Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas spirit

Family, friends, free-time, frenzy.
Giving, getting, gingerbread.
Memories, mistletoe. Christmas carols,
cookies and milk and staying in bed.
Food, fun, fairytales, fares,
with those fireplaces lit.
Snowflakes, Santa, sleighs.
And all that jolly bit.
Gatherings, gifts. Reindeer.
Candy canes.
And hoping that it snows
not rains..

And so much more. The spirit of Christmas, the joy of a winter wonderland, it over takes me completely. I love Christmas. Everything about it. Even the horrible corals that you can hear just about everywhere this time of year. One of my favorite things about the winter holidays is the gift giving. As a child, it was ALL about the getting, but alas as one gets older, things turn around a bit. Some of my favorite gifts to give are books. As you can see from the picture below, I'm giving out some books this year. Bought K the comic version of Se7en and some spooky story books, my sis a collection of Yeats poems (my favorirte is "Had I the heaven's embroidered cloths ..." - I'm thinking of getting it inked on the inside of my arm, where there's room next to the Buddy portrait), my bro one I'd love to borrow off him once he's finished but I'm not saying which in case he reads this. Parents are hard to please (last year I had gotten them books but this time around I'm going for more "useful" gifts): Mum some things she can use around the house (a gardening watering pot and a kitchen mitten) and an anti-wrinkle night cream, which I know she'll like, Dad a bottle of wine. I got Buddy the biggest pulling/chewing rope they had (though still not decided on if to wrap it or not), K the cuttest pinkest Piglet stuffed animal toy they had at Sparkys, a pair of bright blue Dickies pants (they're back, wouldn't ya know). My girlie's these beautiful wooden heart shaped frames and some happy little nothings just to show I care.. Might be getting some finishing touches tomorrow while going on our annual shopping fun day with my sis (we go every year on the 23rd). Anyways, enough of my ramble, wishing you all super sweet holidays and plenty of love and joy.

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