Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Where do we go from here?

Some things are hard to grasp. Some are hard to get over. Sometimes nothing really helps only time and time again. Sometimes you just have to go on and try to find yourself, because you're lost. You're completely lost and no one can see you, much less find you. So you have to see yourself first. That's where I am right now. At the point when I know I have to change something because it's not me right now. It's some derranged version of me that has to go. I have a month and a half left of summer vacation before starting uni again. I have a baby pig at home I have to start teaching before he really becomes a monster. I have a lot of friends I need to see and stop neglecting because it's been awhile. And mostly, I have to NOT have a relationship. I'm through with them for the time being. Too many lately have gone horribly wrong and I've had it! Finito! Time to see the big picure and stop stressing the little stuff. Whatever. Oh yeah, and fuck love. My last relationship lasted three weeks.. are you fucking kidding me? No I am not. And I wasn't even that much of a psycho this time. So yeah, I quit. Well wish me luck. Photoshoots to come soon so stay tuned for some fashion posts. Like finally right?

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