Monday, June 7, 2010

Lucky Cruisers Weekend

Spent the weekend at Camp Konopac (most pictures are from the official website of the event that took place - the Lucky Cruisers Weekend - three days of good old American cars and beer and bands). The first and last photos are of the sign that was hanging by the entrance and I just find it so adorable, I don't even know why. Second one is of the coffee stand and the darling pancake's place. They were SO good. Seriously, yummy. But I did end up getting blueberry marmelade all over my leggings thou hahah. One of my favorite Czech bands played Friday night - Green Monster. And this is where I slept, yeah, I know. It really was as bad as it looks :D but surprisingly? I had a really good time and actually cannot wait to go on another car trip in the near future, thou I had slept very few hours, in the end, I wouldn't have traded the back seat of the boy's Ford for a 5-star hotel. (And I'm probably the most surprised by this..). Now there were some pretty fab cars to be seen, this Buick (and one just like it with an even sweeter paint job - I had my photo taken in it and am hoping the guy that owns the car will send me the photo soon) was prolly my favorite but there really were so many beautiful cars there, it's hard to say. Now it's back to Monday's duties and all work and no play. Hope you enjoyed the post..

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Alien said...

The cars look so awesome! Makes me want a muscle car so bad :(
Also, the Welcome sign makes me wan to go to Las Vegas. :P