Monday, December 7, 2009

Creative energies..

Since havin the ultimate blonde day today (basically ruining everything I can get my hands on and misunderstanding everyone, that said, maybe it's just the fever..) have decided to put my focus on one of my favorite activities: making holiday cards. I love making holiday cards. Firstly, it brings my spirits back up. I love the holidays and anything and everything that is bounded with/to them makes me happy. (Have also being eating a lot of Christmas chocolates today:D) Secondly, I've nearly got all my gifts prepared. So it's time to move on the the details:)

Making holiday cards is a fun way to relax. All you need is some hard paper, scissors and then basically whatever else you can find. Glue is also handy:D Unfortunately for me I had yet again forgotten to buy glue the last time I went supplies shopping, so I've using double-sided tape. Whatever works right?;) Anyways, I used left over wrapping paper to create this splash of stars. Now if only I could find my gold pen to write the note:D

Happy Holidays everyone!


Claire said...

Hi MsVeve! Thanks for stopping by my blog today :) Your greeting card is unique & fabulous!

Hanae said...

so original and lovely! nice job!!

Anonymous said...

how cute! happy holidays to you as well! =)

Bored & Crafty said...

Pretty! I love paper crafts, too. I love the smell of glue, really. Haha