Saturday, December 12, 2009

DIY Suede Ankle Boots

Being it I was sad two days ago and yesterday, I had a lot of bent up energies circling around. When in moods as these I find it best to create. Put them towards something worth while, and if that doesn't help, Cpt. Morgan sure does:D.
Anyways, remember my Over-the-Knee boots? Yeah, I loved 'em but sadly, they weren't perfect. They kept on falling off a little bit at the high end and thus driving me crazy. If they had been a little bit tighter and higher, I think there would have been no problems what-so-ever. Alas I decided to change them.. Insert scissors, needle and thread and ta da!

Sweet suede ankle boots. Curtesy of moi. I love that a) they are one of a kind, b) will be getting much more wear out of them and c) a DIY project this turned out  just so perfect and a mood changer to boot:). Totally my new lucky heels, so now it just has to stop raining so I can get to take them for a spin..

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