spent a lot of time at work this week and it has been quite a change since during my exams I was working from home. But I have a new project that's only doable from the lab so I've been going there a lot.

Now I'll show you another close-up photo for the Lipstick Challenge. It's from today and sorry that I look so tired. I hadn't slept well and had this really freaky dream with spiders. A spider won't creep me out in real life, but that's if there's one. Or two. But in my dream there were lots and it was really disturbing. Let's forget about the whole thing. Back to the make-up.

I used Tony Moly Bunny Glossy Bar in "Juicy Peach" again and I added a layer of Maybelline Popsticks in 030 "Pink Lollipop". For my eyes I kept things really naked hahha with Urban Decay "Naked 2" eye shadows (I used "Foxy" all over and then just a smidge of "YDK" for some sparkle). I  used the Urban Decay brush to apply the eyeshadows and I really like the brush. I also added some F&F metallics eyeshadow in "Oyster shell". For the rest of my face I used Garnier BB Cream in Light (though maybe it's a bit too dark for me in winter and I'll use it in summer when I'm "tanned") and on my cheekbones I used Dermacol blusher/bronzer color duo #4.


Have to run, it's time for lunch. (Mini pizzas might not be the healthiest to eat but I've been really good this whole week and it'll be a reward. Still no sweets for me though, boo hoo.) See you next time, xo.

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