Friday, June 18, 2010

Random acts of madness


From top to bottom: delish meal I cooked up while at my parent's house. They actually have food over there so it's possible to cook, unlike at MY place, where all I have in the fridge is ketchup, mustard and a bottle of white wine. Sad, I know. Anyways, it was super easy and tasted amazing. All you need is some pasta (oversized spirales are best), cheery tomatoes, mushrooms and parmezan. At my friend's flat, drinking champagne and being all la la la. Wearing my one and only Zara romper. Loooove it oh so much. Next putting a little glam to my work-wear attire. Oh and you guys know how in SATC2 Carrie is wearing this KILLER dior skirt/gown with the black printed tee? I'm dying to find a knock-off version of that. Any tips? Back at my parent's house visiting Buddy with gosh! no make-up! :D And last Buddy with my phone, I love how it's two Buddys in this picture. I know, I'm derranged. Whatever. Happy weekend everyone.


Meream said...

Loving the blue skirt and white top combo. Nauti-chic :)

MsVeve said...

s'actually more purple than blue:)