Monday, February 10, 2014

Zoo Time

Sorry about not posting on Friday, I was beat. I had my exam on Thursday and thanks to all who wished me good luck - I passed! Friday I went to the lab to work and then M and I had a family dinner and at night a friend came over to the flat for some wine. Saturday was SUPER BUSY: lunch at my parents' place and then we went to the Zoo.

I didn't get that many photos done because I wasn't feeling too well but the photo above is my favorite. What a looker. I didn't save any shoes during the zoo trip because I wanted comfortable walkable shoes instead of anything high and mighty. So I wore old favorites - Topshop  studded ankle boots. I really liked my outfit but I think you can tell in the photos that I wasn't feeling my best. Trust me, that smile is strained.

Wearing: Topshop "Adios 2" studded ankle boots, Zara Woman jacket (new! I got it right after my exam), Topshop fake fur hat, Reserved coral dress, Bata leather gloves, Pull & Bear sweater (thank goodness I bought two of these, because they are in constant rotation), Mango bag (one of my favorites)

 I knew I'd be posting these photos this week so I chose a lipstick that would be perfect for the lipstick challenge - 070 Orange Crush popsticks by Maybelline. This lippy is almost clear with just a bit of color and it's perfect for when you don't want to be wearing anything too much and it's also good as a base for other lippies. I chose it because I didn't want to wear any lipstick and this is a perfect choice for that criteria.

I don't have a close-up of my face (I told you, I wasn't feeling too well) so you'll have to settle for a product photo of the lipstick itself. I actually have two of these in my lipstick collection (two of the same color, I have more from this range) and I use it quite a lot (one of the ones I have I lost the cover so I'm really trying to use it up asap and get rid of it) just instead of lip balm.

Last but not least (and sorry for this post being so random but Friday and Saturday a lot of things were happening so this post reflects that), Friday was my name day and to celebrate I went to lunch with my sister to one of my favorite restaurants Radost FX. It's a vegetarian/vegan restaurant and we're so lucky that it's close by to where we work. They have a really big selection of foods and although they definitely aren't the cheapest, I think the food is worth it. The service is good and the waitresses are very pleasant and I'm just really a fan of this place. We both had the Fricasse menu. It's vegan and absolutely divine. Well, that's it for now, see you soon, mwah!


Pink Haired Princess said...

Great zoo pic! Well done on your exam x Loving those spiked boots : )

MsVeve said...

Thanks so much!! :)