Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cursed or something

As I mentioned in the previous post, I had bought a new camera. Unfortunately it didn't have a memory card so yesterday I stopped by Datard and bought a 8 GB one that goes into my new cam. Right, sadly thou, the memory card doesn't fit into my laptop and so will have to get the photos in thru the traditional annoying way via a USB port. Uggh. Not only that but while trying to upload the newest pictures this morning my computer decided to go on strike and turned itself off and then refused to turn on again. Apparently it's the battery that's screwed but still, kinda feels like I'm cursed or smth..

On a happier note, think I've at least figured out what I'll be wearing this w/e to my bf's family party thing. Since it's one of those 'no-tatts' ordeals I'll be going with a new H&M grey dress and either with a black turtleneck under it or a cute sweater over, not sure yet with which version. The boy will be wearing a yellow buttondown shirt and a suit sans tie, so I'm thinking of buying a thin pale yellow belt to go with the dress and wearing my yellow wedges. Hmmm.

While out shopping I found this skirt at Zara and bought it but then returned it cause the zipper was stitched on rather poorly and was like 'spent enough this month already and long time till payday and blablabla'  so had to say goodbye to said skirt. Too bad, would have been quite charming with a simple black top and black tights...

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