Friday, September 10, 2010


For as long as I can remember I always thought H&M's selection of footwear rather bleak. I mean SURE, once in a while I'd find a pretty pair of balerina flats (but honestly, it's not really that hard to come up with THAT right??) or a okay-ish pair of heels (something that kinda cute but feels more like a copy of something than the real deal, if you know what I mean..). But lately the folks at H&M have upped their game! The first pair featured here is a gorgeous version of quilted nude flats (which I couldn't resist buying.)). Perfect for those casual cool days for strolling around town with the boy or the pig, second is an insane pair of leopard print lace-up flats which I srsly NEED like asap!!

Speaking of H&M their entire collection for fall is quite superb. Lovinf the casual smart looks and the tailored meets carefree styles. Works in the office, for a night out or even just to lazy around the flat. Perfection!

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