Thursday, August 19, 2010


I think I want my natural hair colour back. Huh. Or maybe platinum again? How much more can my hair take thou, srsly. Really DON'T want it to bloody fall out or anything.. But anyways, the wanted change? I'm guessing it's because I've had my fun and now I wanna go back to basics. Or something like that. Plus it has been the most crap and cold summer ever and so I think I need some of that honey blonde optimism back. The hunger for something new and rad is just too much to handle almost. I feel like running wild and flying off somewhere and being all adventurous and daring. I want to go to Cali and be a surfer girl. I want to live off sea food for like a month and drink shiny colorful cocktails all day out in the blissful sun. I want to walk around in a bikini and laugh with picture perfect happiness. I want all my troubles to go away :D and I want a nice pair of shoes with all that a maybe a some new dresses? Yeah, that should do it.))) Happy champagne Thursday everyone, cheers**


Meream said...

I think your natural hair color was lovely :)

MsVeve said...

thank you. I miss it:D