Friday, September 17, 2010

Pink and Red

Completely going thru the motions with my camera system.// First off my trusty digital cam will NOT turn on, for no apparent reason. Oh and it's stuck which it's head out. Oookay. THEN my old sweetie that has been with me for like forever, an oldschool cam., won't grab the film roll right and thus no pictures for me either (thou I think a battery change might be in order..). Third? The fucking cam on my phone? Well, it takes horrid blurry pics to begin with BUT THEN it won't load them onto my computer. WTF? Ugggh, the stupid USB doesn't work. Frustrating as hell! So That's why I've been a bit slack on my posts lately. Apologizes. Here's a photo from Midzu from last w/e. Dracul says hi*

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