Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Black and White (Shoe Challenges 239 and 240)

 left to right/bottoms up

1.Melissa + Barbie shoes, H&M tights, H&M skirt, Zara tee, H&M sweater, ?? bangle
2.Melissa + Barbie shoes, H&M tights, Zara tee, Zara skirt, ?? bangle
3.Melissa + Barbie shoes, H&M tights, H&M skirt, Zara tee, H&M scarf
So obviously now you think I only shop at Zara and H&M and partially that's true (if you add Topshop & Stradivarius to the mix). And Melissa, obviously Melissa. I love love love Melissa Shoes, I'm additicted to them (ever since Viv's first collection for Mel). I bought these flats (the white pair first) about a month ago and was so enchanted by them that I ended ordering their negative counterparts (the black pair) with the idea I might wear one shoe out of each pair as a quirky pair of their own. Perhaps that's not the best idea, but anyways, it was worth a try. And I still love the shoes so am happy I got both color choices. They make me long for warm days and a bit of sun shine. Luckily my January vacation is coming up soon (in about two weeks) so now I just have to pass all of my exams and finish writing my essays. Aaaargh! Wish me luck, xox, MsV
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Fashion By Alicia said...

Love that you wore two different shoes! Great black and white look!

Thessa said...

Aw, the different color shoes are super cute! And there's nothing wrong with only shopping at Zara and H&M because those stores rock!


Rachel Marie said...

Those shoes are PERFECT for this challenge! I love that they are mismatched but still match ^_^


Sam said...

I love that you have two of the same kinds of shoes in different colors. I'd do that with all of my shoes if I could! I love the middle look, it's so cute on you!

My Growing Obsessions

MsVeve said...

I was saving saving them for especially this challenge:)

Meagan said...

That cat sweater is beyond adorable. I'm crazy about it!

Cathy said...

Love these three outfits. And you have a talent for mixing and matching, eh. love the swap of shoes too. :)

Cathy@Internet vs Books