Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Date Night Blues

Being single can be amazing, liberating and quite carefree. But there are times when it dawns on you. Like on a rainy Sunday morning. Or if your home alone Wednesday night with nothing to do.. Or if you just remember all those nice times you had when you had a relationship, those little fleeting moments of joy. Because I had broken up aprox. two weeks ago, I decided to take a new approach to dating and have given up hooking up in clubs (cause those usually turn into very short relationships. No not necessarily one night stands but more like a two-three weeks affair that you henceforth try to forget) and instead tried posting an add, I know, it sounds a bit weird but actually, I think there might actually be some potencial in it. Of course, you do get a huge ammout of creepy, pervy replies and also semi-okay replies from guys you wouldn't even bother to look at in a club but besides all of the set backs and such, you can actually meet some nice people this way. And if nothing more then at least get a few new friends.. Well, wish me luck everyone, tonight I'm going on a date I think I could actually really like and so I'm quite anxious to see if yay or nay.

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